Stripping paint off oak beams

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Hi, We have painted beams that need to be stripped. I've heard that soda stripping is the kindest and that sand blasting makes a mess. Does anybody have any experience/ equipment/recommendations?

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Glo-577423 1510325930

I think that most people here are mentally scarred by beam stripping memories hence no replies.

Personally unless you fancy a stay at a sanatorium paint them white and save your sanity.

You may even need a big tin of stain stop before you get anywhere but try a bit first.

Sian-Shuttlewood-903973 1510332931

Oh dear, that bad hey? We thoughthink clearing the attic of 178 bags of wool insulation was bad enough!

CharlieS 1510341269

Gio probably has a point - it's certainly my experience!

Assuming you're talking old beams which are probably quite badly scarred and pitted, even (I suspect - as I haven't tried it) soda stripping might be ineffectual in that there will always be small 'pockets' of paint left behind.

Another possibility might be to look at getting an attachment to an electric drill that has brushes (sandpaper, wire etc.) and you can physically remove the paint and top layer of the beams' surface. I suspect that it would be a pig of a job and I've no idea how big a job you're looking at. But good luck with whatever you choose to do - and don't forget to wear a breathing mask - the dust (especially off oak, I've found to my cost) is an absolute killer!

Sian-Shuttlewood-903973 1510347558

Oh joy! But thank you very much for your response, which also explains my builder's reaction. I will look for an alternative solution or paint job. 

Glo-577423 1510349658

Well think positive, not only will you save your sanity but your lovely airy ceiling will be on trend.

Dark oppressive ceilings are not tres chic - and think what you can do with all the time you've saved?

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