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Hi,  , I need to buy a new telephone  and filter , nothing overly expensive . When i am over there, i cant recall them standing out in the obvious places , as in  the large Hypermarkets , Intermarche, Castorama, perhaps i hadnt scoured , the whole place. Here in UK , Its difficult to think of places that dont sell them . I fairly close to Civray, and half hour from the big Auchan in Poitiers, If they sold them? No doubt Leclerc will, but would prefer to avoid driving around, though grand city it is . Super -U in Vivonne would be ideal , but again , its just guess work , any ideas? thanks , Brian.

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Qbak 1518907065

why don't you check their websites.

JB 1518909681

Auchan will sell them. Look in SuperU on the way past.  

misterbee-550081 1518910441

Thanks, i checked Castorama, couldnt see one , I will head for Auchan Monday , cheers !

rollerboy 1518936662

Hello misterbee - any supermarket sells them - the domestic portable variety at least, SuperU will certainly have them. We find the best suited to be Gigaset, good size . clear, and not too confusing. They sell TVs and computers too, and bicycle parts and engine oil and flowers - they're pretty versatile ... 

barryandpat-550891 1519233071

try Cdiscount you wont have to get off your xxxx

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