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Has anyone used a product named C - net plus antimousse traitement et hydrofuge. It is to clean exterior stone walls etc. Or can anyone recommend any similar product that will do the same ?

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rowin-546313 1519649170

They do a 25 litre container of watered down javel in most of the bricolage shops which I have found to be superb for wall cleaning. Put it on with a weed killer sprayer & remove with a hose or pressure washer.

Fish24 1519655634

It will depend upon the colour of the stains and if you have a large tree giving shade on your walls (humidity) or the wall is facing north and no sun to dry out the stains  If possible take a photo and ask at your local brico..

Better to buy a well-known make or you will probably have to do it again next year.

My experience - I have red (also exists blue/green/chamignon/mousse beige and brown and lichen) but as there is a special  'anti-mousse rouge' so make sure you know what you have on your walls. I don't wash it off after as no stains and it keeps it from happening all over again!

Hope this helps.

Cherry H 1519850358

Try Ogix Pro special chantiers, fantastic stuff available in different sized containers. We bought some really expensive stuff when we first came, not a patch on this stuff. Protect your clothes and skin, very strong. Usually in a white container with a house on the front.

perusia 1519900660

Hydrochloric acid (available from most supermarkets or bricos). Spray on wall with garden sprayer, leave for a couple of hours then wash off with a hose. Also cleans away excess lime mortar from the stones. It's the cheapest and best solution but obviously wear strong rubber gloves and eye protection and a mask whilst spraying and wash any overspray off plants/grass with copious amounts of water.

alanjcoote 1520500444

Cherry H, can you let me know where you get the Ogix Pro special chantiers, found some on Amazon, but wondered if you can get it over the counter anywhere?

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