Where to buy Perspex

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Hi all I am looking for some Perspex about 2m square, does anyone know where I can find some? Chasseneuil area. Thanks, and a Happy New Year to all!      

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Mamie27 1356874724

Plexiglas (Perspex) is probably available at your local brico store, I am sure they will be able to help.

BeeGee-550781 1356900502

I bought a sheet from Mr. Bricolage a while back, I think the maximum width I saw was one metre.

rowin-546313 1356949724

As with beegee I have only ever seen it here in 1 meter widths & never seen a 2 meter length. The nearest to this would be the plaque polycarbonate twin wall roofing sheets from places like castorama or brico depot



BarryU 1356957364

I have to agree that 2m x 2m is a size which I have never seen on sale.  The largest has been about 1.2m x 1.5m  Max. width for the twin wall polycarbonate is also usually 1.2m although the lengths can be ordered up to 4m I believe.  I wish you luck with your search, but think you may find it difficult to obtain it around here, although an internet search might throw up a specialist supplier who could assist, but probably at a price!!

Jim Race-540397 1356978277

2m x 3m seams about the maximum size available from specialist suppliers in France.  Available upto 25mm thick!

rowin-546313 1356979211

Sorry I was getting confused & took it to be 2 sq meters rather than 2m square. Thats a big bit of plastic !

CharlieS 1357039080

You're right.

The sheets of 'polycarbonate alveole' at Bricomarche are 3m x 1m. If you wanted a panel of width 2m or greater you can buy connector strips made from aluminium. You can see these everywhere that has a 'verandah' with the panels placed side by side the length of the room.

Jim Race-540397 1357047241

Certainly is, rowin.

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