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Hi, Any tips on best place to buy large bags of Sunflower seeds and bags of Peanuts for our wild birds. We get a great selection of wild birds here in Chatain 86250, and I we like to keep our feeders topped up. Ta

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chèvrefeuille 1511605178

I buy them from the garden centre opposite 3MMM in Ruffe.

chèvrefeuille 1511605196

That was, of course, Ruffec.

cockers 1511608400

Delbard in Ruffec also sell large bags. The cheapest by far is from Leclerc. In October time they sell 4 kg for €2,50.  They also have Econ bags that are very cheap and the quality is good. Quite often sold out of the these. Hope that helps.

June Kenyon 1511612492

We've found Gamm Vert at St Junien to the be the cheapest for sunflower seeds at around a Euro per kilo for the 25kg bags. You ask for it at the counter and they give you a ticket. You then drive through the chargement entrance and someone will load the sack into your car.

Alternatively you can buy de-hulled sunflower seeds from Croston Corn Mill in Lancashire at around £37 per 30kg delivered. The de-hulled seeds are cleaner in that you don't get masses of shells left all over and the cost per day's consumption seems to be lower than ordinary seeds.Croston Mill's peanuts are also good value compared to local sources.

alanjcoote 1511623654

Thank you all.

countrydweller 1511625639

www.thecornmill.com   Much cheaper than in France and delivery for up to 30kilos costs £5   usually arrives in 3 days or so. due to price and choice This is one of the times I would get stuff from the UK due to price and choice

Also www.vivara.fr 

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