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We Iive near Chatellerault; we need to take a down a huge tree, probably 25 metres high, which is overhanging the house. I had a paysagiste prepare a devis, but he now doesn't return calls or emails, so anyone can recommend an insured tree surgeon anywhere near Poitiers?Many thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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Hello .Can anybody please recommend a supplier of logs for a wood-burner, who will deliver to Charroux, 86250 ?Our usual supplier-a local farmer- has finally exhausted his supply .I was given a name but they only have 50cms lengths and I need 40 cms .Thanks in anticipation !

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Can anyone tell me where I can get a spare key cut in the Civray area? Thank you.

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Can anyone recommend a supplier of sensible priced shingle? I live in the Chef Boutonne area and need around three tonnes. Thanks

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Has anyone got any experience with Somfy 400 gate motors ,i have refitted them from our last house and i cannot get them to work correctly , one opens and the other closes and one closes and the other opens ,they are not working together , they were ok at the last house and working fines there a factory reset ? can somebody help please

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Don't know if they're really called R.S.J.'s but where can I get an 'H' shaped metal joist in the Civray area? About 3.5 m. Needed to support load bearing wall.Thanks in advance....

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Hello,We are a Dutch couple, living in the Charente-Maritime. We want to install a microstation in a little garen. The problem is, we don't know which system to choose, with or without electricity, times to empty, biologic etc.Is there anybody with experience or can someone recommend a type. Thank you very much!

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Hi, we are seeking advice regarding some land and a ruin bought some time ago. Back in 2004, we purchased a piece of land with an old country house/attached barn on. At the time, our plans to move over and rebuild had to be put on hold due to illness and family issues. In late 2011, we were told the building was becoming dangerous and would need to be demolished. We were a little surprised as it is way out in the depth of the country with only a few houses around it but none particularly close. Still, we were keen to comply with the Maire and agreed to do what we could. He then sent a letter suggesting we use a particular demolition company, sent details and asked to hold the cheque for us. We sent the cheque to the Mairie and tried to contact the company. Months passed and we heard nothing so made enquiries with other companies. Again, time passed and we knew the Maire was very keen to get the building demolished 'totally'. Eventually, we found a company to demolish shortly after the Maire said he would need to take his own demolition crew in, this was a matter of a few weeks. He assisted us with the cutting of the electric power to the land (the house had never had electric) and acknowledged we were using a demolition crew of our own finding. At that point, we also asked if we could have the paperwork to obtain a CU and informed him that our aim was to sell the land. We also asked whether it would be acceptable to leave the stone on site as we thought it would possibly be ideal for the next owner. He said not to leave it and gave us details for a local notaire for the sale and returned our original cheque as asked. This was all one week before the demolition occurred.This all took considerable time with the demolition taking place in May 2013. After the demolition, we heard nothing more.We were in two minds whether to sell but, a few months ago realised that the 'dream' was not going to happen and decided to sell. We found a buyer quite quickly and started the ball rolling with a Notaire. At first, the Notaire was told that we had not obtained a demolition permit. At no point (and I have kept all correspondence and emails) was a permit asked for, indeed we were sent a letter saying a peril order would be put on the property and then another demanding it should be destroyed by a certain date. We were not allowed to simply make the building safe or cordon it.The the Notaire was told by the Maire that even if we had a permit, it wouldn't make a difference as we would never be given planning permission. Then the Notaire was told that even if planning was possible, it would only be to rebuild the property exactly as it had been using the same materials, ie, the stone we had been told to dispose of.In the event, the demolition crew chose to distribute the stone over the slope of the land, creating a terrace effect.The Notaire was then informed that the land use had changed in this area from 'constructible' to non constructible'. We have never been informed of this, certainly it was stated when he was asking us to destroy the building and we are very, very confused. We have asked the Notaire but he has advised us to try and get a CU which has confused us even more? I do not want to sell to someone in the knowledge that the Maire will refuse planning? We are desperate to try and get answers but none seem forthcoming and we don't know where to turn. We purchased the land from VEF, a major company at the time who were very thorough. If we can not sell this land with the prospect of building a house where one existed (and the cellar still does!) we will have lost a considerable sum of money.Thank-you in advance for any forthcoming advice.

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Hello There,We are a franco anglo house, renting a room.Charente, Rouillac 16, Just one km from the center, facing the fields.The room has a double bed, on suite with shower, its own access to the garden, exposed ouest, private and protected from the wind.the toilet is to share , but could be private as we have 3 toilets for 4 bedroom and only 2 person living in the house.to share : kitchen fully equipped, tv , very good high speed internet, dish washer, laundry machine, dryer, Nespressorent 300 €/monthOh, and we have one dog and a cat , ever so friendly !contact me for more details !

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Greetings friends. After careful consideration, over the next few months I will most probably become the owner of a large pasture field of around 2 Hectares adjoining the rear boundary of my house in Chatain 86250 (South Vienne).  My question is this:- I wish to keep the field tidy, so I would like to have it cut 3 or 4 times per year. So are there any locals out there with a tractor/topper that I could call upon for the 2-3 hours it would take to cut it, and maybe bail it up and take it away, and what sort of costs would this involve?- Yes I could buy a tractor and mower/topper, but that seems a bit over the top as it would have no other use, unless I could pick up a real bargain.- I understand that I could let it to a local farmer who already keeps cows in the next fields, however I have my reservations about this unless I get a formal contract drawn up by my Notaire.- I could get animals, but have no plans for that sort of commitment at the moment. - I could ask a local farmer to cut & bail it. Anyway I thought I would see what sort of response I got from my discussion topic as that is what ANGLOINFO is there for.

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When bonfires allowed

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I'm looking for a scrap yard to obtain a small length of large diameter steel pipe, can anyone help?

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We have an empty gas cylinder bought in UK - 'Arcal Mag Smartop'  for MIG welding and wonder whether anyone knows where (near 17600) I can have it either refilled or exchanged? Many thanks.

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hi,do you or anyone else please have this muscle rub hanging around no longer needed,or if you are in or going to the uk,would it be possible to bring some over,( please ) im in dept 17,near st jean de angely,of course im paying for it ,its not a begging letter,just really need it,many thanks

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Looking for recommendations for installer of woodburner. I am in La Rochefoucauld, Charente 

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Man with a digger!classifiedWe are looking for somebody with a digger/mini digger who can dig approx 15 metres of old hedging any time between 7th and 12th October.     Hedges will be at ground level.  We are located just outside Matha (17160).   Please contact me on jon_trav2@yahoo.com or 07933 810402.     Many Thanks17 hours agoPrice: TBC

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Can anyone recommend a company or individual, registered, who install woodburners.

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone that sells firewood and would deliver near Poursac?  Also how much does it normally cost? Thanks very much.  

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Does anyone have any old pine (or other) T&G boards lying around that they would like to sell?I have tried the Reclamation Yard in Confolens but no luck.Wanting to make up some cupboard doors so need around 5 sq metres and ideally around 20mm thick.I am in Ruffec/Civray area.Any suggestions of where I might locate some gratefully received.Thanks

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Some weeks ago I posted asking for information on an outlet for fencing rails and posts. I have since lost the info and cannot trace it under my previous postings!!!!Someone mentioned a yard somewhere between Verteuil and Nanteuil. Would you be kind enough to do so again please?I am looking for some sawn softwood planks with one bark/wany edge also.Thank you

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