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Hi,I am looking to purchase a large quantity of good quality compost to be delivered to my place in Champagne Mouton 16350. Can anyone recommend a place selling it at this time of the year?

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Hi,I am looking for large quantity of newspaper and/or cardboard. Anyone have a stash they are looking to get rid of? I will be in the area in mid-December and am happy to pick up within a 20-30 minute drive from 16350 Champagne Mouton. Thanks!

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Does anyone know the purpose of the stone chamber with semicircular access hole surmounted by a vented cupboard to the side of a Charentais fireplace?

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Hi, Looking for a recommended double glazing window installer. We are in Chatain, 86250. Advice and price required for supply & installation of new large aspect window with shutters into and existing outside South facing wall. Additionally, replacement of some "blown" double glazed window panes into original wooden windows.  I have looked and asked in the "Directory" but no joy!  Thank you. 

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I am considering buying a 7 kw pellet stove for secondary heating . Can anyone with experience comment on a salesman's claim that one can be run for over 48 hours on one 15 k sac of pellets please ?

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Hi all, would like to buy a new, large tv and get it connected, but not to sky.  Would anyone know of someone who could do this.  I am in Messac.

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Does anyone know of someone who can un stink a smelly carpet and underlay after a recent water leak from an upstairs Radiator.  Failing that, does anyone know of a Carpet supplier/fitter around the Montendre area.  I am in Messac. 

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Hi, We have painted beams that need to be stripped. I've heard that soda stripping is the kindest and that sand blasting makes a mess. Does anybody have any experience/ equipment/recommendations?

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….it will be abirthday/x-mas present. (This doesn’t mean to beready than, could be the painting will be done 2018) Theme: Background fora (existing) model railwayscale: 1:87Post code:  17520Payment to negotiate(+ traveling cost)  

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I have one of the large Butagaz cylinders in my garden. Has anybody gone through the process of getting Butagaz to take it away? Thank you.

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can anybody tell me how much it cost to fell a large tree

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Hello, can anyone tell me if there are any scrap metal yards, where I can buy from, in the Charente?

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Does anyone know where we can buy boxes and bubble wrap for moving house

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I’ve been contacted by numerous “solar panel”companies recently. Last week I caved and someone came round to do an assessment. Lovely chap, but I thought the prices he was quoting for solar PV, hot water and some heat exchange thing were a bit on the high side. I would like to have solar energy. We have a large, south-facing roof so we are in an ideal position. I know I could get an eco loan for the hot water bit and that there is some kind of cash back thing from EDF for each converter for the panels, and that somehow there is money available for energy production but if you go through EDF direct they don’t buy your spare back from you. Tbh, I’m a bit confused about the whole thing. I have tried reading up on the French websites about this but, whilst my spoken French is ok, I am struggling to get my head round the written info. Can anyone help? Is there a company out there who can fit solar panels without this whole business about borrowing money and “guaranteeing” it will pay for itself over the next eleventy billion years? Any thoughts or advice/recommendations very gratefully received.

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We have a problem with our electrics into our Barn from the house. If you can recommend anyone who has done a great job for you and that you would recommend please, do let us know. We live in Chez Le Tard, Bourg Charente- 8 km from Jarnac and 8km from Cognac. Please, if you can and are happy to recommend someone please, contact us

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As I've missed most of this year's street vide greniers etc, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where there are any shop/warehouse brocantes which are open all year round please? I'm looking for cheap second hand furniture that I can do up myself, rather than proper antiques. Confolens or Mansle areas? Many thanks  

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Has anyone with a campingcar bought a 12volt HD satellite receiver here in France, that works elsewhere in Europe, they all seem to say fransat is this just for France?  Or will it pick Astra 2 for English tele in France.

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We moved to Coivert 17330 area of Charente Maritime a couple of years ago and eventually had our house and two sites set up to receive UK tv via Satellite Freeview. (Because of trees near our house we had to have satellite dish moved to get better all year reception)We would now like to get French terrestrial tv set up (TNT) and was hoping this would be simply by adding aerial to house (The gites already have one installed) and connecting coaxial cable to back of TVs. The TVs were bought over from UK and although HD have been told they may need de-coders to accept input.We have approached local French shops but the quotations have come in listing Satellite dishes, antennae  etc etc with exorbitant prices.If this is all that is required, does anyone know of a suitably experienced/qualified person who can attend to this work for us.Thank youMark

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We have a nest in a disused chimney, that we were going to leave, but the chimney is now letting water in and we need it fixing quickly, so must get rid. With the warm days, there is loads of activity, so just can’t wait. The guy on here says it’s too far to come, so can anyone recommend anyone else. Preferably English speaking (I know - long shot).thanks in advance.

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