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I have just bought a house for refurbishment in Villars en Pons can anyone recommend plumbers electricians plasterers or joiners who are capable tradesmen 

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We lived in Brittany for 3 years between 06-09, it was me that wanted to 'go home'.... it took about 6 months to realise that going home was a massive mistake and we should never have left France.Although I'm under State retirement age I am retired, my Wife is of State Pension age, we don't need to work and wouldn't be a burden on the French system.There's no crystal ball to tell how Brexit is going to pan out but I'm wondering how we would stand if we took the plunge again, would you take that chance? People have been moving and settling around Europe for donkeys years, way before the EEC or the EU were even thought of so in theory there shouldn't be any issues... right?Bob.

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Does anyone know where , or who I can talk to to see about getting Central heating in my home. Have you had it done recently ? Anyone who can help and maybe give me an idea of cost. Also is there a better alternative. I am not rich lol. HELP!!!

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I'm in the process of purchasing a house which has a low beam running right through the centre of the main bedroom. I want to keep the beam because it's a lovely feature but want to incorporate it into a partial partition wall with a doorway through the beam to create an ensuite  bathroom.Does anyone have experience of adapting a beam in this way that could give advice on feasibility and likely costs?(Photographs available)

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Mr Bricolage Commande #MB2009275 16295€délivré par www.le-jardin-de-catherine.com Prix 1499€ils ont demandé 74. 95 € pour annuler l'ordre, arnaque absolue!

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Anyone know where I can buy an Aspidistra from without paying a fortune??

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Good day. Live near Aulnay. We have 4 very large mature trees that we would like to take down. Looking for someone who would cut those trees for nothing as long as they can take the wood. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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I have a property in a small village near Chevanceaux. When I purchased the house it had been treated for termites and I now want to ensure the treatment is renewed. The main house has capped holes in the stonework going down to the soil which were previously drilled for the treatment. Does anyone have experience in this area? I have read that it is essential to employ professionals to carry out termite control. Is there a diy chemical available that I can re-inject into the drilled holes? Alternatively has anyone used a local company who they would recommend? My French is not quite up to a discussion of this complexity yet, so an English speaking company would be useful.

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Hi, does anyone have one of these? We have one installed in a new build. I am trying to find out if it needs an annual service. One was completed by Daikin prior to the warranty expiring. Contacting Daikin France draws a total blank, and they requested 'details by e-mail' which they also ignore! Also, does anyone know who can service/repair these systems (Dept 16)? It is working fine at the moment (fingers crossed) but be want to be prepared.....

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We are looking to plant approx laurel (red robin) as a hedging. We need approx 150 plants of a decent size (40 - 60 cms) Has anybody any idea where we can buy this amount from at a decent price? We live not far from Cognac, but we are prepared to travel to collect if needed.

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Greetings friends. After careful consideration, over the next few months I will most probably become the owner of a large pasture field of around 2 Hectares adjoining the rear boundary of my house in Chatain 86250 (South Vienne).  My question is this:- I wish to keep the field tidy, so I would like to have it cut 3 or 4 times per year. So are there any locals out there with a tractor/topper that I could call upon for the 2-3 hours it would take to cut it, and maybe bail it up and take it away, and what sort of costs would this involve?- Yes I could buy a tractor and mower/topper, but that seems a bit over the top as it would have no other use, unless I could pick up a real bargain.- I understand that I could let it to a local farmer who already keeps cows in the next fields, however I have my reservations about this unless I get a formal contract drawn up by my Notaire.- I could get animals, but have no plans for that sort of commitment at the moment. - I could ask a local farmer to cut & bail it. Anyway I thought I would see what sort of response I got from my discussion topic as that is what ANGLOINFO is there for.

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I hope this is of interest to anyone who may need help with larger jobs in the garden. There is an organisation in Saintes called ADAPEI17, Association Departementale des Parents et Amis De Personnes Handicapées. The teams are managed by gardeners who carry out the work required whilst their 'team' help with the fetching and carrying and tidying up. We have used them for pruning some trees, the pride that the teams have in their 'work' is heart- warming. As it is a registered charity we  were able to submit our facture with our tax return for which we received 50 per cent rebate on the bill. Win win all round.

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Looking for a Corgi Reg (Ex British Gas), or French Eq, Tradesman to service our Bosch Boiler, having no luck and no reply from the dude who fitted it 3 yrs ago, prior to us buying the house.If you know or can recommend a Qualified Gas Engineer ( Gas Tank ), then please ask them to get in touch Based Dept 16

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Can anyone recommend somebody who could install a pool in the Civray area? Thank you

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HI not sure if I can post this on here- however I have a full house of quality furniture, Parker Knoll, French beds armoire, M garden equipments, pool robot, all sorts for sale.Please inbox me with an email address if possible so I can forward the pics etc of what is available

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I`ve just been on the Angloinfo Poitou Directory looking for double glazing recommenations. The first I checked, when googled, appears to have gone in to liquidation YEARS ago.              http://www.procedurecollective.fr/fr/liquidation-judiciaire/1070046/quedubois.aspxI thought the Directory listed CHECKED and recommended firms??????

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