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I'm thinking of going from Orange to La Poste ADSL because my Orange service is so bad.Has anyone been able to change operator without loosing internet for more than 1 day. If so how please?

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Has anyone got a second hand bird cage to giveaway or going cheap not too far away from Nanteuil-en-vallee.

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HiNeed a plumber urgently.  Does anyone know one in 17?  Jonzac and surrounding areas.

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We have a fosse septique that doesn't conform to current standards and which we hope to have replaced shortly. In the meantime though we have a problem with it. it seems as though the water isn't draining off like it should, and the tank fills every few weeks. If possible we'd like the current problem diagnosed and cleared as we're uncertain about when the new one will be installed. There is no end of people who design, build, fit install and generally give advice on, but we haven't managed to find anyone who can sort them out when things go wrong. Does anyone know of a company that does this? We live a few kilometres from St. Jean d'Angely (17) and any advice would be very welcome.

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I am looking to rent a small property unfurnished for 6 months from October in Charente Maritime does anybody know of any availability 

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Could anyone recommend a company in Charente (Brossac area). We are looking for a quote for a large farm complex to upgrade the fosse system to conform to SPANC regulations. Thanks!

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Hi- anyone know where to buy this or equivelant/similar  - just the sticky tar stuff - good at keeping the rain out of a few pin holes in old shed roof - Brian

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Hello my two year old fridge has packed up, does anyone know of a repairs service in the Aulnay area.

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Can someone recommend a person to come and look at our pool. We have an air lock that we just can't seem to sort out. 

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Hi I am looking for delivery of about 5 tonnes of Top Soil for a new flower bed, i am based near Lezay (79120), if any body could offer either contacts or websites that would be able to assist it would be much appreciated.   The requirement will be for around mid to late july

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Can anyone recommend one of these things please. Don't really like using chemicals, although I have done in the past. We have about 80/100 sq metres that we need to keep clear. The ones we've seen on online shops, have tiny 8cm gas canisters, which we'd use up in no time.Thanks in advance

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After sales support, or lack of it! Bought a new IKEA induction hob from IKEA.FR last week, installed it same day and only half of the rings work, now having a lot of trouble to get this resolved. Sent two emails via their website on the same day with no response whatsoever, asked my French friend to help. Latest message from their helpline is to take it back to my nearest shop, which is about 3 hours away, (that is why I ordered it online for delivery).

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking tree surgeon. We have a few trees that need some branches removing and height reduction. We are near Secondigny. Thanks

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Hi, can anyone recommend someone who can re-gas an aircon unit please. We are based near to Montmorillon. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi. I will be repointing one of my house wall in a few weeks. In some places there is a gap (around 3 inches) between top of the wall and the roof timbers ... which I'd like to close to make the house more weather proof (and rodent proof). Was thinking of using some expanding foam to fill gap ... then finishing off with pointing material (sand & lime mix). Does this sound OK? Also should I insert some vents for ventilation? Thanks.

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can anyone recommend a company that sells and installs swimming pools in dept 79

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Anyone know of a surveyor in Southern Deux Sevres region?

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Good Morning, I have a Fosse requiring emptying. I live not to far from Ruffec 16. The house has not been lived in for quite a few years so would be helpful if it could be inspected as well. Any recommendations would be great.

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Hi, Looking for someone to rotavate medium size  potager. 16350 near Champagne Mouton.  Thanks

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