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A BIG THANK YOU TO STEPHEN G FOR KEEPING Angloinfo - Charente alive, the fools who messed with Discussions seem to have sunk without trace.....The classifieds are really taking off,  we hope the returns are worth keeping the old site are worth it..  I for one will not go Smart expat.....Thanks Stehen G.

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Looking for someone to repair a 10 year-old Miele washing machine in Parthenay 79200 - recommendations please.

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In February we bought a couple of bare-rooted roses from what we thought was a reputable French garden supplier.  In fact it was advertised as one of the top rose growers in France.  However, when the roses arrived, they were 'sans motte' instead of  'avec motte' .  We wrote to the company and they agreed they had made a mistake and offered us a bon d'achat which was for more than the price difference.  There was nothing on their website we needed so we asked for a cash refund.  They explained that the refund would only be for the price difference between the 'sans' and 'avec' which we agreed to.  We sent them our RIB details and have heard nothing.  In fact, they have not replied to several of our emails despite resending all the information they need, including the bank details again.It's not the money that's the annoying part, it's the fact that they won't answer our emails or send the money to the bank.  It's not possible to phone because of the language difficulty but we feel loathe to let them get away with this.  Does anyone have any advice on further steps we could take.  We've spent far too long on this already, but are giving it just one more go.

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Hi, I am looking to renovate my somewhat tired and dated bathroom, can anyone recommend the name of a suitably qualified contractor who could carry out this work. My house is located near Pleuville. Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable person to tile an area round our semi above ground pool please, house is in the Civray/Sommieres du clan area.

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24th April ( TODAY)10 Impasse D'aubanie Theil Daubanie7919010am to 4pm.

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Does anyone have recommendations as to where to buy electric roller shutters for french doors for self-installation, please?

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We had a new condensing boiler fitted in July 2016. It has an outside wireless sensor which has been constantly failing, so the heating system is not working as it it supposed to.The installer came out and said he would order a new one. This may have been fitted while we were out but if so it is also failing.  Not even intermittently as before. I have contacted the installer by email and letter and have received no response. Is there a body that I can contact to get him to carry out this work? 

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Any tips on where to go for some Decking timber please? - Charroux/ Ruffec / Civray area?

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Following last years attack which killed a lot of Box in the garden I have noticed that the small caterpillars are back again.Has anyone had any success in killing these, or the moths that follow, without using the proprietary brand that is sold in the Garden Centers and is incredibly expensive? Is there something else that can be used to spray which will do the job?Thanks.

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For a friend who lives in St Gourson, does anyone know where he can hire a carpet cleaner?  Also, for me later in the year, a high pressure water cleaner .... I need to clean off the paint on the stone work following an appalling bodge job .... don't start me on this!

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Hi,I'm looking for ball park costings from any painters/decorators/tilers/kitchen and bathroom fitters please.  I'm going back to the UK soon and am considering buying a flat that needs complete refurbishment.I can get prices for kitchens, bathrooms, carpets etc on line, but I want to find out how much I can expect to pay for the finishing.Thank you.

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I bought an old candlestick which has three lights and it has been wired "English" .it is metal and has an earth connector. The wiring on my ceiling also has live, neutral and earth. with the fitting being metal is necessary for it to be earthed. I have a simple voltage test which I am unsure how to use. Also the light will be mounted to floorboards ..

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79350 - for the last eight years I've been able to take scrap wood from the local dèchetterie without anyone complaining.  In fact, the guy in charge used to incourage me to take the lot !Today I took some rubbish to the tip, and, as usual, checked out the wood pile.  Someone had thrown away virtually a whole Apple tree, so I started filling up the trailer.  But the man in charge, who'se usually very laid back, said NON.   Pourquoi ???  Is this some new regulation that covers all tips or what ?   I don't see the logic - surely the point of these places is to reuse stuff ?  - clue is in the name - "recycling".  Yet he had no objections to me removing a couple of large cardboard boxes.???????

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Does anyone have a mini digger (bobcat or similar) to hire for a couple of days. Located in cherves-chatelars 16310.thanks

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HiWe are thinking about having a secondary bottled (as in 35KG bottles) gas central heating system fitted. This would be a back up source of heating as we already heat the whole house with wood burners for when we are away etc ....Anybody tell me whether an off the shelf combi boiler would work OK like this off propane and or Butane ?How long would a 35KG bottle last with the boiler heating say 6 standard radiators ?Looked at all the other alternatives and bottled gas seems to be the way to go but open to any other sugestions :-)Thanks in advance

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I bought a new PC this week and have been trying to transfer my files from Windows 7 to Windows 10 without success.  I backed up my files on the old computer to an external hard drive and then restored to the new PC but now cannot find the files anywhere.  I need some help, please

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Hi. As the last discussion thread is very old I thought I'd start another. I wondered if anyone knew of an upholsterer or someone who makes loose covers - based in Department 16.Thank you

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