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Does anyone know where I can buy rolls of bubble wrap not too far from Civray- Ruffec area please

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I would be grateful for any advice on where we should go to purchase (indoor) light fittings (wall lights, ceiling pendants, bathroom lights) - apart from Ikea. Somewhere with a good range of modern and not so modern (ie. wroughtiron) fittings. We are betwen Pons and Gemozac (and I have a husband who hates shopping so I need to find everything under one roof!). Thanks.  

started by: SANDRA VALENTINE-540174 · last update: 1150201512 · posted: 1150122381

help ! We are moving to Charente Maritime at the end of September and are trying to locate a medium priced (not exorbitant - like the kitchen we had fitted in our house in Brittany !!!  Talking enormous sums !!  - does anyone know of a good kitchen fitting place ?  We would prefer a fitter to arrange the measuring, fitting, all appliances and equipment as it is a very very very tiny little kitchen in our new house, and will need a great deal of expert assistance to get everything in ! Also, along the same lines, does anyone know of an installer of verandas??  We will have a bare plot when we move in, and my husband is keen to get plans for a verandah submitted asap (although 20 sq.mtr or less and will not require planning permission, because we will be on a communal lottisment, the Mairie has confirmed there are no regulations governing the building of a veranda, but plans have to go to Batiment de France (that should take some months !) ...but, again, apart from specialist people who are very expensive, there seems to be nothing in between say, Leroy Merlin and a specialist firm ?  Anyone out there come across this please - and if so, what did you do ?? ALSO  HELP  !  Does anyone out there know what to do with a problem concerning printing from internet and e mails ?  My computer has suddenly stopped printing black ink from e mails - despite replacing cartridge twice at vast expense and trawling through all my computer 'explanation' bits and pieces !  Will take it to expert on return from hol in three weeks (going next week) - but meantime, cannot print my airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc !  Have been downloading onto disc and taking to neighbours house - but using neighbours' ink etc (mine not compatible !)  - isn't it always the way when you need it !!!!! Many thanks  thanks !

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Our dogs decided to rip appart our parasol umbrella. We brought them on prom in super U. Does anyone know if any shops still selling them cheap? As dont want pay alot as dogs might rip them appart again.   thanks live near civraysteve

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Hello ! I'd heard that a new Ikea is going to open in Poitiers soon ! Do you have some more information about that project ? Regards, Jeff

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Hi! Where could I buy a Christmas tree near Melle ! Thanks for your support, Glenis  

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Hi ! I'm looking for a low cost printing company near Ruffec in Charente to print more than 100 A4 pages in color. Thanks for your support, Jack

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Hello , I have discovered a surprising place today between Poitiers and Mirebeau in Vienne, near Neuville du Poitou . It is called "Le jardin des saveurs". In fact, it is a big field with a lot of different fruits, vegetables and flowers . And you just need to help yourself, to choose your salad, your carott or your broccoli and gather them like a real gardener. It's a lot of fun and you can save a lot of money. You just pay when you leave the field depending of the weight and products you have selected. I do not have a garden myself at home and I found that idea excellent . Next time, I will go back with my children to pluck strawberries. That place is open every day even on sunday. Did you know that concept before ? And do you have some other identical examples of "self service gardens" in Poitou-Charentes?   Cheers, Jurgen  

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Can anybody recommend us a place selling new English cookers of good quality to install in our new gite near Poitiers ? Many thanks, R P  

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Can anyone recommend a removal firm to go from North Yorkshire to France?

started by: riptoff · last update: 1124308918 · posted: 1124220004

Hi, I have an AppleMac SE30 which I have offered to give to a charity (VSO). Before I let it go I want to remove the hard disc and get it generally checked over. Can any computer wizard help? Best to contact me off-list on abryan50@hotmail.com

started by: lizzie-538365 · last update: 1123856975 · posted: 1122886197

Hello to any gardeners out there ! Two years ago,  a friend gave me some tiny lupin plants and due to the canicule, only one has survived and so this year I have one beautiful lone pink lupin . I have heard that you can save the seed , does anyone how you do this, how you keep them and when do you plant them please ? lizzie

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Hi, does anyone out there own an ariston dishwasher please ? Mine wont work this morning , I have lost the instruction manual and dont understand what the flashing sign is telling me ! Husband is away so cant get to Leclerc to ask and even given my reasonable level of french, I fear the phone call my be a little confusing ! There is a flashing sign saying AO1 as soon as I try to start it up , any ideas please . OK, so I shall wash up by hand , not a problem but I have lots and lots of family arriving all at once and could really do with using it ! lizzie

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We have bought a House near Mansle with an above ground swimming pool that requires maintenance and cleaning.Does anyone know an english speaking person / company that could be recommended in the Ruffec / Mansle area to help us?ThanksAlison

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Hello all. I am renovating in Vienne and want to find a quality nursery or garden centre that sells young fruit trees. Can anyone recommend somewhere ? Many thanks

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Hello my french friend and myself are living near Saintes and we are interested to find out where to buy free range/organic chicken does anyone out there have any recommendations.

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Hello, We've been reading your boards and info section with interest ever since we heard about the hosepipe ban.  We booked our gite for this summer about 10 minutes after we got back last year and we are distraught that we won't be able to laze by the pool. We have heard a rumour that you can pay an extra charge/tax to fill your pool, is this right? or are we being completely mislead (misled?). thanks for your help  lovedobbyxx

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in vienne...is there anywhere we can hire one or does someone know anyobdy who would be able to turn over our garden? in st germain (nr st savin)

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Hi There Does anyone have one and use it ? How ? Carole

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Hi where is the best place to buy the traditional colours when we get around to painting our shutters we are in the Charente Maritime not far from Saintes. It won't be for a while as we have a million other jobs to do first!

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