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We have bought a House near Mansle with an above ground swimming pool that requires maintenance and cleaning.Does anyone know an english speaking person / company that could be recommended in the Ruffec / Mansle area to help us?ThanksAlison

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Hello all. I am renovating in Vienne and want to find a quality nursery or garden centre that sells young fruit trees. Can anyone recommend somewhere ? Many thanks

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Hello my french friend and myself are living near Saintes and we are interested to find out where to buy free range/organic chicken does anyone out there have any recommendations.

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Hello, We've been reading your boards and info section with interest ever since we heard about the hosepipe ban.  We booked our gite for this summer about 10 minutes after we got back last year and we are distraught that we won't be able to laze by the pool. We have heard a rumour that you can pay an extra charge/tax to fill your pool, is this right? or are we being completely mislead (misled?). thanks for your help  lovedobbyxx

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in vienne...is there anywhere we can hire one or does someone know anyobdy who would be able to turn over our garden? in st germain (nr st savin)

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Hi There Does anyone have one and use it ? How ? Carole

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Hi where is the best place to buy the traditional colours when we get around to painting our shutters we are in the Charente Maritime not far from Saintes. It won't be for a while as we have a million other jobs to do first!

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Hi! I would like to have some plants in flower during the winter, especially at Christmas. What would you suggest ? Thanks, Ian  

started by: Robert Johnson · last update: 1121262167 · posted: 1121257351

I've heard the hose pipe ban in Poitou Charente may finish on 27th July. Has anybody more info on this please?Bob J

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Hi all, I know nothing about gardening at all ! Two years ago  I planted a honeysuckle which despite the canicule of 2003 , grew and thrived with wonderful sweet smelling flowers all summer . By this spring, it had really put on some growth and has been trained against a wall but treated with great care and never disturbed but about one month ago, I did notice some browning of the leaves and stems and now , the whole plant is brown and appears to be dead . Is it worth hacking it all back and seeing if it comes back or is there a bug we have failed to notice which attacks these types of climbing plants ? Any input would be everso gratefull recieved as I would hate this to happen again if I replace it with another one in autumn , thanks , lizzie

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Hi , dont want to overly alarm anyone but I have recently been told about some people offering an unregistered Property Care business in my area of Vienne. These people are not only running a risk of prosecution themselves but the poor people who employ their services are running the same risk , the penalties being just as high for the employer as the employed . The authorities are aware of these operations which are being closely monitored , they offer care packages in winter, gardening services and key holding as well as property search . This can be a very good living if the people are registered and have a siret number as proof of their registration but unfortunately, there are those who think that they are above the law and that the rules and regulations of working in France do not apply to them . Only yesterday, my husband was working ( legally I hasten to add ! ) at a house near Angouleme when the Gendarmes arrived and took away the son of the householder to question him as he had been seen carrying out gardening work and had no registration to do so , this is a very real problem and one which the authorities are clamping down on in a big way . I have no desire to become an informer but just offer a word of caution to all those considering employing the services of home and garden care, please ensure that you employ the very good services offered by those working legally to make an honest living .Emily

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Help, I need some advice here ! We have a very large sitting room and have just laid new chipboard floors which now need covering . Problem is , under this floor is a cellar and my husband is worried that tiles may not be the answer due to the fact that they may be too heavy and crack . He has put extra beams underneath but there is still some flexibility in the floor , not a lot but we are wondering if a good laminate floor would be the answer . My particular problem is that, with four dogs who run in and out of the room from outside , I need to be able to clean the floor .Its ok in summer but I am imagining four lots of mucky pawprints in winter , Does anyone know if these floors can be washed on a regular basis or will they ba damaged by mopping ? lizzie

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Tim You contacted me about swimming pool maintenance but your mail has no email address. Please contact me again so that I can reply to your query. Thanks PoolguyBetter pools for a better price

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It is thundery weather today in Deux-Sevres. My question is for an IT specialist or an electrician. Do you know what is the best way of protecting our computers against storm and lightning ? Best wishes,

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Does anybody know if the hosepipe ban in the Chef Boutonne region (Deux Sevres) is still in place? Will it be lifted this year? We wanted to get a blow-up pool for the kids but can't see the point if we can't fill it up.Paul

started by: lizzie-538365 · last update: 1119603114 · posted: 1119600634

I have read the angloinfo page on water restrictions and I think i am told that filling of pools is not permitted unless it is a pool under contruction . I know of three people in my immediate area who have filled above ground pools very recently and wonder if this is indeed breaking the law ? Also does anyone know what the situation is re watering gardens, does the ban apply to hose pipes or does it apply to using water froma watering can ? Sorry if i am being totally thick but it all seems confusing ! I dont want to get ahyone into trouble with authorites but I really think that the people who have filled above ground pools should be made aware of the gravity of the situation especially as one of the couples does not live here so has filled a big pool just for a ten day visit ! lizzie

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3 questions about my chimney : Do you know when is the best period to order wood for the chimney ? Are we legally required to have our chimney swept every year ? Which woods are the best for use on an open fire ? Knowing that fires will be my only source of heating next winter, I am starting now to get information . Thanks,  

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We are in the process of renovating our house, does anyone know if we can get a grant if we have solar panels installed on our roof, who to contact etc.

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Is there anyone with a mini-digger near Lezay (Deux-Sèvres)? We just need a small trench to lay a drainage pipe. Many thanks, ChristineAnimal Aid

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I have a hard drive problem. I need to carry out a LOW level format of my drive, as it has a scrambled mbr due, I hope, to a virus. I have searched the net and have drawn a blank. I can anyone help?

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