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Does anybody know if the hosepipe ban in the Chef Boutonne region (Deux Sevres) is still in place? Will it be lifted this year? We wanted to get a blow-up pool for the kids but can't see the point if we can't fill it up.Paul

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I have read the angloinfo page on water restrictions and I think i am told that filling of pools is not permitted unless it is a pool under contruction . I know of three people in my immediate area who have filled above ground pools very recently and wonder if this is indeed breaking the law ? Also does anyone know what the situation is re watering gardens, does the ban apply to hose pipes or does it apply to using water froma watering can ? Sorry if i am being totally thick but it all seems confusing ! I dont want to get ahyone into trouble with authorites but I really think that the people who have filled above ground pools should be made aware of the gravity of the situation especially as one of the couples does not live here so has filled a big pool just for a ten day visit ! lizzie

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3 questions about my chimney : Do you know when is the best period to order wood for the chimney ? Are we legally required to have our chimney swept every year ? Which woods are the best for use on an open fire ? Knowing that fires will be my only source of heating next winter, I am starting now to get information . Thanks,  

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We are in the process of renovating our house, does anyone know if we can get a grant if we have solar panels installed on our roof, who to contact etc.

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Is there anyone with a mini-digger near Lezay (Deux-Sèvres)? We just need a small trench to lay a drainage pipe. Many thanks, ChristineAnimal Aid

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I have a hard drive problem. I need to carry out a LOW level format of my drive, as it has a scrambled mbr due, I hope, to a virus. I have searched the net and have drawn a blank. I can anyone help?

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Our Mulberry tree is dropping all its leaves and berries and is now nearly bare, coud it be the lack of rain ? although the the very dry summer we had in 2003 (43 in the shade) did not seem to affect it !. but as a hosepipe ban is now in force i supose we shall have to put up wih it.  Any one else had the same trouble ?.alan

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Hi been looking on the other websites for cheap calls and the one that seems the best is TLK2.com. Does anyone use these and can they let me know if they have an English helpline? As our French is a bit dodgy.... 

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We are thinking of installing a spiral staircase and would either want a reclaimed one or we will build one ( if anyone has the plans) Anyone got one for sale?

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Can anyone out there help with the following gardening questions 1. what is the best way to get rid of brambles week killer? or dig the roots up? any advice greatly appreciated as we are being overun with them. I prefer not to use strong chemical materiels.   2. We have cut down many laurel hedges but are left with the stumps someone told us to drill in the roots and apply the killer then to dig them out what is the stuff colled (french name/product please) or is there any other way of dealing with them.  We are also overun with ivy as well so any advice on that subject greatly received.  

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Hi there Please can anyone tell us if they have any useful info on how to self build a conctret/block swimming pool. We have the basics but any help would be apprciated have speny hours trawling the inernet for plans etc - we have many magazines that show most of the consruction phases in detail but nothing about 'using pool paint instead of liners', installation of chlorine/salt filtration etc. If anyone has experience of building own concrete pool we really would like some help - oh - and we have already bought all the materials so cannot use anything else now such as shuttering/metal frames. Thanks ever so much Wendy         

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Hi there, I have a small chalet just south of Poitiers, which I use as a holiday home. Unfortunately, (unlike YOU lucky sods) I can only get over around 2 or 3 times per year, and frankly it takes me forever to cut the grass. Does anyone know of a reputable person or company that can offer this service ?Andy H.

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Please can someone help with the translation of a paragraph in the local Journal du Pays d'Aigre regarding the new waste water regs. I think it means that the areas named will have access to mains drainage or am I wrong? "Apres mise a enquete publique. la communaute de commues, en accord avec les communes, a approuve fin 2004 le zonage d'assainissement comprenant:  des zones d'assainement collectif ou doit etre assure la collecte des eaux usees domestiques et le stockage, l'epuration, le rejet oul la reutilisation de l'ensembledes eaux collectees. Les zone concernees sont: Aigre.(l'ouche, Saint-mexant).. Fouqueure (le Bourg).. Oradour. (Germeville). Verdille (Le Bourg)..Villejesus (Le Bourg, La Chaussee, Les Granges).."  - It then goes on to refer to Zones non-collectif. If anyone can enlighten me on this I would be most grateful as we have a house in one of the zones referred to but our fosse definitely does not comply with the new regs so we are hoping that we are going to be able to go on to mains drainage sometime in the next 3 years or so. Thanks, Becky PS spell checker should have the option for French!

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I am have been looking  into getting a Palm One Treo. It seems that in France they only sell the 600 model ( for € 499) See here: while in America they sell the 650 model for 449 dollars thats 314 Euros. http://web.palmone.com/products/smartphones/treo650/index.jhtml Whats the deal?

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