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Has anyone bought Pampas Grass preferably not too far from Ruffec/Civray area?Any info on locations and prices gratefully received.Thank you.

started by: 23904505 · last update: 1520867136 · posted: 1520867136

I have a quantity of books to post to addresses in France.  Does La Poste do a printed paper rate ?   If so, is it substantially lower than the normal colis rate ?

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1520699279 · posted: 1520612480

No, not Microsoft, so don't panic. I have a window opening restrictor on one of my bathroom windows. It is a wiggly bent wire (approximately 5 wiggles) and 15cm inches long, that fits to the frame. There is also a small metal hoop, that is fitted onto the inward opening window, that the wiggles fit into, holding the window firmly, giving 5 or so adjustments, from hardly open to open about 15cm.  ..........   I want some more, and have spent ages online trying to find them or what they are called, but no luck, can anyone of the Anglo Info club help me with this please?

started by: scoobydo-10064986 · last update: 1520500444 · posted: 1519645891

Has anyone used a product named C - net plus antimousse traitement et hydrofuge. It is to clean exterior stone walls etc. Or can anyone recommend any similar product that will do the same ?

started by: Chudleigh · last update: 1520494818 · posted: 1520419741

Looking for a piece of memory foam or similar for a daybed. Minimum size 186cmx105cm.Cheers

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Price wanted from Registered Artisan for Crepi work in Champagne Mouton

started by: Thewoodys · last update: 1519985700 · posted: 1519919702

Does anyone know of someone in the Chef Boutonne area who cleans moss etc from roof tiles and guttering. 

started by: Julie-Davidson-918708 · last update: 1519811345 · posted: 1519724079

Can anyone advise where I can purchase some steel beams near St Roman 16210 for renovation of my property. 

started by: barryandpat-550891 · last update: 1519660072 · posted: 1519406359

Hi, Just lately our fire will not go blue, I cleaned the filter and was ok for one night.Next night it was yellow again, cleaned the filter still yellow.looked for sludge in the tank but clean.Have run out of ideas, can anyone help please?Thanks B&P

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Our diagnostic has just expired. Can anyone recommend a good cheap firm for a new one please

started by: millyB-989495 · last update: 1519599867 · posted: 1519222803

Can anyone recommend someone or Co.  to install pvc windows and doors.  Poitou Charente area.  Thanks

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Hi,  , I need to buy a new telephone  and filter , nothing overly expensive . When i am over there, i cant recall them standing out in the obvious places , as in  the large Hypermarkets , Intermarche, Castorama, perhaps i hadnt scoured , the whole place. Here in UK , Its difficult to think of places that dont sell them . I fairly close to Civray, and half hour from the big Auchan in Poitiers, If they sold them? No doubt Leclerc will, but would prefer to avoid driving around, though grand city it is . Super -U in Vivonne would be ideal , but again , its just guess work , any ideas? thanks , Brian.

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Hi everyone, I’m looking for a dressing table. Doesn’t need to have a mirror as I have one already. Just looking for the table or anything that is similar to do the same job. I’m on the border of 79/85 and will travel if needed. Thanks in advance. Donna.

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there has been various postings about theses cookers where to buy or whether to bring them over from the UK, well i have just purchased one on line from a company in France and it was nearly a thousand Euro cheaper than any of the normal local suppliers. if you want the details e-mail,and it was delivered yesterday in perfect condition in case anyone wondered.

started by: misterbee-550081 · last update: 1518793395 · posted: 1518710015

Hi,  I came across the advertisement , which looks reasonable to say the least , in that government grants to fund loft insulation for €1 I am inclined to think there must be a catch , has anyone tried this ? My loft area does have very age old insulation ,and the house gets extremely cold . i am just wary of filling in the illegibilty form and getting roped into something regrettable  ,assuming illegibility. regards, Brian.

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hello!  Can anyone recommend an entrepreneur (French or English)  within a reasonable distance of Champagne Mouton (16350) for the installation of a fosse, toutes eaux?

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I am hoping that I can set up a satellite dish and align with french satellite, run coaxial cable to receiver box and then view through HDMI on my TV.If this is is correct what type and where can I buy the receiver box to accomplish?Thank you

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We are completion on a house in Montmorillon on 1 March and are needing to buy some furniture.  Can anybody recommend a good brocante anywhere in the Vienne departement (or close to it)?

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5 x 25kg sacks of enduit, to collect.17350 saintes area

started by: HD-in-BRUX · last update: 1517484932 · posted: 1517044424

Hello,Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can pick up some Knauf (or similar) multi finish plaster? More specifically one that has a working time of at least an hour. We have tried a couple of readily available French brands and following the manufacturer’s instructions, they all seem to be designed to be used within 20 minutes...before going rock solid. We are between Civray and Couhé and relatively new to the area so have not been to every avialable merchant / brico store, so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance. K

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