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We are incorporating an outbuildings into our house and need to separate the outbuilding in half as it is too big. We were going to use a good strong wooden frame, OSB on the outside, then insulate, then placo on the inside. Someone has told us that you can no longer use wooden frames in placo walls. Is that true? 

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Can anyone recommend a qualified, registered electrician to install a new electric cooker please? Secondigny based.

started by: pat-Carlin -919903 · last update: 1516707611 · posted: 1516305149

Why are there No earthing cable's in bedroom socket's but are present elsewhere in most properties.This issue came to light when two local properties where put up for sale and the New sale survey highlighted the problem and it also stated that before the sale of the house's this had to be rectified so that the relevant paperwork could be updated. Has anyone else come across this problem and what options are there apart from rewiring. Ps You can easily check the socket's in your home by looking to see if there is a metal earth pin on the socket, if you only have two holes for the plug to go in then the chances are you too do not have a earth supply too.thanks in advance Pat

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Does anyone know of a company that does demolition and reclamation in the Poitou Charentes please

started by: jez1953-892507 · last update: 1516534945 · posted: 1516368717

were will I be able to get 3 metres of green roofing felt 

started by: kit-548351 · last update: 1516363095 · posted: 1516295538

 just been to peintre et plus in piegut pluviers and find its shut down, is there another uk  dulux mixing service nearby?this is for a client so needs to be just dulux. 

started by: Patricia Evans-543206 · last update: 1516288510 · posted: 1516288510

I have a two-seater sofa in good condition, but one of the springs has gone.  Can anyone recommend a repairer, please?  I live in 16330 Montignac Charente

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I have recently sold my house but the Notaire is still holding on to our money is this normal.  The new owners have moved in and have paid their money to the Notaire.   Is this legal?

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HiDoes anyone know the changes or where I can find them concerning the electrics needed for a consuel, I am renovating a house that didn't have any electric or water. Thank you in advance 

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Can any of you knowledgeable  peeps recommend a skip hire company serving Vienne (Montmorillon/Le Blanc)?   Google has not been my friend.  Alternatively a man-and-van (pref. French-speaking) service which will take stuff to the local dechatterie - there's a couple of Ducato loads of metal/plastic rubbish I need to get rid of.  Many thanks

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Wanted in Jonzac or close area enterprises who can knock down a wall  and fit a gate to make an access to back of house. Recommendations please.

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I have a requirement to replace the aging gate on the front of my property at just over 3 m wide and 1m 82 tall,  we are experiencing real issues getting gates that A) We Like and B) without the need to sell a Kidney to pay for them.Having Tried the usual suspects of DIY Chains 3m, Brico, Bricolage, Leroy Merlin etc etc I am now considering just ripping the gates out and banging up a wall instead as we have rear access to park the vehicles. but before I filling the planning permission, one last throw of the dice to see if anyone can recommend or suggest were or maybe if someone out there in Anglo land can point me in the right direction were I can buy Study gates from (Pref Woodern), I am not overly impressed with sheets of tin shaped like a gate or great hordes of white plastic cobbled into a gate.The Aforementioned gates must be solid (Not a farm gate), as we would not be wanting the animals to escape, ideally 2 solid gates and a matching side gate.Whilst we are over in the UK earning a crust a friend is staying at the house in Dept 16, so access for Devis / Quotes / Actual work would not be an issue, we keep a full stock of Yorkshire Tea just in case!!!!!This really is last chance saloon

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Hi, does anybody know where I can buy soakaway crates.  Checked the sites of all the local bricos in Vienne without any luck.

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Does anyone know where I can buy Nyjer seeds for feeding Goldfincheswithin  a 20 km radius of Chabanais (16150)

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Does anyone know of a company that specilises in laying a concrete floor and then polishing it to a finish - normally diamond grinding to achieve this?

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I am looking to buy some corrugated roofing and wondered if anyone on this site has bought some recently and where?  I am having trouble finding it on line. Preferably for me it would be around Confolens- St Junien, although if the price is right I don't mind travelling further.Thanking in advance for any help given.Lucy

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We are looking to convert one of our outbuildings into an outside kitchen/terrace area. They are already practically falling down. Can anyone please advise what planning I need to request?? And can you apply from the UK . Thanks

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  Hi, does anyone know why the domestic water supply was shutdown today for about an hour...?- it happened near to Rouillé 86480 and when it came back on the water was brown/clay coloured until it flushed through...Eddie 

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Hi, can anyone offer some advice please?I would like to add a room thermostat and a programmer onto our Chappee Sempra Ecocontrol/SP OB. Although the boiler is quite old I hope it should be possible to control the heat to the house and also switch the heating or water on or off at certain times. It would also be useful to have a holiday type mode so that we could set it for when we are away. Can anyone give advice on a suitable system and offer some hints on how to fit it? I have the Notice D'installation et D'utilisation for the boiler but would like a little more advice before I proceed.

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Hi...does anybody know of a technician who may be able to fix our heater? It's a wood granule /pellet stove. Thank you.

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