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Hello, I am a Erasmus Student, I have a grant to study for 6 months in London. I am looking for an intership (no salary necessary) in a hairdresser's saloon.I have 7 years experiance in hair. I can speak French and English.I am very hard-working and motivated.I would be a good add in a saloon.For more info here is my email : melani.bran@gmail.comThanks

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Hello. Anyone travelling from the Niort area to Limoges Airport on 20 December to catch  the 16.50 flight to Manchester. Looking for 2 places. Thank you

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If you want to vote and you haven't registered, all the information is here:  https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/france/poitou-charentes/moving/voting/vote-united-kingdom Hope this helps

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For 2 Adults, please.  Prefer English with English TV

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Hello, i am a writer who is just starting out into the World of Amazon . I am looking for someone who lives here in France, who might be able to help me on my path. The World of uploading to Amazon is new to me. Can you help please.

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Hi good folks of Poitiers Charente,We have just sold our house in the Mayenne (53) and are thinking of relocating to the Angoulême area. A few of questions, can anyone recommend a good boarding kennel for our dog in the area as we travel a lot for work?I'm a keen amateur artist, are there any amateur art groups in the area?Are there any other fun social groups, French or English that may appeal to a couple of late 40 year olds who like to socialise?Many thanks in advance.

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Will the result of the American Presidential election usher in a new world order? That's all folks

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I have 2 boxes containing 90 DVD's (each) that need to be delivered to Wakefield in the next month or so. I anyone travelling there before August - thanks in anticipation.

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Hey all, My wife and I have moved to La Rochelle to enjoy the French lifestyle while we work on our business and get some surfing and golf in. Does anyone have some good advice on how to meet people in the town and find out the best places to hang out? This place is beautiful and we are looking forward to enjoying life here and learning the language. ThanksWade

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There I was just thinking about what had happened to the world since Bush and Blair took out Hussein and Gaddaffi, and lo and behold the newspapers are full of it. They were dictators, but they kept things in check. I wonder if even the two Bs could have envisaged the tide of human misery that would ensue. Religious and tribal hatred that was not permitted to take over has done so now, along with the suppression of women who had a different life under the dictators. The events of 9/11 were horrifying to say the least, but the ensuing war and the tide of hapless immigrants is busy flooding Europe, not the USA. Having unleashed hell in the world one wonders how the two Bs manage to sleep at night.

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Hi all! I think I might be feeling at a bit of a low ebb today because I'm wondering if I'm missing life in the UK!!! I know, I know... SURELY it's better here, non? Just wondering if anyone has had the same thoughts to be proved right - it IS better living in beautiful France?!?! Crime rates, poor air quality, 'elf & safety mumbo jumbo - to name but three!!! Just a thought that any of you could confirm that being miles away from the nearest supermarket, friends being spread throughout the area and having to drive my children for miles just to go to clubs etc is a better way of life... Be kind, as I mentioned, I'm feeling at a low ebb... :) Best wishes to all for 2010!!!

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what ever... tell us your stories.... bad good or even helpfull... get them on here...

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Just caught sight of this  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-34439965?SThisFB . And they think the demostration in Manchester was a bit noisey, wait till all the oldies get going.

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anyone stayed there recently, is parking etc still secure, affected in any way by migrants around Calais area? Thinking of staying at the ibis there

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I notice frequent adverts from an organisation selling TEFL (teach English) courses. Readers should be aware that most of these short courses are not acceptable for teaching in any French school/ French college etc.   And  many of the companies selling homestay language courses do not accept such short courses either.  Students in France also prefer to travel to the UK for an English course . I know this as I have been (and still am) the Local Organiser for a large homestay organisation for years, and have taught EFL since 1989 - in between my professional teaching at a local grammar school in Wiltshire. It's a shame for AI members to spend huge sums with little chance of a return.   Being English speaking is not a qualification for teaching English.

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I would just like to congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on being elected Labour leader and the Labour party for having finally comitted political suicide by doing so. Cambo must be laughing his socks off.

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we are traveling to Alicante Spain, we have found a hotel in Ezkurra Spain and need to find one about 250 to 300 miles from ezkurra can anyone recommend a hotel please.

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Hi,  just as a long shot, as anyone been in the Costco stores in either Madrid or Seville. I am trying to find out if they very much like the one's in the UK or do they localise more. Costco is opening a new store (3 years in the making) next year  south of Paris.  The Company ethos is one of same stuff different country, but unless you have been in one of the European stores its hard to know if that is true.  The CEO of the Paris Costco is one Gary Swindells, whose email address rarer than hens teeth. I am trying to find out if they sell things like their branded tin foil, ziplok bags etc. Thanks for any help. I have also posted this on Anglo info Madrid site.    

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