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We are holding a Doggie Social at Chateau Ardilleux in Adilleux 79110 near Chef Boutonne tomorrow 9th Oct, if anyone would like to come along.Lunch is at 13hr at a cost of 13€ per person, and will be quiche and salad followed by cake (veggie or egg free quiche options available). If anyone's interested in getting involved with the Association, it's a great opportunity to come along and meet the team. We need fosterers as well as help with transport, home checkers and volunteers to help with fundraising and events.The Social will run from 14hr, so if you have a sociable dog, come and have tea and cake while your dog has a run around with other dogs in return for a donation (minumum 5€ per person).Hope to see you there.If you can't make it, but are interested in learning more, would like more info about us or to register interest in gettng involved, please email us at Henri@assoenroute.comAsso En Route Website

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I am looking for a way to socialise my small 18 month old dog , especially with other dogs. I don’t particularly mean obedience classes but perhaps a dog walking group .  It needs to be in the Couhe , Civray, Lezay area.

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DISAPPEARED from home in LA CHAPELLE BATON 86250 on 12 APRIL 2019.Tortoise is a Hermanns male, dark olive green/black and yellow in color, 18.5cm long.Chip number: 985140000123559.This tortoise is capable of travelling considerable distance - if seen or found please contact with any information - 05 49 87 07 06 - 06 72 04 63 23 or contact a local vet for chip identification - VetSante at Savigne 86400 have details.He has been part of the family for 17 years and missed.

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Anyone know where I can get some beef dog Bones?

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I read today that the right-wing government of Spain has been ousted by the socialist opposition. As an anti-bullfighting supporter I hope this brings good news for all who oppose this primitive and barbaric blood-sport. I assume there are people on AI that support this political change in Spain in relation to bull-fighting.

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Hi does anybody living near Mirambeau, Semoussac, be to come and feed my cat once a day. She was a stray who chose to live with us. We have a 6 day feeder when we go away, but last time it malfunctioned and she was left hungry for a day. We have ordered another feeder but would feel happier knowing she was getting the correct amount each day. Thanks in advance.

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Our little cat who is 15 and mother to our other 2 cats has dementia, we looked it up and there are some pills given to dogs which can be used, so we got some off our vet.Seems to work a bit, she does some normal things, but still wanders around and around the furniture.Has anyone got any suggestions or partial cures please?Patricia

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Does Anyone know of any house dog sitters on the Charente we are between La Rochelle and Rochefort

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Does Anyone know of any house dog sitters on the Charente we are between La Rochelle and Rochefort

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Does Anyone know of any house dog sitters on the Charente we are between La Rochelle and Rochefort

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Any one know who to report a dog on a 3 foot chain fixed to a wire on the floor outside all the time, been to the marie and he does not want to get involved. The dog just has to lay on the floor when it rains.

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Anyone know if the elephant sanctuary in the limousine is still ongoing.  Any rescued elephants in situ?

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Can anyone recommend a sympathetic vet who would consider spaying a stray cat for a reduced fee. Suspect this cat has Pyometra so needs prompt attention. Prepared to contribute but limited budget ( have already adopted 5 cats and 2 dogs). Disappointing response from my vet at Savigné. Unable to get response from Assocs to pres.Informed, concise responses only please rather than a debate.Will only get one chance to trap.Thank you.

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Can any help or advise us on where we can find a good reliable house sitter for  4 weeks next year ,1 week in April and 3 weeks in May. we have 3 ponies and 2 dogs to be cared for while we are away as well as looking after the house .We live 10 mins away from Lezay 79120. Any advise would be grateful.

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Does anyone know if there are any dog training classes in the South Vienne region. I have a small breed puppy and want to socialise her as well as train her.

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I am thinking about taking up bee keeping on a small scale, for my own personal consumption of the honey!!Is there anyone in the Vienne / Haute Vienne / Indre areas that presently keeps bees, that I could visit for friendly advice on how to start?

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Hello, I live in department 86, I need to say goodbye to my darling dog can anybody help me with a pet cemetary please ? 

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I have heard that M. Lacroix, the vet, has retired.   Is this true?

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Hello just looking for some info about dogs being used to visit people in hospital or retirement homes.(chien visiteur) I wanted to do it as i have a little dog who is very good natured  and obedient. I went along in the cold and fog this morning to an outdoor obedience class. We only lasted 10 minutes as my dog didn't fancy sitting when instructed (in French) in the mud, and was shivering like mad!! To come to the point does anyone know of any similar scheme that exists - without dog obedience classes-104 e for the year and a training course 75 euros. And obligation to retrain the dog every 2 years I did say that this was a volontary pastime ie  unpaid! Is there nothing spontaneous about?

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