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I am thinking about taking up bee keeping on a small scale, for my own personal consumption of the honey!!Is there anyone in the Vienne / Haute Vienne / Indre areas that presently keeps bees, that I could visit for friendly advice on how to start?

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Hello, I live in department 86, I need to say goodbye to my darling dog can anybody help me with a pet cemetary please ? 

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I have heard that M. Lacroix, the vet, has retired.   Is this true?

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Anyone know if the elephant sanctuary in the limousine is still ongoing.  Any rescued elephants in situ?

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Hello just looking for some info about dogs being used to visit people in hospital or retirement homes.(chien visiteur) I wanted to do it as i have a little dog who is very good natured  and obedient. I went along in the cold and fog this morning to an outdoor obedience class. We only lasted 10 minutes as my dog didn't fancy sitting when instructed (in French) in the mud, and was shivering like mad!! To come to the point does anyone know of any similar scheme that exists - without dog obedience classes-104 e for the year and a training course 75 euros. And obligation to retrain the dog every 2 years I did say that this was a volontary pastime ie  unpaid! Is there nothing spontaneous about?

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Hi, Does anyone know of dog trainer in or near the Rouillac area.I’m looking for a trainer that doesn’t use food as an Insensitive.many thanksB

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Hi,Can anyone please recommend a (preferably English speaking) vet in Ruffec so I can book my dog in for treatment /passport stamp prior to travelling back to UK.Thanks in advance

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Hi My nearly 13 year old French (speaks English) daughter is mad about horses. She has "Galop 3" and would love to help out and spend more time with horses around Melle 79500 .We have already tried her local stables where she goes for weekly lessons but they already have enough little helpers at the moment !Thanks in advance

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Can any help or advise us on where we can find a good reliable house sitter for  4 weeks next year ,1 week in April and 3 weeks in May. we have 3 ponies and 2 dogs to be cared for while we are away as well as looking after the house .We live 10 mins away from Lezay 79120. Any advise would be grateful.

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Hi all, Does anyone know of a reputable breeder in France for either Working (Field) Cocker Spaniels OR Working (field) Springer Spaniels? Distance not too much of a problem. We were thinking of bringing over a pup from a breeder in the UK that we used for our last dog, but that does not seem very practical due to the rules. 

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Hi, we are investigating the process of bringing a pup from the UK to France.  She is currently only 3 weeks old, so still with her mother. Does anyone out there have any experience of the proper way of doing this. She will be Chipped and Vaccinated at the appropriate time in the UK. We usually travel through the tunnel with our other fully grown dogs who have had their passports for years. Although we always pay the relevant fare for them, we have never had to scan or show the pet passports when leaving the UK or indeed entering France.    So, I guess my question is, can I pick her up in 6 weeks or so when she is ready to leave her mum, drive over to France with her and get Passport and Rabies stuff done here?

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Hi, we have a 19 week old Cockerpoo and know that he will need regular hair cutting as he gets older. Can anyone recommend a good and reliable dog groomer in and around the Civray area (we are prepared to travel a bit to get a recommended person). When we have asked local groomers about a “teddy bear cut for a cockerpoo” so far they have all looked at us as if we are mad (Even English groomers)! Thanks!

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HiA short while ago someone posted recommending a Pet Crematorium.I can't seem to find the post.i wondered if anybody remembered the post or could advise if there was a small pets Crematorium in the Deux Sevres or in the  neighbouring departments?Thank you

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Hi,I am totaly new to discussion groups and apologise in advance if this is a previously covered topic.We will be spending a month or two in Mid France early 2018 and hopefully moving there permanently later in the year.We have three Alaskan Malamutes who have been on the BARF diet for over ten years now and they thrive on it.The BARF diet is gaining quite a big following here in the UK in recent years and there are now several good suppliers of the raw meat and bones.But to bring up to two months supply with us is not very practical and if we move there permanently I would need to find a proper supplier or a good butcher or abattoir.We would need reasonable quantities and regular supplies of:Chicken Carcasses, Necks & WingsTurkey Necks & WingsLamb RibsMinced raw meats and offalHearts, Livers, Kidneys, Tripe.Any other, otherwise waste cuts and bits.Any suggestions, would be most appreciated.BRIAN.

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We need to put our 2 dogs into kennels for a weekend in December and would be really grateful if anyone has any personal recommendations.  We're going to look at one near La Chapelle Bâton and it would be good to know if anyone has used them?  Thanks in advance.

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Would some of you be interested in taking part in the monthly 'Dressage Anywhere' competitions?https://www.facebook.com/ecurieclover/

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Hiyataking our cats to England for the first time via Tunnel. Can someone please tell me the procedure once we get to the Animal reception bit. Are the cats removed from their carriers or is the chip read through the grill. Have just receive their passports and all it shows is dob ,vaccination names,  type of cat European male but no details of colour etc Should this be on there. Sorry to ask all these questions but would hate to get there and find we do not have all the required paperwork. After pet reception do we then have to go through the normal check in for us?Thank you in advance

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Having recently lost our dog we decided to opt for a private cremation to ensure we had his own ashes back (the vet told us that otherwise it would be a mass burning with other animals).We used a really professional company who were extremely caring and made the whole process bearable.Basically my post is to say that if anyone wants information on this and advice as how to organise it, then please contact me. It was very confusing for me to arrange at first as it doesn't seem a common request in rural France and I was also very upset. Now I have the knowledge I am more than happy to pass it on.

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Is there a law in France regarding the minimum amount of space required for dogs?  Two (one medium, one large) hunting dogs are shut all day in a small metal car trailer.  The Mairie says that as the owner walks them twice daily no problem.  The walks are very short and very early morning ( still dark) and late evening ( dark) left therefore all day hardly able to turn around.

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Hello, does anyone know of micro-chipping being done reasonably cheap (by a charity etc) which we could have done on our cat please? We need it done soon so to enable us to get a passport and then return to England with us next month. Thanks in advance.

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