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Hello,I'm looking for someone who would be willing to feed my three barn-cats when I have to leave for a period of about 7-10 days (500 meters from Champagne Mouton center). It will happen about once every two months.  500 Meters from Champagne Mouton center. In exchange, I would provide the same help for your pets when you have to leave. Driving a small distance is no problem.Thanks,Peter

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I have an 8 month old pup who could stand to learn some manners, as I'm not so sure he will "grow out of it." Can anyone recommend a trainer in the Aulnay/Saint Jean d'Angely area?

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It is possible that we will be spending some time in England and need to take our cats with us. I have read the Government site but am a little confused. I understand all that needs to be done but am unsure as to how long the treatments last and do they have to be renewed before returning to France? Hopefully someone can help me. We will be travelling  via the Tunnel is it simple?. Thanks in advance

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HiI shall be moving back to the UK shortly and I'm looking for a home for Freddy, my ginger cat.  I've looked after him ever since I arrived here in 2009 when we found him and his brother (who disappeared last year) as tiny stray kittens in one of the barns on the day we movedin.  Alfie, his sibling, was always leader of the pack and as he grew up became used to the dogs and visitors but Freddy was always the nervous, frightened one, who hated noise and people turning up, and never reconciled himself with the dogs.  The point of this is to ask if there is someone out there who could offer Freddy a home where it is quiet and peaceful, no children or dogs.  He lives in a very quiet rural spot here and would willingly respond to plenty of TLC.  Taking him back to the UK would be a very traumatic experience for him and it would be difficult anyway as I shall be staying with friends while I house-hunt.  I live between Ruffec and Civray, not far from Taize-Aizie, and you can reach me on 0535323354, 0602380653, or email [email protected]  Yvonne

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Hi, Looking for a young Working Cocker Spaniel or Working Springer to adopt as a house dog. (For those that don't know, 'working' is the breed, we don't go hunting with our dogs). We live in the country with our two Spaniel bitches, 11 and 5, and would like to offer a good home to one more. Surrounded by good farm track walks and our own field to play in. Any info regarding adoption places gratefully received. 

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I am looking for a farrier in the montmoreau area of Charante. 

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Hi would anyone know if there is a cat protection league where my lost cat might have been taken, he is a male, mainly black with white paws and on his face, he is a long cat with a real bushy tail,  very friendly, he went missing from the Moussac 86150 area of the Vienne,  he is only about one year old,  many thanks for any help.

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my little 2 yr old chicken is pulling feathers all over or her coop mates; ive tried dio earth powder and a  chicken cream balm but to no avail, thinking she will need a full body jacket for winter; also her egg shells are soft ; any advice gratefully receivedtq

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Hello, my daughter has gone off to Germany to live and it was such short notice that she had no one to take in her adorable male cat. Can anyone help! He has been castrated and really need to find a good loving home. He is excellent with other animals and children.

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We have just rescued two lovely kittens from certain death at the hands of a neighbour and must find homes for them as soon as possible. We would love to keep them but one of our dogs absolutely hates cats.One is a long-haired ginger and the other a short-haired tabby. They were beginning to become affectionate and would soon settle in.We are about 10 minutes to the east of St Jean d'Angély (17) and could deliver them a short distance.

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There is a feral cat that keeps biting our 13 year old cat and now he is completely terrified to go out. Anyone have any ideas what we can do please? 

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Does anyone know of a dog breeder in France that specialises in Lurchers. Lurchers appear to be a fairly unknown breed in France .I am looking for a rough-coat lurcher and am prepared to travel any distance. I currently have another lurcher cross and would like some very fast company for her. Any advice or help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Jon

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I couldn't see any ads for this so anyone know of a dog washing/grooming faciity?  I'm in the 16 area I need to get a dog washed and dried for a special event - preferably English speaking but not sure where to find one, not sure how much this facility is used in France - big business in the UK.Thanks.

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Hello,is there any horse owners in the Monteboeuf area that would like to go out for a hack some timeJanet

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Somebody dropped two little kittens at my farm near Champagne Mouton. I wanted to keep them but my old cat has become terrible nervous and unhappy because of the two newcomers. Does anybody know an address where I can take the kittens?

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Does anyone know of any canine eye specialists i Poitou Charante 16 or nearby area?

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I am looking for good vets in Champagne Mutton/Ruffec area for my dogs and would appreciate any recommendations via email. Thank you

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Good news,my dogs just limped back in(after a foray into a manure heap, I think!)

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My electric gates malfunctioned and my two golden retriever cross dogs one male and one female escaped Thursday evening,I have searched the area several times with no luck,I live in pannessac 79190 if anyone sees them please contact me on 0549073478 or 0604073651A

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Hello,Could anyone please recommend a good English speaking Vet. I am located in the Saint Junien, Chabanais, Confolens area and I have used the vet behind Gamm Vert Saint Junien in the past (just up from Pomme Banane) just incase anyone recommends them.Thanks in advance.

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