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My little cat Kitty disappeared on 23rd. March 2022. She is brown/white/black and is wearing a black collar. Please email me at cousinkay@gmail.com if you have seen her in the south Civray area.

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Six feral kittens are living in our garden. Mum gave birth last year to two, and this year six. We have fed the Mum for over a year, and happy to have her around,  just wish we could  capture her and have her spayed, but she is too wily.Anyone know of an association that may be able  to assist with catching the kittens and the mother, neutering them and then releasing them back to the wild? Near to St Jean d’angely 17400.Thanks

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Asso En Route (reg no W792005754) are always in need of fosterers for the dogs we are helping to find new homes.Whether you can only help with a certain type of dog or for a certain amount of time, we would love to talk to you if you're interested in getting involved.At the moment we need a short term foster home for a three year old female anglo hound. She's a sociable and lovable dog who needs an enclosed garden.Interested in getting involved with the Association? Please contact us on Henri@assoenroute.com to find out more.

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We have owned our house near Barbezieux for many years and have always travelled between UK and Charente 10 to 12 times a year with our Spaniel. Entry into France never an issue and return to UK with British issued pet passport no issue either with the appropriate treatment before UK arrival. Our French vet taking the view that because of our very frequent travel the charges were heavily discounted.Due to Covid issues we have not visited since December 2020 but of course now matters are very different. I believe we need a UK issued Animal Health Certificate for entry into France, this certificate being a single trip only document  and costing between £140 and £180 , so 12 trips qa year and this starts to get a little expensive.For re entry into UK our existing UK issued pet passport with appropriate pre arrival treatment still valid.Has anyone else been faced with this situation ? I expect so, but have you managed to navigate around it at all ?I do hear that to have pet passport re-issued as a French document should do it but our vet advises that as our dog has a UK implant this is a problem ?I hope someone can assist.ThanksKevin

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h can anyone offer advice on horse insurance in france - im looking to move over but have a pony diagnosed with kissing spine and may need to have surgery - no idea how the insurance system works in france - any advice most welcome! also farriers - is there a register of farriers in each area?

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I am looking for either a Faverolle or Brahma chicken to join my girls. Does anyone have a young chicken for sale, or knows of someone who might, I’d love to know. All the markets just seem to sell silkies, Marans, Sussex etc. I live in the Gemozac area. Many thanks.

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Please discuss, adivise or dissuade with considered arguments the pros and cons of keeping pygmy goats.Any legal requirements info for here in France appreciated. We already have 3 horses which are fully registered but we have a small paddock with a large oak tree (acorns). We have kept sheep and pigs in the past so we are aware of shelter and fresh water etc.T.I.A.

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Does anyone know a good place or market to buy chickens near Chatellerault?

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Where do you buy horse food in the Deux Sevres please?  A good range of build up feeds and youngstock mix also senior mixes ?

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our lives have been turned upside down.   Our little pooch went missing from home last night  Les Essards area.  We've  searched everywhere to no avail.   She's a cross bichon/shitzu.   She has white coat, with a caramel patch on her right side,  both her ears are caramel and at the beginning of her tail she has a caramel patch.   She answers to the name of Nikkie.  If anyone see her please contact me on my UK mobile number 07712877133.We are besides ourselves. Many thanks 

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I would really appreciate any info regarding setting up a cattery business. I know I would have to be licensed but where would I go to get that. I also understand I need to get some kind of qualification in animal husbandry, but again where do I start that process. I also think I will need planning permission as I want to build a 10 bay cattery. Any helpful advise would be greatly appreciated please. Many thanks. Lisa

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Hello,Could anyone please recommend a good English speaking Vet. I am located in the Saint Junien, Chabanais, Confolens area and I have used the vet behind Gamm Vert Saint Junien in the past (just up from Pomme Banane) just incase anyone recommends them.Thanks in advance.

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DISAPPEARED from home in LA CHAPELLE BATON 86250 on 12 APRIL 2019.Tortoise is a Hermanns male, dark olive green/black and yellow in color, 18.5cm long.Chip number: 985140000123559.This tortoise is capable of travelling considerable distance - if seen or found please contact with any information - 05 49 87 07 06 - 06 72 04 63 23 or contact a local vet for chip identification - VetSante at Savigne 86400 have details.He has been part of the family for 17 years and missed.

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I am looking for a way to socialise my small 18 month old dog , especially with other dogs. I don’t particularly mean obedience classes but perhaps a dog walking group .  It needs to be in the Couhe , Civray, Lezay area.

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Begby is looking for a new Mum! His owner is in long term care after a terrible road accident and can no longer look after him. He’s 8 years old, intelligent, eager to please and clean in the house. He’s great with people, even strangers, he’s not a barker, and he’s good with other dogs. He’s a bit over enthusiastic with cats, but I’m sure with a dog as clever as he is, that could be dealt with. All his jabs are up to date, and he has a pet passport. He’s a member of the Gournay Education Canine group and takes part in weekly obedience and agility classes. 

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Anyone know where I can get some beef dog Bones?

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We are holding a Doggie Social at Chateau Ardilleux in Adilleux 79110 near Chef Boutonne tomorrow 9th Oct, if anyone would like to come along.Lunch is at 13hr at a cost of 13€ per person, and will be quiche and salad followed by cake (veggie or egg free quiche options available). If anyone's interested in getting involved with the Association, it's a great opportunity to come along and meet the team. We need fosterers as well as help with transport, home checkers and volunteers to help with fundraising and events.The Social will run from 14hr, so if you have a sociable dog, come and have tea and cake while your dog has a run around with other dogs in return for a donation (minumum 5€ per person).Hope to see you there.If you can't make it, but are interested in learning more, would like more info about us or to register interest in gettng involved, please email us at Henri@assoenroute.comAsso En Route Website

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I would really appreciate any info regarding setting up a cattery business. I know I would have to be licensed but where would I go to get that. I also understand I need to get some kind of qualification in animal husbandry, but again where do I start that process. I also think I will need planning permission as I want to build a 10 bay cattery. Any helpful advise would be greatly appreciated please. Many thanks. Lisa

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