Moving a broody duck.

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Hello..We have a broody duck sat on 7 eggs..The problem is she has made her nest a long way from the chicken/duck run and a feel if the eggs hatch the cats may get the babies..We also have 2 broody chickens safe and snug in a large broody pen with large attached chicken house..If we move the duck eggs ,nest and all will she stay sat on them? The ducks have free run of 2 gardens totally enclosed on all sides so the only problem will be the neighbour cats of which there are many inc 2 of my own. There is plenty of room with the chickens but i feel if i move her she may desert the nest. She has been sat for 2 and 1/2 weeks already. Advice gratefully received.Many thanks Sarah Bee (Chaunay)

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marreah-541042 1334926544

Hi Sarah,

I have moved ducks many times with their eggs and without fail they have always stayed sitting on their eggs. You're right in that if you leave them to hatch they won't last five minutes, so you have nothing to lose really in trying.

Good luck, Maria

mojo-538321 1334930364

move her today as its getting close to hatch time and as above poster says you have nothing to lose and all to gain

rougepineau 1334933099

I have to tell you that I had five female ducks and a drake and one of mine laid and sat on her eggs - I thought I had lost her somewhere - but there she was hiding. I had nine cats at the time, all hunters, but that Mum never lost one babe to a cat - she was too fierce............good luck..........I am sure moving them will not be too much of a problem.

sarah bee-544245 1334938395

Thank you for the advice..Moved her and all the eggs(turned out their are 12 in total).Very glad i put on my heavy gardening gloves but she is safely installed in the broody pen although is not at the moment a very happy duck. Hopefully she will settle down and resit..Many thanks Sarah.

Twister 1334942753

Can you let me know if your duck settles back on the eggs please, as I am in the same predicament, only difference being my girl only started sitting sunday/monday.

marreah-541042 1334943141

Hi Twister,

I hope you don't mind me offering you advice as well! I wouldn't move a duck that has only just started sitting - she needs to have formed a good bond with those eggs first. I would wait another ten days or so - it won't do any harm.

Good luck to you as well, Maria

sarah bee-544245 1334958887

Unfortunately it looks like she has abandoned..Even her feathers are less puffed up now than they were earlier.As we have no incubater is there anything we can do to try and hatch them anyway?. Many thanks Sarah.

marreah-541042 1334963493

Can you put her in a pretty confined space so that she hasn't got a great deal of choice? Without an incubator you will not be able to do very much, but you could put a couple of eggs temporarily under each of your broody chickens while you try to borrow an incubator perhaps. Depending on what stage your chickens are at with their eggs you might even be able to hatch them there.

sarah bee-544245 1335012108

Hello. Thank you all for your advice..In the end i put an egg each under my 2 broody chickens but couldn't put more as they are both bantums..Madame duck was haven't nothing to do with her eggs so have let her out of the brrody pen as she was starting to disturb the chickens.She seems happy enough....Sarah

Carole.H-541932 1335021079

I had a duck lay a nest of 9 eggs but 2 days later a chicken barged her off and took the nest (luckily in the chicken/duck house so safe from predators) .....will be interesting to see how the chicken gets on with ducklings....

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