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My husband and I are thinking of buying a property in Poitou-Charentes region and are trying to find out if there are any martial arts clubs? Of particular interest is JKD Kali. Having searched online there seems little in the area and we have only found clubs in Bordeaux. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I need help from someone who is interested in fine-art to varnish/re-varnish my paintings, some are quite large and as I'm disabled this is hard for me to do alone. But aside from that it would be nice to meet someone new, an artist or somebody interested in fine-art. I can offer in return, information on oil painting techniques, especially painting without solvents, glazing, use of chalk etc. I could pay for help if necessary. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

started by: Neuvy · last update: 1623499150 · posted: 1623499150

I need help to varnish some large oil paintings. I'm an experienced painter but I'm physically disabled and lack the mobility to move them into a good position for varnishing, also it is somewhat tiring work and I'm old and decrepit. I use materials and techniques from the renaissance and so I can exchange information and knowledge for help. So if someone with some artistic talent and patience is up for helping, please get in touch.

started by: Andrew-Poole-969922 · last update: 1605910361 · posted: 1599239569

We are planning on moving to the Charente this year, as soon as our house is sold, and are wondering ...1) If there are any soul discos in the area, and 2) if not, how much interest would there be if I started one (once lockdown is out of the way)

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Researching for a friend. Does anybody know anything about panning for gold in France please? Particularly with regard to best locations and regulations, if any.

started by: Laura -Thompson -974533 · last update: 1603202891 · posted: 1603202891

Hi, Can anyone please tell me if there are any cycling clubs locally, I'm in Esse, just outside Confolens. Thanks Laura 

started by: KMH-552367 · last update: 1599665472 · posted: 1279039321

Hi.Does anyone know if the Candlelight evening os on tonight in Talmont??Are there any Fireworks or special celebrations?Thanks.KMH.

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has anyone caught sea bass on the mainland either side of la rochelle? I have tried from the Ile de Re where there are certainly bass to be had but I wondered if there was anywhere nearer without having to cross the bridge

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Hi does any body know of a book swap/ free library near to Mirambeau or Jonsac area?. As have run out of reading material. Usually get from UK, but not been back since Dec. Many thanks.

started by: angela.prentice55@gmail.com · last update: 1591695809 · posted: 1589814426

Hello everyoneDoes anyone know of a choir? - I can’t read music- and I don’t have a marvellous voice either, but would like to have a go! A choir with a repertoire based around contemporary/ pop/ blues/ show music appeals to meSuggestions please!

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Looking for a group/person to join with to play golf nearby. i am in Surgeres, between La Rochelle, Niort and Saintes.

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Hello all, i have lake between Chalandray and Vasles which i am now looking to sell, if anybody knows anybody looking to purchase a lake please contact me, also looking for recommendations for a good local estate agent. many thanks ..

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Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere near Sauze Vaussais that provides English Speaking pony riding lessons for children. We are over for the summer and thought this would be an ideal opportunity  for my son to learn. I have seen one advertised at Saint Macoux but have been unable to contact them so not sure if they are still operating. Thanks in advance.

started by: Ellie-Kane-940002 · last update: 1561389086 · posted: 1561389086

I am retired and would like to join or form a tennis for fun and exercise mix in group which could possibly be based at Confolens tennis courts. Ian Kane. Email: ipk19@msn.com  Mob: 00 44 7772665405

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Hi allJust seen that Ryanair has added a new route between Poitiers and Manchester for this summer!!! Well done Ryanair, at last no difficult drives to Limoges!! Gonna get booking a few flights this morning!!!

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Do you want to improve your French language skills?            Disappointed (as I am) in my own progress after several years in France I wondered if there was an individual who would help guide/mentor a small group of serious learners.   So far that group thought is in my head but I have talked to and know of one or two others interested if something serious and focused were to be made to happen.    I have several learning books, including GCSE level, and am not a complete beginner so a possibility is that individual members similarly able may role-play with learning suggestions.    We are in the Ruffec area. I have listed this in sport and leisure as the only appropriate category. 

started by: Starrman · last update: 1524553446 · posted: 1524553446

A new Walking Football team will be starting in Aubeterre soon. It'll be run by a Walking Football Association qualified Tournament Referee and all skill levels are welcome. It's a great way to get back into football, up fitness levels and enjoy some banter with good company. We'll also have the challenge of playing against other sides and tournaments when we're ready. If you're interested please email me at starr.keith@talk21.com

started by: milton-570749 · last update: 1523862795 · posted: 1523862795

hi iv joined the p.m.u  can get the races up but cannot understand there system is there anyone who could help me .Idont speak French so its difficult to get help.hope someone can help thanks 

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Hi, does anybody know of a book exchange / group near to semoussac.

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Can anyone advise how I can place a bet online on this year's Grand National? I live in France. 

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