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Do you want to improve your French language skills?            Disappointed (as I am) in my own progress after several years in France I wondered if there was an individual who would help guide/mentor a small group of serious learners.   So far that group thought is in my head but I have talked to and know of one or two others interested if something serious and focused were to be made to happen.    I have several learning books, including GCSE level, and am not a complete beginner so a possibility is that individual members similarly able may role-play with learning suggestions.    We are in the Ruffec area. I have listed this in sport and leisure as the only appropriate category. 

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Speak to Sue Holding on 05 49 07 70 45. She holds a French / English conversation class every Fri afternoon from 2pm until 3.30pm at Le Sauvage, near Montjean / Lorigné.

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Found you!!!

Many thanks for having escaped the South Seas to respond to my note!  

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Do you listen to French TV and radio every day? and belong to a French association of some sort where you are the only English-speaking member? All these help enormously. Bonne chance!

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