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Hi Does anyone know of any cricket clubs in P-C ?

started by: Draco-538229 · last update: 1133008961 · posted: 1115932740

What's the golf like near Poitiers? Are we talking wooded, parkland, links-type (unlikely, I know, but anything's possible)? Also, what's the story when it comes to playing? Do you have to join a club or can you just turn up to pay green fees? And do you need to join a club to get a handicap card (I'm tempted to work on a very old and dodgy 22 hcp, but I'm not sure that I want to commit myself to a club until I've played a few courses a few times)? Thanks in advance!

started by: snoopy-538684 · last update: 1131129921 · posted: 1120172291

OK, does anyone out there know for certain whether or not an English person (14 years) needs to pass their Galop exams before they can compete in France?  I have had conflicting answers on this subject.  Any clues? 

started by: Sue & Peter · last update: 1130179564 · posted: 1130088385

Hi ! I used to play Korfbal when I was living in Amsterdam and would be happy to find a Korfbal team in the area !!! Any information ! Thanks, Peter   

started by: Greg-538667 · last update: 1129970942 · posted: 1119966261

Hello ! If you are more than 35 years old and you want to have fun playing football not for competition each friday evening at 8.30 pm at Vasles stadium, Deux Sevres, just reply to that message . We have an international team with Brits , Dutch and French people. We have some players of 40, 50 and even 60 years old... Best Regards,        

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Do you know a good squash Club near Cognac ? Thanks, Colin  

started by: Rod-539229 · last update: 1129124381 · posted: 1128872850

Somebody told me about a rally car race taking place each year in the streets of Rochelle but I have no idea of the dates ! If you have some information, thanks for posting them... Cheers, Rod  

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Hi! Is there a Polo ground and Polo club somewhere in Poitou-Charentes ? Thanks, John  

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I am a RYA yachtmaster/cruising instructor in the UK and am soon hoping to move to the area.  Could anyone please tell me where / what sort of job prospects / requirements there may be in the Poitou-Charente area. I am also an experienced marine electronics engineer and boat maintainer willing to turn my hand to anything maritime.

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I guess we all must be hearing it this morning, first day of the Chasse ! How do you cope with whimpy dogs ? We've lived in France for many years , our labrador is fine, not gun shy , the ancient alsation is thankfully deaf but the two jack russels are terrified ! Mind you, given their dispotision towards mice, that shouldnt have surprised me really ! However, I now have the pair of them trembling in fear, it sounds like world war three out there , even the chickens have taken refuge and the cat is nowhere to be seen . I have turned the sound up on the tv but cant hide the blasts , oh Lord, is this what they are going to be like two days per week for months on end ? One is hiding behind the settee and even the offer of a biscuit wont draw him out and the other one is currently on my knee as I am typing, shaking in fear , can you get ear plugs for dogs ?lizzie

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Hi to every one.We are looking for player for next season peopel who are living near angouleme and intersted to play cricket please contact us .my e-mail add shakhil24@hotmail.com and my mobile number is 0699609456shakhil

started by: shakhil24 · last update: 1126120195 · posted: 1126120195

hi .we are starting new cricket team here in angouleme we are looking for new member who are intersted to play some cricket around plz contact me or just call me my contact detail are e-mail shakhil24@hotmail.com my mobile number is 0699609456.we are looking player around charnte

started by: Sunflower girl · last update: 1126089138 · posted: 1121272815

Our 2 eldest boys are keen to find a reasonably priced small motor to add to their Zodiac to poodle about a little faster on our river.If anyone has one, or knows of one would love to hear from you please

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Does anybody know of a yoga / pilates class in the Aubagne area?

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Hello everybody ! The famous "Tour de France" will start this year the 2 nd of July in the Island of Noirmoutiers in Vendee, not far from us . A good opportunity to go and see Lance Armstrong for his last tour . Do you think he is going to win this year or not ?  

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anyone  interested in getting group together to practice yoga i am qulified teacher love to hear from anyone i live 20mins east of angouleme alls well that bends well

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The 6 th of July 2005, we will know if Paris will welcome the Olympic games of 2012. If so, La Rochelle will have to organise some Sailing competitions. Do you think it will be a good thing for the inhabitants of Poitou-Charentes or not ?  

started by: Pat-538618 · last update: 1121117527 · posted: 1120951556

Can we find fresh caviar of good quality in Charente Maritime (coming from sturgeon eggs) directly from the producer ? Thanks for helping, Regards,  

started by: janet-538336 · last update: 1121003488 · posted: 1121003488

Hi there all you food lovers, holidaymakers, etc, I would like to recommend La Terrasse, Boulevard Pierre Wiehn, tel 05 46 36 03 29 english spoken, we have had some fantastic meals there and the service is super nothing is too much trouble. I recently had my mother to stay who is on a very low fat diet for medical reasons and they produced a special dish for her.

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Moving to france next month and enjoy running. At moment captain of running club in England. Does anyone know of running club? I enjoy 10k run to marathon distance.steve

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