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Dear members - I live and teach yoga in Charroux and would like to find a venue to hold a yoga class in Confolens.  I am in contact with the Mairie and have emailed the centre socio-culturel too.  Do any of you know of any other venues, private or otherwise, a big grenier, converted barn, space above a shop or bar etc that would be suitable for up to around 12 yogis for one daytime class per week?    Thanks in advance for any thoughts Lucy

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I am hoping someone might be able to help with this one. We have my 28 year old son staying with us at the mo. Brief background, he's a digital artist was working for good studio in UK (did many Lego computer games) took a chance on a 2 year adventure in Canada which was fab but they could not renew his contract, so now he is back in Europe looking for work. He does freelance illustration work to tide him over, but it is very isolating. We live between Niort and Chef Boutonne, but it's hard to go into Niort on your own and if you don't know 'where' to go! He has his own car, he actually owns a house in the UK but it's rented out at the mo, so he's sort of stuck here for a while! So.. Is there anyone living in this area with 20/30 something offspring who have social activities going on? He will travel.... Are you a 20/30 something willing to let this young man join some of your social events?Does anyone have any suggestions as to what had could/should do to get out and meet people?Thanks for any help or suggestions that you can offer!!

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Hi, I'm looking for 10mm and 12m knitting needles, does anyone near Confolens have any spare for sale, failing that do anyone know where I can purchase them? Many Thanks

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Help!Trying to find a villa in Spain,preferably within an hour of Malaga Airport for 4 adults and two children in May or June 2016.Don't want an apartment but a pleasant villa not too far from the beach and local amenities..Has anybody out there any recommendations for companies they have used/ places they have stayed at or perhaps know of someone who has one to rent.Many thanks!

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Hi Does anyone know the opening hours for today ? Thanks

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(or songwriters, keyboard / brass / string / percussion / didgeridoo / spoons players) Anyone fancy a jam session with a bassist? Whether you are an absolute beginner or a musical genius, it has to be so much more fun to play along with someone else. I started playing bass guitar a few months ago after a long (15 year!) break so I am pretty much a beginner myself, but I have had enough of just jamming along to backing tracks and the drum machine on my computer. So if you bought a drum kit yesterday, or played flute since you were three years old, I'd love to jam with you. Who knows, we might even sound great! I am in the Etagnac / Chabanais / Confolens / St Junien area and I am able to travel or play here.

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hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any local christmas markets going on this month, near to sauze- vaussais or ruffec. thanks

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Hello all We have not long settled in the Jonzac area and are missing our regular rugby. Does anyone visit Angouleme rugby club as we would like to make contact with some fellow supporters. Thanks    

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Does anyone know if the bikers still meet at the emmeraude hotel near Confolen on Sundays. I phoned the number given but it was not it right. Thanks

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I will be driving down to Andorra on the 24th of January from the Bellac area. Most of the journey will be on the A20 I will be returning on the 30th January. I have 3 seats available for anyone needing a lift. Donations will be accepted.

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There will be an English Book Sale at Le Moulin du Lary, Cercoux, 17270 on Saturday the 14th November 2015. All proceeds are donated to Medecins sans Frontieres and the Chaplaincy of Poitou Charente.   There are thousands of books for sale, all at €1 each. Entrance is €2 but this includes as much coffee (or tea) as you wish to drink.   Come and stock up for the winter and if you have any books to donate, bring them with you to help us raise as much money as we can for our causes.   If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me on info@lemoulindulary.com  

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Hello all, Can anyone tell me what the indoor pool is like in Civray? Thank you

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We are hoping to create a photography club in Angoulême (16), led by a local professional photographer, Anne Darling.Our first get together will be on Monday April 23rd 12 noon until 15h00 at Gallery XXlV, an English run gallery where we may also be able to work towards exhibiting work!The cost will be 16€ per session. This includes Anne's fee and tea and cake in the afternoon. We need a minimum of 6 people to use the gallery as Monday is Dawn's day off, and eventually a minimum of 10 group members.Anne's programme is very exciting and she is able to cater for the complete novice to the experienced photographer. I know I am looking forward to this development.You can find out more about Anne here: http://www.gurushots.com/anne-darling you can also access her website from this link. http://www.annedarlingphotography.com/I do hope this is of interest and that this new venture can develop!Minsterel

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Hi all can i go to my local chasse shop and buy a gun for ball trap do i need a licence ? thanks

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Hi there, My wife and I will be moving from Finistere to the Cognac area in early January. I have lived in Brittany since 1999, speak fluent French (my wife is French) and have a wide range of interests. One thing I shall miss from Finistere are my regular golf games.. So i'm looking for comments on courses local (ish) to Cognac also for potential playing partners. If you are interested or have any thoughts on courses I'll be delighted to hear from you. Regards

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On what day is aquagym during holidays Many thanks in advance

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Anyone have any ideas where some fishing, of any kind, is available for a day or two in the last week of this month near to Confolens?  Idea of cost/ permit  needed would be appreciated.

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Does anyone know if there is an active gathering of folks playing boules anywhere around 16150? We're are total novices who just play near our house but would love to watch/join in with a crowd..

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We like to go south in winter, from Charente to Spain as climate kinder for health. We re in 16. Any groups/ individuals do something similar and interested in swapping ideas/ tips/info on campsites...travel etc. Genuine replies only please.

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Does anyone have a kiln tor know of a community kiln in the Montmoreau area (16190)hat I can use to fire my pieces?     

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