OPEN GARDENS - 86250 Genouillé

from May 6th 2017 to May 7th 2017


Saturday 06 May  10:00 - 16:00 Sunday 07 May    10:00 - 16:00
I have developed my garden over several years with an emphasis on low maintenance and water conservation. It is an organic garden designed with ‘all year round’ interest and offering significant biodiversity. Most of the materials used to construct the different areas of the garden have been salvaged and recycled from developments in other parts of the house and garden. There are several different areas of the garden each with their own unique character and purpose including a vegetable garden, orchard, dry garden, several herbaceous borders and seating areas.

Robert Shaw

Coordonnées GPS / Map coordinates: 46.097500, 0.334332 

Open Gardens / Jardins Ouverts is a registered association (noW232001865), which encourages owners to open their gardens to the public. Admission is by an annual Membership Card (10€) which entitles the holder to visit any of the gardens throughout the year on their stated open days. The proceeds are donated to charitable organisations in France.