Gardening-landscaping-dry stone walling work wanted

16.50 - 17.50 euros per hour
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Bonjour mes amis ( hello my friends )      

A lot of you may well know of me already,so please excuse a recap for those who do not.          

I am a 46 year young and healthy welshman who loves rugby,nature and travel who lives and travels throughout France going from client to client in my campervan with complete independance offering the above mentioned services with over 25 years experience in them. I also do a very professional and tidy pointing job on stone buildings and basic masonry leaving the site as clean and tidy like I have never been there , and can provide photos to go along side the recommendations.      

I have many clients all over france who would be happy to share their contact details with you if you wanted ( and you should ) to check up on me. I can  confidently guarentee that they will all have something positive to say about my work ethics and charecter.     

Due to who I am , I prefer to work in tranquil settings and have a preference for the middle of nowhere,but will consider work offers from small villages or very small towns ,though prefer to stay away from the bustle and smells of larger towns and cities.    

I have got mostly small jobs lined up throughout the rest of this year so have a little more availability than normal and can put in the miles to go to any larger jobs,but as usual any smaller few hour jobs or a day or two will depend upon geographical synchronicity,meaning that due to the size of the country I must be passing by. I do travel around the entire country a few times a year so normallly it wont be too long for you to wait before I am passing your area.   I do not mind coming out of my way to offer you my well priced professionalism as long as you are willing to pay a little extra towards fuel costs.    

I shall next be in provence in winter due to work commitments in other parts of the country , though This may change is there are any cancelations in the meantime.   


I have regular annual clients in Brittany,Limousin,Dordogne,Auvergne,the var,savoie and Burgundy.              

You can reach me on or on my french phone on 0673631996. If you are calling from outside of France,replace the 0 with 0033.    

I shall not respond if I am working or driving and often park in places that do not offer a good reception so email or text messages will have more chance of getting through to me quicker. I try to stop off at a wifi spot every couple of days.       

I hope that this message finds you well and that 2018 is offering you nothing aside from positivity and happiness.   

All the very best     

Jamie x