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UK (FCA n°725218)  International  E.U. Pass  France (ORIAS n°15006023) registered, regulated.

Understanding your circumstances & preferences - at your pace, in your language. 

Benefit from a full Financial and Tax Planning service*.

Estate Planning for International families, 

bespoke Investment Solutions* in €  and/or  £,  $,  CHF

Organized, Structured approach: 

We work with a range of  world references in private banking & wealth management groups and leading life insurers providing high-quality solutions, consistent returns, reputation, and security levels you may feel entitled to enjoy.

We enjoy free and open access to their skilled teams, infrastructures, tailored & core offerings, reports and findings in a range of languages, fair (disc.) price policy, ongoing monitoring and appraisal, full transparency, direct admin. & tax assistance, technological (IT) excellence alltogether offering you complete peace of mind.

> Client proximity, 

> Client assistance

We're here for you

We’d be delighted to meet you at our offices :

[French Riviera - Nice Promenade des Anglais & Provence - Aix 'cours Mirabeau'] or 

at your home, or drink/lunch, or have a phone call, Skype/WhatsApp or Facetime call with you.

At PECH GESTION PRIVEE all our client exchanges are open and without obligation.

France (ORIAS n°15006023 as CIF, IAS, IOBSP), UK (FCA n°725218), E.U. Passport : 2002/83/EC



Languages: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish.

* Solutions, services, financial institutions, currencies and products offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of the selected partner(s).