Umbrella Company in France for IT contractors and freelancers. If you are concerned about setting up as self-employed in France, there is an easy alternative.


Suitable for :

IT Consultants, Designers, Copywriters, Event Management / PA, Writers, Engineers, Translators, Tele-marketeers... plus many other roles

Reap the benefits of classic employee status while working on your own projects or assignments - unlike the auto-entrepreneur scheme, there is no limit to earnings, no insurance to purchase and you can deduct expenses for travel, home office etc.


As your employer for the duration of each of your projects we take care of paperwork and payment of social charges.


Social charges are PAYE so you can work part-time on assignments without the worry of unexpected bills - it's an ideal way to 'test the water' with a new business idea or to forget admin' worries and simply concentrate on doing your job with employee status rather than being self-employed.


Work from France for your Overseas clients without the need for the client to employ you in France. We currently work with both clients and recruitment agencies across Europe.

Working under the umbrella of Challenge & Co could be your route to work in France - we can now help people working in a range of intellectual activities. Please email us to see if your work or business venture is suitable or visit our website for further information.

Challenge & Co Société de Portage

Helping Freelancers and Consultants all over France