year 2000 VW Caddy diesel - RHD - French registered

SOLD 500
Posted by: benco · 1475510092

Miss Caddy is up for sale, it's the 1.9 non turbo diesel which easily does 50mpg and is actually quite fun to drive despite the SDi badge.

The odometer reads just 87500miles after 16yrs.

This car was at one stage a disabled vehicle and still has the fold up ramp just inside the back doors, as well as various tie downs and extra seat belt systems. The floor has been lowered and there are now 4 seats in it instead of 5 - the back two seats unbolt and come out very easily to give a huge load area.

It passed a UK MOT in december 2015 after a complete brake system overhaul - including new master cylinder, the bill is here along with lots of other paperwork.

I have had it french registered (because my insurers insisted) but the french CT is due soon and apparently our local garage won't pass it unless I change the headlights to european ones from a scrapyard - some centres don't care and pass UK cars with beam benders though.

We also know that the car is still effectively UK registered although the DVLA know it's abroad - so another way round it would be to put it back on UK plates, the free V5c instead of a costly carte grise, and you tax it - it's up to you.

The car is in daily use and is based near Gap, I'm selling it to make way for a 4x4 to get me up the mountain to work.

Other little niggles:

Air con needs regassing?

1 manual window up front after a break in

the coil light flashes for some reason - our garage can't find the cause and the car works normallly - earth fault?