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Hi there,

Professional tree surgeon available for all kind of tree work. Any thing from dangerous overhanging large limbs, simple prunning/ thining out or forestry felling, also forestry strimming of large areas regarding fire risk.

Fully equiped with full range of chainsaws, big van, double axel trailer, wood splitter and chipper to evacuate.

We can also split the logs and stack them on pallets ready for the following winter.

We have all the rigging equipment which means every branch needing to be removed can be done so by attaching it, cutting it then carefully lowering it to the floor.

We offer free quote and advice or work on a daily rate for the smaller jobs, team of 2 people minimum for safety reasons. One climber/ one groundsman

10 years experience

It would be a pleasure to share with you multiple photos of our work ( they don't seem to want upload here)

Var/alpes maritimes/ riviera/ alpes de haute provence