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Centre Hospitalier General de Salon de Provence
General hospital at 207 Avenue Julien Fabre, Salon de Provence (13)
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal
Frejus, St-Raphael hospital at ave Andre Leotard, Frejus. Consultations at quarter St Lambert, Frejus.
Martigues Hospital
At 3 Boulevard Rayettes, Martigues(13)
Tarascon Hospital
General hospital at Route Arles, Tarascon (13)
Hopital St Anne
At 313 chem Paveigne, Toulon.
Hopital St Tropez
Emergency facilities. At ave Foch, St Tropez.
Hopital dHyeres
General, retirement and gynaecological hospital at ave Marechal Juin, Hyeres.
Hopital de Draguignan
Emergency facilities at route Montferrat, Draguignan. Special psychiatry and drug dependence departments.
Centre Hospitalier dArles
General hospital in Arles at Quartier de Fourchon (13)
Hospital of the Conception (de la Conception)
Hospital serving the central districts of Marseille at 147 blvd Baille.
Sainte Marguerite Hospital
General hospital serving the central areas of Marseille. At 270 blvd de Sainte Marguerite.
Aubagne Hospital
General hospital at 179 avenue Soeurs Gastine, Aubagne (13)
Hospital de la Timone
General hospital at 264, rue Sainte Pierre, Marseille.
Centre Hospitalier du Pays dAix
Hospital for the district of Aix en Provence at Avenue des Tamaris, Aix en Provence CEDEX 1
La Ciotat Hospital
General hospital at Blvd Lamartine, La Ciotat (13)
HIA Sainte Anne
At bd Ste Anne, Toulon. Emergency: 04 94 09 92 46.
Allauch Hospital
General hospital at Traverse Mille Ecus, Allauch (13)
Hopital Font Pre
1208 ave Colonel Picot, Toulon.