Lawyers, Legal Advice & Notaires

Me Vanderstichel, Colette
French civil and criminal lawer in Draguignan. Possible to attend appointments in Frejus and St Tropez (83).
Courtier Avocats
Legal firm that deals with economic, commercial and property law. Located at Station Alexandre, 29/31 boulevard Charles Moretti in Marseille (13).
Gordon Fairbairn & Associates, FPPF
Law firm specialising in property law, family law, business law and insurance. Members of the Union Europeenne des Avocats (U.A.E.) which represents 2200 firms all around the world. At 78 Avenue Foch, in Toulon (83).
Me William Ellis
English speaking lawyer specialising in French business law at 27 Cours Pierre Puget, Marseille (13).
Maitre Paule Acquaviva
Honorary Legal Adviser to H.M.Consul General. French civil and criminal law, specialising in commercial matters and family law. At 37 Rue Montgrand, Marseille (13).
Ayache Avocats
AYACHE AVOCATS is an English speaking law firm offering services relating to French business law, property and employment law, and provides both consulting and litigation services.
Inglese, Marin & associes
Legal firm that covers all aspects of the law. At 23 Rue Peiresc in Toulon (83).
Rault et Blet
Bilingual notaire offering a range of legal services including property purchase and sale, advice on probate and inheritance issues, tax advice and mortgage and property finance. Based in Le Beausset (83) but working throughout Provence and the Riviera.
Group of barristers that specialise in real estate and family law. Ask for Mr Marchessaux. At 13 Avenue St Jerome in Aix en Provence (13).
Marenghi Francois
International law firm with a team of lawyers that specialise in corporate law. At Les Docks Atrium 104, 10 Place Joliette in Marseille (13).
Team of lawyers at 1 place Felix Baret in Marseille (13).
Orkhens SCP
Team of barristers that deal with social, commercial and environmental law. Ask for John-David. At 150 Avenue Georges Pompidou in Aix en Provence (13).
OY Camilla
Lawyer that deals with civil, corporate and real estate law. Also speaks German, Danish and Swedish. At 24 Avenue Victor Hugo in Aix en Provence (13).
Raymond Belnet
Team of lawyers that deal specifically with business law. At 65 Rue Breteuil in Marseille (13).
Maitre Vasserot Jean-Luc
Specialises in social, corporate, family and real estate law. German and Italian also spoken. At 67 Rue Rome in Marseille (13). Metro: Estrangin.
Wust Sebastien
Barristers who specialise in international, business and health related law. At 60 Boulevard des Dames in Marseille (13).
Alexander & Partners
Team of lawyers that take care of civil, corporate and real estate law. At 88 Rue Grignan in Marseille (13).
Cabinet Fidal
Company that deals with the day-to-day handling of cross border legal and tax matters. Assistance and advice given both to French companies operating abroad and to foreign companies within France. At Rue Jean R Guillibert Gautier in Aix en Provence (13)
Jonathan-Duplaa & Quesneau
English speaking lawyers that deal with civil and family law. At 19 Rue Thiers in Aix en Provence (13).
Marmillot Roland
Specialise in civil and social rights. Ask for Maitre Marmillot. At 2 Avenue LArrousaire in Avignon (84).
Marquis Christelle
Group of barristers that deal with business, employment,construction and family law. At 30 Boulevard Raspail in Avignon (84).
Nougier Laure
Team of barristers that deal with corporate, commercial and international law. At 26 Rue Republique in Vedene (84).
Redares Carine
Barristers that specialise in penal and business law. At 14 Boulevard Emile Zola in Cavaillon (84).
Maitre Maritan Gael
Lawyer specialising in private and corporate law. At 61 Cours Taulignan in Vaison la Romaine (84).
Team of expert lawyers that have grouped together to provide more comprehensive legal services for their customers. At 10 Boulevard Gassendi in Digne les Bains (04).
Carlini Philippe
A team of lawyers handling legal needs of businesses, professionals, institutions and communities. Located at 15 rue Charles de Gaulle in Saint Maximin La Ste Baume (83).
Maitres Alexandre Paul and Mireille Picca-Audran
Solicitors dealing with international clients. At Chemin des Arenes, Eyragues (13).
Maitre Frederic Fabre
English-speaking solicitor based east of Avignon, dealing with all legal queries, including property purchases. At 1bis, bld Laurent Dauphin, Cabannes (13).
Maitre J. Chicheil
Solicitor dealing with all legal queries and property negociations. At 104 avenue du Mar, Cavaillon (84).
Ashton KCJ
France Legal Services, Asset Protection, Wills & succession issues, Estate planning, Inheritance, Personal tax rates, matrimonial transfers, French property
Fiducial Sofiral
An international law firm with a team of lawyers based at 80 boulevard Georges Clemenceau in Arles (13).
Fontaine Beriot Caroline
Lawyer that takes care of corporate, civil and real estate law. Located at Espace Forbin, 8 rue Condorcet in Aix en Provence (13).
Juriens Fernand
Lawyers handling corporate, fiscal and commercial law. Located at "Le Vinci" Actimart II, 1140 rue Ampère in Aix en Provence (13).
Cabinet Guisiano
Lawyers handling commercial, real estate and family law. Located at 78 avenue Mar Foch in Toulon (83).
Delbosc Gerard
Solicitors handling civil, corporate and fiscal legal matters. Located at 113 Avenue Foch n Toulon (83).
Cabinet Bernardini
Lawyer handling civil, corporate and family legal matters. At 195 avenue Vauban in Toulon (83).
Brunet-Debaines Max
Lawer that deals with corporate, commercial and international law. Located at 9 boulevard Georges Clemenceau in Draguignan (83).
Taj Avocats
Specialised in international tax and legal strategies, Taj, a Deloitte network entity, is one of the leading French law firms
Dorothée Martel-Reison
English-speaking notaire. Buying or selling property, inheritance or divorce issues, transferring an estate. Based at  6 rue Edmond Rostand, Marseille (13).
Joseph FALBO
English speaking lawyer dealing with civil and business law.
Audrey BRUIN
Labour and employment lawyer based in Aix en Provence. Deals with employer-employee issues.
Elisa Warbington
UK and French-qualified lawyer provides legal advice in civil and commercial matters.
Patent and IP Solutions. AzureIP focus on the field of Electronics and can advise you on all aspects of protecting inventions relating to software, electronics, telecoms, broadcasting, media and methods for doing business. English and French spoken.
Me Quentin Hivet
Notaire in Marseille. Sale and purchase of real estate property, transmission of property. Family law, divorces and tax matters in an international environment.
Law firm specialising in French tax and legal advice for issues relating to individual tax, tax audits, tax due dilligence, corporate tax and tax litigation. At 2 rue Victor Autheman, Cassis.
Villeneau Rohart Simon
Specialists in French maritime law - shipping, admiralty and marine insurance. At 2 Rue Edmond Rostant, Marseille.
Favarel & Associes
Maritime law, business law and insurance law. Also services for the sale and purchase of real estate. At 18 Quai Rive Neuve, Marseille.
Me Ariane Fatovich
French civil and criminal law at 5 Place de la Liberte in Toulon (83).