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Looking to move from NY to Marseille, FR... 0 Non-local
Hello Everyone, I am seeking some advice on a topic that has left me utterly indecisive.  A little backgr
started by: Mariette -Biagioni-906697 · last update: 1502130418 · posted: 1502130418
Lost property in Marseille 4 General
Can anyone give me any ideas/advice on trying to find lost property in Marseille? I appreciate this is probably a f
started by: Annie-Thomas-905549 · last update: 1502047819 · posted: 1500907160
Satellite TV 1 General
Hello, I've read all the past posts on this, and the most recent seem to be 3 years old, and I am aware that satell
started by: Rick-873865 · last update: 1501674211 · posted: 1501078908
Anyone in La Ciotat? 0 Families & Kids
Hello, we will be in La Ciotat from October to end of November, and hoping there are playgroups for little people,
started by: Clare-Smith-906229 · last update: 1501582116 · posted: 1501582116
Spanish Tuition available - Spanish as a... 0 Families & Kids
Is you child in need of assistance in their Spanish studies? If so, I am a fully-qualified tutor of Spanish as a Fo
started by: Blue-Sky · last update: 1501098465 · posted: 1501098465
Babysitter available 0 Families & Kids
Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy and experienced babysitter? If so, look no further.I have experience lo
started by: Blue-Sky · last update: 1501098080 · posted: 1501098080
Tax-efficient savings?? 1 Financial & Legal
Hi - I'm looking for financial advice - I have an amount of money (small inheritance) I would like to put away for
started by: Curtis-Lake-897326 · last update: 1501073811 · posted: 1491805159
Horse riding buddy 0 General
Hi ,are there any horse riders or owners  around the Montemboeuf area who would like to go for a ride sometime
started by: Trailrider-644144 · last update: 1500220834 · posted: 1500220832
Still too many cold calls with Stop Secret 2 General
I activated Stop Secret on both my land line and Orange mobile some years ago. I would estimate I am still getting
started by: wilsonaldilaw · last update: 1500187647 · posted: 1499945689
Wanted - Garden Lighting / Festoon Lights... 0 Entertainment
Does anyone know where I could hire festoon / garland lights for a party? I'd like to string lights in trees for a
started by: Frenchsonya-658886 · last update: 1500030760 · posted: 1500030758
English speaking Priest 0 General
Our daughter is getting married in Chapel St Isidore, which is near Pierrefeu, not far from Hyeres. Does anyone kno
started by: allwyn-shaw-873947 · last update: 1499782704 · posted: 1498808172
La Poste 5 General
Hi. Anyone any ideas to the solution of the following .......I ordered a 500g pot of shea butter from the UK and re
started by: vikkimack-645403 · last update: 1499552813 · posted: 1499204007
Car trailer 0 General
Wanted car trailer or ride for a small clasic  spors car from the varr to the charente    Please cal
started by: Trailrider-644144 · last update: 1499507502 · posted: 1499507501
Anyone driving down from the UK? 0 General
Hi There,Does anyone know someone who is driving down from the UK to the Cote D'Azur in the very near future who mi
started by: Rachel-France-903896 · last update: 1499088319 · posted: 1499088318
The Charlie Question - English theatre at... 0 Entertainment
For anyone is interested in enjoying and supporting theatre in English, an engaging and original play - The Charlie
started by: ROBERT-HENDRY-903799 · last update: 1499010320 · posted: 1499010319
English theatre at the 2017 Avignon Festival 0 General
For anyone is interested in enjoying and supporting theatre in English, an engaging and original play - The Charlie
started by: ROBERT-HENDRY-903799 · last update: 1499009820 · posted: 1499009819
Looking for an English speaking tutor 0 General
Looking for an English tutor to go over school subjects with 12 year old boy on holiday from 25/07 to 15/08 at Les
started by: Stephanie-Di Giovanni-880325 · last update: 1498818693 · posted: 1498818692
Air Con Needs Regassing 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know of a garage that will re-gas the car's air conditioning around the Barenton/Saint Hilaire du Harco
started by: sudiwa2000 · last update: 1497870862 · posted: 1497870860
Loads of small flies this year in heat 0 General
There seem to be a lot more small flies around this year. These don't bite but are a considerable irritation when y
started by: wilsonaldilaw · last update: 1497690158 · posted: 1497690157
6 Month Rental Wanted 1 General
We are moving to Provence in July, probably Vaucluse, and looking for a 6 month rental while we buy a property. &nb
started by: Rick-873865 · last update: 1496825332 · posted: 1493981445