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help with how to create a website 5 Financial & Legal Started by: Charlieboy-651410 · Updated: 1642640177 · Created: 1266406127
I was hoping someone out there could please help me. I would like to create a really simple information page website and
Kore 2.0 Best Smart Watch Ever Price Reviews... 0 Home & Garden Started by: caxohncles-bob-1020215 · Updated: 1641981226 · Created: 1641981226
Kore2.0It's called logic. I'm certain you're spotting a pattern by now. There has been a media blitz lately relevant to
Where can I print a document near Lorgues? 0 General Started by: Thwing1 · Updated: 1630639199 · Created: 1630639199
Hi, any suggestions on where I can get a 50 page document printed in or around Lorgues? My son is finishing his disserta
URGENT / Shared cost moving boxes from London... 0 General Started by: Riviera-Country Club-1001083 · Updated: 1630143032 · Created: 1630143032
We are inquiring if someone can carry some boxes from London to the south of France?Could you please contact us?
Cost of living - Aix vs Nice?? 14 Financial & Legal Started by: vyvyanhs-650368 · Updated: 1628962825 · Created: 1233675994
Hi, we're three months into a year in France, debating whether to stay in Nice or try Aix. Even taking the weak
Shared costs to london 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Robyn-Opie-918582 · Updated: 1626505774 · Created: 1626505774
I have5 cartons of kitchen items to go to Uk happy to share costs
Pregnancy - DPNI (NIPT) test 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Adrienn-Jankovics-997458 · Updated: 1624786910 · Created: 1624786910
Hello,I am not a resident in France, we have a second home in the Var and I will be there during the time when I need to
TV licence on second french property 1 Financial & Legal Started by: james-bradley-987349 · Updated: 1623932349 · Created: 1616150551
HelloI have just bought a second french apartment in the south of France and the two apartments are in the same building
Wills under british law and tontine clause 1 Financial & Legal Started by: mousey-967823 · Updated: 1623921364 · Created: 1615009280
My husband and I have wills made in France governed by British law and therefore we can leave our estate to who we want
Moving Telephone Poles 0 Home & Garden Started by: Louise -Jewell-941992 · Updated: 1617094891 · Created: 1617094891
Has anybody had any success in moving telephone poles?If yes much did it cost?Who do you contact to get quotes e
Preschool/ DayCare/Creche - Aix en Provence... 2 Families & Kids Started by: emivdl · Updated: 1614071797 · Created: 1425614770
Hi - I am looking for a preschool or daycare for my son this summer while we are studying in Aix. I'd prefer that he go
Encounters with english speaking moms 0 Families & Kids Started by: KATERINA-Dubinova-883731 · Updated: 1614065946 · Created: 1483453383
Hello everybody,I'mmother of 2 years old boy and I wish improve my spoken english. I'd like meet english spoken mums wit
Spanish Tuition available - Spanish as a... 0 Families & Kids Started by: Blue-Sky · Updated: 1614065836 · Created: 1506836781
Is you child in need of assistance in their Spanish studies? If so, I am a fully-qualified tutor of Spanish as a Foreign
Ground Heatsource systems 0 Home & Garden Started by: Chris-Mallon-980230 · Updated: 1610389790 · Created: 1610389790
We have a Ground Heatsource system that has failed, is there anyone in the Apt area that has experience in these systems
VMC wiring 0 Home & Garden Started by: Chris-Mallon-980230 · Updated: 1609507101 · Created: 1609507101
Hello, We want to use a VMC during the winter to keep moisture levels low when the house it shut up, its anold house but
Buying a house 0 AngloINFO Support Started by: Agnieszka -Butelet -979075 · Updated: 1608182516 · Created: 1608182516
Hi, we have signed the compromis on the 15th of September. The contract were meant to be exchanged before the 15th of De
English-speaking doctor Marseille 7 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Mushy P · Updated: 1603933498 · Created: 1243004424
Does anyone have the contact details of an English-speaking doctor in Marseille, close to the Vieux Port if poss.Thanks
Searching english speaking mums or groups 24 Families & Kids Started by: fanny06 · Updated: 1603578562 · Created: 1359321488
Hi everybody,I have an 8months old littlegirl and I'm looking to meet up with any english speaking mums to be in Aix en
English speakers in/around Hyères? 0 General Started by: bernie-murphy-970210 · Updated: 1599741848 · Created: 1599568230
Hello!I'm new to Hyères and would love to connect with some fellow English speakers/expats in the area...Are there any
Squatters 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Stephen-Baseby-964770 · Updated: 1599649911 · Created: 1599649911
You may be an expat but many of us have started with a second home. The recent case of squatters occupying a French coup