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English Accountant in Provence! 1 Financial & Legal
started by: Richard-Gent-916280 · last update: 1521664038 · posted: 1521648526
English Speaking Doctors? 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello all!  Have lived here in the Vaucluse for just over a year now with my wife.  Our French is improvi
started by: Nicholas-Hirons-922314 · last update: 1521632846 · posted: 1518541522
Moving to Aix / Marseille with kids - school... 0 Families & Kids
Hello - I am moving to south of France for 6 months with 2 kids (10 and 12) early 2019. I am struggling to know if
started by: Sophie-Clifford-925289 · last update: 1521305592 · posted: 1521305592
Looking for accommodation 0 Families & Kids
To whom it may concernI'm 28 years old man non-smoker, with  driving license and an European union national.I'
started by: Blue-Sky · last update: 1520588693 · posted: 1520588693
Mahjong 1 General
does anyone play Mahjong?
started by: lilymo-499868 · last update: 1518568207 · posted: 1518033045
Turmeric in French? 4 Food & Drink
I need to use some turmeric in a recipe, though do not know the translation in French? I tried asking for turmeric
started by: Bobbie-647076 · last update: 1517847423 · posted: 1241687390
all you need to take care at home 0 Home & Garden
If you need to take care of your pets or to repare little stuff, call me
started by: Vincent-Berbigier-921563 · last update: 1517842928 · posted: 1517842928
Need to have a car towed away 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello! I am unwinding my late Father's estate. He kept an old car at our house in Bouloris. It barely works, but co
started by: Kirsten-Braden-900060 · last update: 1517761900 · posted: 1516368282
Italian Road Trip 2 General
Hi I am planning a road trip to Italy crossing into the country, via Nice, at Ventimiglia.W
started by: Monty-Morgan-915698 · last update: 1516904629 · posted: 1516803143
Services proposal 0 General
Hello,I am a french bilingual woman, 43, pleasant and smiling. In need for a job, I propose you my help in various
started by: Mul-Carine-920593 · last update: 1516873956 · posted: 1516873956
6 Months In. 3 General
I just though I would write down a few things I have learnedduring my first 6 months in France. This may be of use
started by: Rick-873865 · last update: 1516791667 · posted: 1515509605
Charity Clothes Bins? 6 General
Does anyone know if charity clothes bins exist in the Aix-en-Provence region? I have old clothes and shoes and don'
started by: Faulkner-654601 · last update: 1516525683 · posted: 1266318190
Hair Stylist Marseille 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Samantha-657235 · last update: 1516290755 · posted: 1516290755
Stones needed for repairing-building garden... 7 Home & Garden
Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),  I hope that this message finds you all well and positive.   I
started by: itinerant child-414831 · last update: 1516170245 · posted: 1515930641
Living in Saint-Raphael, South of Frrance 1 General
started by: Robert-Best-902406 · last update: 1515867842 · posted: 1508749225
Marseilles Information Please 4 General
Hello All, I live in Poitou Charente and am planning a trip to Marseilles in Feb to watch Rugby at the Velodrome. C
started by: Monty-Morgan-915698 · last update: 1515784678 · posted: 1512905095
any other Brits in or near Hyeres? 13 Entertainment
We are now living in Hyeres and would like to meet up with other "English" speaking people, my husband work
started by: Lillie-649495 · last update: 1515771173 · posted: 1236023250
Laptop urgently needed 0 Home & Garden
Hi all.  I am urgently seeking a Laptop with an English keyboard. Has anyone got one for sale. I am located in
started by: Ashley-Wykes-914168 · last update: 1515745442 · posted: 1515745442
removal van share to london 0 AngloINFO Support
I'm looking to share a transport vehicle Eze to London 
started by: Robyn-Opie-918582 · last update: 1515082251 · posted: 1515082251
Long stay visa - question on proof of accommodation 1 Financial & Legal
Hello. My wife and I are American and are seeking to move to Provence in June 2018. We are preparing to apply for t
started by: Jonathan-Scanlon-914682 · last update: 1513763293 · posted: 1510719065