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Expat stories needed 0 General
Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and ...
started by: AnnieP-510608 · last update: 1469101194 · posted: 1469101194
Pet/house-sitting 0 Pets & Animals
Don't hesitate to use Trusted Hous-sitters.   I have been a member since their inception & only once ha...
started by: Anna Burns-647157 · last update: 1468925003 · posted: 1468925003
Horse Transport needed 1 Pets & Animals
We are shortly moving (5 August) from the Var to the department of Vienne in Poitou Charentes.  I need to f...
started by: Jjane-654799 · last update: 1468478726 · posted: 1468414402
US citizen opening French bank account 0 Financial & Legal
I am starting a renovation in Provence actually Goult in the fall. Does anyone have any experience opening a com...
started by: Bethdilint · last update: 1468417105 · posted: 1468417105
Brexit referendum re-run 0 General
It seems that, quite rightly, the petition to re run the referendum has been rejected...
started by: chris-skinner-852354 · last update: 1468105650 · posted: 1468105650
Leaking Swimming Pool 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone have a good swimming pool repair company they can recommend ?? We are in the Luberon and need someon...
started by: MaxJ · last update: 1468038484 · posted: 1468038484
BREXIT 0 General
This is a new group set up to discuss the implications of BREXIT.  RIFT - remain in france together. Here i...
started by: mj-577305 · last update: 1467984547 · posted: 1467984547
'Tourist Tax' 0 Financial & Legal
Hello.  We have a completely self-contained newly converted annexe and are thinking of letting it via booki...
started by: I&J · last update: 1467296355 · posted: 1467296355
Searching for a Chiropractor near to St.... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I know that there are chiropractors in France but where in the Var please?
started by: Maximillian-657502 · last update: 1467148039 · posted: 1466594798
TAX HIGH IN FRANCE 1 Financial & Legal
My wife and I are planning to retire to Nice but my brother tells me that I shouldn't do it because tax is so mu...
started by: George-Baron-860387 · last update: 1464383003 · posted: 1464159379
NationalStrikes in France
started by: willow13 · last update: 1464382687 · posted: 1464076358
New Website Hopeless! 3 AngloINFO Support
Good grief - if ever there was a Do Not Do list in website design, you guys at Anglo Info have found it! It is n...
started by: dawns-956930 · last update: 1464382524 · posted: 1462872659
Yoga teaching in Plan de la Tour/Ste Max... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: AmyinProvence · last update: 1464382385 · posted: 1464356123
Dog needs accommodation Mougins area 15-... 1 Pets & Animals
We are coming from the UK to a family w...
started by: Gerald-Collins-852576 · last update: 1464375972 · posted: 1458049256
Satellite Dish Allowed ? 0 General
Hidoes anyone know if you are allowed to install a satellite dish in Avignon Intra Muros ? If not, what s...
started by: LJB-241627 · last update: 1464182239 · posted: 1464182239
Moving to Avignon 2 Families & Kids
Hi we are moving to Avignon and have a 16year old son so I'm trying to find local clubs In the area ...
started by: LJB-241627 · last update: 1464181656 · posted: 1463912005
In search of the watery grail. 0 Home & Garden
I wonder if anyone has any advice. Sometime ago, approximately eight years, a bore well was su...
started by: Craig-Cameron-860350 · last update: 1464113351 · posted: 1464113351
certificate of conformity 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: Chez-Ray-641464 · last update: 1462731190 · posted: 1462731190
Have you a Illustrated Book Idea? 0 General
Have you a illustrated book project yo...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1462539178 · posted: 1462539178
Paving and small building repairs 2 Home & Garden
We're looking for a builder to do some paving around our pool and a couple of other relatively small jobs...
started by: Fiona-Taylor-854904 · last update: 1462367722 · posted: 1461343447
Meeting up 3 General
Hi, I'm 50, originally from the UK and hoping to make some new friends in Marseille. I am friendly, young at hea...
started by: Alison Alexandra · last update: 1462025421 · posted: 1455814759
Beekeeping Group 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Gregg-794694 · last update: 1461744392 · posted: 1461744392
English speakers close to Cannet des mau... 15 General
OK, soooo, my name is Emma, I'm English, 38, and wondering if there is anyone else out there feeling like they a...
started by: freckleface-963354 · last update: 1461249084 · posted: 1454333067
New website format 1 General
I so agree with you Headgirl- the website is the pits now.  Information is not updated and it's way more di...
started by: bjmorrison · last update: 1461231844 · posted: 1460181366
Carpet fitter 0 General
Wanted experienced carpet fitter Grimaud area,travelling expenses paid within reasoncall 0643 817568 with...
started by: thecoopers-388293 · last update: 1460463801 · posted: 1460463801
Open gardens in the Var 0 Home & Garden
Hello, I am looking for other people who might be interested in  participating in the Open Gardens scheme o...
started by: trisormum-653587 · last update: 1460297634 · posted: 1460297634
Any Advaitins in the region? 0 General
Hi - I was wondering if there are any Advaitins in the Marseilles-Aubagne-La Ciotat area.  Would love to he...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1460111640 · posted: 1460111640
National Theatre transmission at the Ren... 0 Entertainment
started by: dnyfinance · last update: 1459847246 · posted: 1459847246
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started by: celeste-854207 · last update: 1459492545 · posted: 1459492545
Photo Booth Hire - prop hire for party 0 Entertainment
Does anyone know anywhere I can hire props for a party? Chandelier, lanterns and easel that kind of thing big lette...
started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1459471119 · posted: 1459471119
Wedding cake dessert table 0 Food & Drink
Does anyone know of a good patisserie near Uchaux or orange? I am looking to have a cake made and possIbly a desser...
started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1459470915 · posted: 1459470915
Stone fireplace 0 Home & Garden
Need some help with recommendation for' Reclamation yard' Trying to find stone surround fireplace...( something si...
started by: look at me · last update: 1459410582 · posted: 1459410582
What is going on with the new site? 1 General
It is so difficult to find any info, and I can barely read the print.  I am so disappointed....... I have been...
started by: Headgirl-499397 · last update: 1459177425 · posted: 1458921352
Website Format 2 Entertainment
Has AngloInfo changed its website? I find it much more difficult to navigate now and several of the links are deade...
started by: bjmorrison · last update: 1458907734 · posted: 1458666928
Bathroom furniture 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know where I can find simple, classic, bathroom furniture - vanity units etc. that aren't shiny, modern...
started by: JanB-658896 · last update: 1458564573 · posted: 1458564573
Crazy Bulk Steroids For Build Muscle 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Pleasant to Legal Steroids Function , the #1 trustworthy review website of muscle mass building supplements and leg...
started by: Lucy-William-853160 · last update: 1458335490 · posted: 1458335490
Is now a good time to buy in France? 0 Non-local
I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great fren...
started by: Ewan-S-852381 · last update: 1457949667 · posted: 1457949667
Rhumatolgist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for a  rhumatologist  near Carcès:  Brignolles, Saint Maximin Sante Baume.English...
started by: carces09 · last update: 1457715871 · posted: 1457715871
Nice Areas in Marseilles with Sea View 0 General
Hi there - Which are the nicer areas (clean, safe to live in) in Marseilles where I will be able to find 1- bedr...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1456745613 · posted: 1456745613
Gardeners in France 0 Home & Garden
The new facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more e...
started by: salsa-934748 · last update: 1456744114 · posted: 1456744114
Learn to Play Polo - Beginners’ Polo L... 0 Pets & Animals
Saint Cannat Polo Club is running a week dedicated to beginners' polo. They will have a whole team of extra spec...
started by: aixp1-655831 · last update: 1456592407 · posted: 1456592407
Beginner Polo Lessons / Initiation au Po... 0 Sport & Leisure
Saint Cannat Polo Club is running a week dedicated to beginners' polo. They will have a whole team of extra spec...
started by: aixp1-655831 · last update: 1456589571 · posted: 1456589571
Innocent Abroad in Marseilles 0 General
Hello, I will be visiting Marseilles soon to have a look around with a view to renting an apartment in the longe...
started by: MonHulot-811166 · last update: 1456488312 · posted: 1456488312
Swimming pool maintenance 1 Home & Garden
Hi can anyone recommend someone to maintain a swimming pool in the Cotignac / Carces area of the Provence?  ...
started by: dannypope7 · last update: 1456476075 · posted: 1456255528
Searching for the right horse 0 Pets & Animals
My lovely old boy is coming up for retirement and despite the fact that I am no spring chicken either I am now b...
started by: racaille-651257 · last update: 1456411097 · posted: 1456411097
Where to live. 0 Families & Kids
Hello! We are relocating to the area for a couple years. Our children, 12 and 16, will be attending IBS of Prove...
started by: Robin-10069366 · last update: 1456219377 · posted: 1456219377
Hair and makeup - Wedding 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi all,   i love in Australia but am getting married in Uchaux France and am trying to find a...
started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1456136252 · posted: 1455860820
DJ - wedding sept 2016 2 Entertainment
I am getting married in September this year and looking for a DJ for the big day! If anyone knows anyone good pl...
started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1456135966 · posted: 1455861048
Placard demonstration in Ventimiglia 0 Financial & Legal
Hi - I've got a problem with an Italian electricien (he won't finish the work after 14 months). I've repeatedly ...
started by: djinMenton · last update: 1455531479 · posted: 1455531479
Horse? and symbiotic riding mutual frie... 0 Pets & Animals
I am part of a sort of club and we ride together. We have two geldings which we keep at home and lend to ...
started by: Saffron Sea · last update: 1455285605 · posted: 1455285605