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Catering, marquee hire etc 1 Food & Drink
Can anyone recommend a good Traiteur in the Apt area.?also a good company for hire of marquees,tables,Chi...
started by: Lavender-10051253 · last update: 1471946133 · posted: 1471092716
Teach English 0 General
Teach English at our school in Toulon in September. Send CV to:
started by: English-in Provence-866317 · last update: 1471946046 · posted: 1470473197
Long Term House/Pet Sitting Assignment W... 0 Home & Garden
We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are regis...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471779297 · posted: 1471779297
Bathroom Ladder style radiator 0 Home & Garden
I have a white bathroom towel radiator and am in the Luberon so if anyone is interested I will accept any reasonabl...
started by: MaxJ · last update: 1471768356 · posted: 1471768356
US citizen opening French bank account 2 Financial & Legal
I am starting a renovation in Provence actually Goult in the fall. Does anyone have any experience opening a com...
started by: Bethdilint · last update: 1471768056 · posted: 1468417105
Has La Poste/Colissimo/Chronopost got ev... 1 General
I know the post services in France have never been great but this last year they seem to have become even worse....
started by: wilsonaldilaw · last update: 1471446264 · posted: 1469534535
Anglophones in Cassis? 0 General
Hi there -  Anyone interested in getting together for a drink?  I am planning to organize a weekly mee...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1471445438 · posted: 1471445438
General handyman/ plumber needed 0 Home & Garden
we have just moved into a house in Fuveau and need the services of an english speaking handyman/plumber. any sug...
started by: Craig-Bannister-866309 · last update: 1470469034 · posted: 1470469034
New website format 2 General
I so agree with you Headgirl- the website is the pits now.  Information is not updated and it's way more di...
started by: bjmorrison · last update: 1470266469 · posted: 1460181366
Groups or clubs for English speakers nea... 2 General
I've recently moved to Vaison-la-Romaine, close to Gigondas, Séguret, Beaumes-de-Venise, etc. I'm curious to kn...
started by: bryan8718-500413 · last update: 1470208922 · posted: 1470128620
Car leasing/long term car rental 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi There,
started by: Emma Jacobs Photography · last update: 1470208565 · posted: 1470208565
Long term car leasing/rental 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi There,I was wondering if anyone has information on car leasing/ cheap long term car rental in france? ...
started by: Emma Jacobs Photography · last update: 1470208450 · posted: 1470208450
Expat stories needed 0 General
Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and ...
started by: AnnieP-510608 · last update: 1469101194 · posted: 1469101194
Pet/house-sitting 0 Pets & Animals
Don't hesitate to use Trusted Hous-sitters.   I have been a member since their inception & only once ha...
started by: Anna Burns-647157 · last update: 1468925003 · posted: 1468925003
Horse Transport needed 1 Pets & Animals
We are shortly moving (5 August) from the Var to the department of Vienne in Poitou Charentes.  I need to f...
started by: Jjane-654799 · last update: 1468478726 · posted: 1468414402
Brexit referendum re-run 0 General
It seems that, quite rightly, the petition to re run the referendum has been rejected...
started by: chris-skinner-852354 · last update: 1468105650 · posted: 1468105650
Leaking Swimming Pool 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone have a good swimming pool repair company they can recommend ?? We are in the Luberon and need someon...
started by: MaxJ · last update: 1468038484 · posted: 1468038484
BREXIT 0 General
This is a new group set up to discuss the implications of BREXIT.  RIFT - remain in france together. Here i...
started by: mj-577305 · last update: 1467984547 · posted: 1467984547
'Tourist Tax' 0 Financial & Legal
Hello.  We have a completely self-contained newly converted annexe and are thinking of letting it via booki...
started by: I&J · last update: 1467296355 · posted: 1467296355
Searching for a Chiropractor near to St.... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I know that there are chiropractors in France but where in the Var please?
started by: Maximillian-657502 · last update: 1467148039 · posted: 1466594798
TAX HIGH IN FRANCE 1 Financial & Legal
My wife and I are planning to retire to Nice but my brother tells me that I shouldn't do it because tax is so mu...
started by: George-Baron-860387 · last update: 1464383003 · posted: 1464159379
NationalStrikes in France
started by: willow13 · last update: 1464382687 · posted: 1464076358
New Website Hopeless! 3 AngloINFO Support
Good grief - if ever there was a Do Not Do list in website design, you guys at Anglo Info have found it! It is n...
started by: dawns-956930 · last update: 1464382524 · posted: 1462872659
Yoga teaching in Plan de la Tour/Ste Max... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: AmyinProvence · last update: 1464382385 · posted: 1464356123
Dog needs accommodation Mougins area 15-... 1 Pets & Animals
We are coming from the UK to a family w...
started by: Gerald-Collins-852576 · last update: 1464375972 · posted: 1458049256
Satellite Dish Allowed ? 0 General
Hidoes anyone know if you are allowed to install a satellite dish in Avignon Intra Muros ? If not, what s...
started by: LJB-241627 · last update: 1464182239 · posted: 1464182239
Moving to Avignon 2 Families & Kids
Hi we are moving to Avignon and have a 16year old son so I'm trying to find local clubs In the area ...
started by: LJB-241627 · last update: 1464181656 · posted: 1463912005
In search of the watery grail. 0 Home & Garden
I wonder if anyone has any advice. Sometime ago, approximately eight years, a bore well was su...
started by: Craig-Cameron-860350 · last update: 1464113351 · posted: 1464113351
certificate of conformity 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: Chez-Ray-641464 · last update: 1462731190 · posted: 1462731190
Have you a Illustrated Book Idea? 0 General
Have you a illustrated book project yo...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1462539178 · posted: 1462539178
Paving and small building repairs 2 Home & Garden
We're looking for a builder to do some paving around our pool and a couple of other relatively small jobs...
started by: Fiona-Taylor-854904 · last update: 1462367722 · posted: 1461343447
Beekeeping Group 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Gregg-794694 · last update: 1461744392 · posted: 1461744392
Carpet fitter 0 General
Wanted experienced carpet fitter Grimaud area,travelling expenses paid within reasoncall 0643 817568 with...
started by: thecoopers-388293 · last update: 1460463801 · posted: 1460463801
Open gardens in the Var 0 Home & Garden
Hello, I am looking for other people who might be interested in  participating in the Open Gardens scheme o...
started by: trisormum-653587 · last update: 1460297634 · posted: 1460297634
Any Advaitins in the region? 0 General
Hi - I was wondering if there are any Advaitins in the Marseilles-Aubagne-La Ciotat area.  Would love to he...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1460111640 · posted: 1460111640
National Theatre transmission at the Ren... 0 Entertainment
started by: dnyfinance · last update: 1459847246 · posted: 1459847246
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started by: celeste-854207 · last update: 1459492545 · posted: 1459492545
Photo Booth Hire - prop hire for party 0 Entertainment
Does anyone know anywhere I can hire props for a party? Chandelier, lanterns and easel that kind of thing big lette...
started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1459471119 · posted: 1459471119
Wedding cake dessert table 0 Food & Drink
Does anyone know of a good patisserie near Uchaux or orange? I am looking to have a cake made and possIbly a desser...
started by: Lizorr25 · last update: 1459470915 · posted: 1459470915
Stone fireplace 0 Home & Garden
Need some help with recommendation for' Reclamation yard' Trying to find stone surround fireplace...( something si...
started by: look at me · last update: 1459410582 · posted: 1459410582
What is going on with the new site? 1 General
It is so difficult to find any info, and I can barely read the print.  I am so disappointed....... I have been...
started by: Headgirl-499397 · last update: 1459177425 · posted: 1458921352
Website Format 2 Entertainment
Has AngloInfo changed its website? I find it much more difficult to navigate now and several of the links are deade...
started by: bjmorrison · last update: 1458907734 · posted: 1458666928
Bathroom furniture 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know where I can find simple, classic, bathroom furniture - vanity units etc. that aren't shiny, modern...
started by: JanB-658896 · last update: 1458564573 · posted: 1458564573
Crazy Bulk Steroids For Build Muscle 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Pleasant to Legal Steroids Function , the #1 trustworthy review website of muscle mass building supplements and leg...
started by: Lucy-William-853160 · last update: 1458335490 · posted: 1458335490
Is now a good time to buy in France? 0 Non-local
I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great fren...
started by: Ewan-S-852381 · last update: 1457949667 · posted: 1457949667
Rhumatolgist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for a  rhumatologist  near Carcès:  Brignolles, Saint Maximin Sante Baume.English...
started by: carces09 · last update: 1457715871 · posted: 1457715871
Nice Areas in Marseilles with Sea View 0 General
Hi there - Which are the nicer areas (clean, safe to live in) in Marseilles where I will be able to find 1- bedr...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1456745613 · posted: 1456745613
Gardeners in France 0 Home & Garden
The new facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more e...
started by: salsa-934748 · last update: 1456744114 · posted: 1456744114
Learn to Play Polo - Beginners’ Polo L... 0 Pets & Animals
Saint Cannat Polo Club is running a week dedicated to beginners' polo. They will have a whole team of extra spec...
started by: aixp1-655831 · last update: 1456592407 · posted: 1456592407
Beginner Polo Lessons / Initiation au Po... 0 Sport & Leisure
Saint Cannat Polo Club is running a week dedicated to beginners' polo. They will have a whole team of extra spec...
started by: aixp1-655831 · last update: 1456589571 · posted: 1456589571