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Are you in the Mt Venoux area, and inter... 0 General
Hi, Im an expat Australian, based in the UK, and I live in Crestet (near Vaison la Romaine) in the spring each y...
started by: Cassandra James-271250 · last update: 1493201803 · posted: 1493201803
Moving back to UK from Provence 0 General
Hello,I am planning a move back to the UK in July. I'm currently looking into options for moving furnitur...
started by: Mimo-654425 · last update: 1493195543 · posted: 1493195543
Looking for friends around Aix en Proven... 0 Food & Drink
Dear everyone,37 yo based in Aix en Provence, I would be glad to share fun with friends around...
started by: Raphael-Maillet-898572 · last update: 1493158407 · posted: 1493158407
Long term property rental wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the reg...
started by: RichandJude · last update: 1492623178 · posted: 1492623178
Spanish Tutor 0 Families & Kids
Is you child in need of assistance in their Spanish studies? If so, I am a fully-qualified tutor of Spanish as a...
started by: Blue-Sky · last update: 1492356759 · posted: 1492356759
Tax-efficient savings?? 0 Financial & Legal
Hi - I'm looking for financial advice - I have an amount of money (small inheritance)...
started by: Curtis-Lake-897326 · last update: 1491805159 · posted: 1491805159
Decennial Insurance cover 0 General
We have had a second home in France for nine years during which time we have had a lot of work done from several...
started by: roussillon-647780 · last update: 1491394443 · posted: 1491394443
Looking for an English speaking doctor i... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend a female doctor in Aix en Provence please
started by: Denis-Maryk-896597 · last update: 1491293676 · posted: 1490736002
rental property, kids, and pets 1 General
My wife and I will be moving in July from New Orleans to the Avignon area along with our 11-year-old granddaughter ...
started by: Dave-Davis-896350 · last update: 1490862753 · posted: 1490481335
SIPP 0 Financial & Legal
Does anybody know how a UK SIPP is treated in relation to Wealth Tax.  I have heard that whereas a UK occup...
started by: Rick-873865 · last update: 1489245898 · posted: 1489245898
Classified ads 3 AngloINFO Support
Can anyone help with placing classified ads on Angloinfo? After completing the information and uploading picture...
started by: smudge-645171 · last update: 1489227892 · posted: 1473414219
I have the land, how do I get planning? 1 Financial & Legal
Hi everyone, long time reader first time poster.Looking for some advice from people who may have had the ...
started by: John-Edward-893895 · last update: 1487889444 · posted: 1487757216
Looking for mid/long term house let arou... 1 Home & Garden
Hi,We're looking for a house with at least two bedrooms for rent in the Bergerac/Issigeac/Eymet area....
started by: Steve-Long-893910 · last update: 1487889259 · posted: 1487763135
Wine group 0 Food & Drink
I am looking for a group of people who are passionate about nice wine and good company to form a group for tasti...
started by: Catchy-658812 · last update: 1487186801 · posted: 1487158273
looking for good dog boarding kennels ne... 0 Pets & Animals
 my lovely dog needs a kind and friendly boarding kennel, or preferably a home that he can stay at for a fe...
started by: Jayne-Austin-Price-893241 · last update: 1486989151 · posted: 1486989151
Kids meeting 4 Families & Kids
started by: Ludivine-COLMUTO-879030 · last update: 1486728215 · posted: 1480404955
Buying a house in Toulon area - seeking ... 3 Financial & Legal
started by: Joe-Evans-891354 · last update: 1486651961 · posted: 1484765146
Olive Tree Trimming and Picking / Collec... 0 Home & Garden
First post - for whatever that is worthI have just purchased a property - it has, I believe 75-80 tree's ...
started by: andrew-castle-892973 · last update: 1486636904 · posted: 1486636904
Meeting new people around Bandol 6 General
started by: Nicholas-Oakes-870710 · last update: 1486483957 · posted: 1475064577
Families around Cassis - Carnoux - Saint... 0 Families & Kids
Hi all,We are an English speaking couple with 2 kids, a boy, 14 and a girl, 9. We are moving to Provence,...
started by: talli · last update: 1486393690 · posted: 1486393690
Pool with tiles falling off 0 Home & Garden
Hi, advice please.We have friends in Cannes; they have a lovely, shaped pool, but the small tiles are gra...
started by: ScotFam-654012 · last update: 1486393059 · posted: 1486393059
English-speaking doctor in Cassis/Aubagn... 2 General
Anyone has a good contact for this?  Please PM me.  Thank you in advance.
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1485946767 · posted: 1482318497
Encounters with english speaking moms 0 Families & Kids
Hello everybody,I'm mother of 2 years old boy and I wish improve my...
started by: KATERINA-Dubinova-883731 · last update: 1483453383 · posted: 1483453383
French phone & broadband 1 General
I am looking for a better phone and broadband deal than the exorbitant cost I am currently paying with Orange. A...
started by: kc-653951 · last update: 1482685525 · posted: 1478966910
Clean my property in Pierrelatte, Drome 0 Home & Garden
Looking for someone or some company to clean my house in Pierrelatte after I rent it.
started by: Larry-Church-879606 · last update: 1480971239 · posted: 1480971239
Thanksgiving Near Aredeche 0 Food & Drink
Hi all,Does anyone know of any ex pats who would like to have dinner this week to celebrate?
started by: Laurie Jill-Strickland-867453 · last update: 1479670378 · posted: 1479670378
A light hearted comment on life in Prove... 1 Entertainment
started by: allwyn-shaw-873947 · last update: 1478812192 · posted: 1478594177
Astonishing Play Warhorse comes to Aix 1... 1 Entertainment
Triump for Renaissance Hotel Aix
started by: dnyfinance · last update: 1478812083 · posted: 1478784211 0 Entertainment
A light heated comment on life in Provence
started by: allwyn-shaw-873947 · last update: 1478594075 · posted: 1478594075
New Car Import 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
A while back I was in contact with a company called 1st Car Import, who sourced lhd cars to a buyer's spec, usua...
started by: Rick-Eggleston-873865 · last update: 1478593197 · posted: 1478458736
A light hearted comment on life in Prove... 0 General
Please check out my regular blog posts www.englishmaninprovence.c...
started by: allwyn-shaw-873947 · last update: 1478537304 · posted: 1478537304
Wanted: Volunteer Opportunities 1 General
Hello there -  Does anyone know of any charitable organisations in Cassis that are looking for volunteers? ...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1478534128 · posted: 1474284798
Garden Fires in Mouans-sartoux 1 Home & Garden
Hi looking for advice regarding garden fires in Mouans-saroux area. Yesterday one neighbour told us it was okay ...
started by: Craig-Cameron-860350 · last update: 1477568291 · posted: 1477376786
Good dentist/oral hygiensit/periodontist 0 General
Hi, does anybody know a dentist or oral hygienist who knows about proper teeth cleaning, scaling and oral hygien...
started by: moonshadow-938118 · last update: 1477264380 · posted: 1477264380
Massage rules & regs 0 General
Hi. I am a massage therapist who qualified back in 1994 at the Northern Institute of Massage, UK. I am now looki...
started by: vikkimack-645403 · last update: 1476999134 · posted: 1476999134
Searching for an English speaking Babysi... 0 Families & Kids
Hi,We are searching for an English speaking Babysitter to take care (playtimes) of our 2 kids (7yo & ...
started by: Wermus-Caroline-871801 · last update: 1476090919 · posted: 1476090919
H1 form 0 Financial & Legal
Hello, does anyone have an English translation of the H1 form required for the local tax fonciere?
started by: Malcolm-Ward-870550 · last update: 1474874583 · posted: 1474874583
I can tutor and edit 0 General
Hi all, Anyone know a great place to list myself as a tutor and editor? I am in Provence near Pont Esprit, MFA, ...
started by: Laurie Jill-Strickland-867453 · last update: 1474286325 · posted: 1474286325
Giveaway: Used makeup/beauty products 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi.  I have a big box of used makeup/beauty products to give away.  It has a mix of drugstore and high...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1474285142 · posted: 1474285142
Gite for October November 0 General
Hello I am looking for accommodation for the last week of Toussaint near the International Bilingual Scho...
started by: LeDivit · last update: 1474010931 · posted: 1474010931
Setting up utilities before/after comple... 1 Home & Garden
Hi, We are getting close to completing on a holiday home in the Luberon. The property is conne...
started by: David · last update: 1473932039 · posted: 1473697245
swimming pools 0 Home & Garden
Has anyone had a concrete pool sprayed with polyester and if so, have they encountered problems?
started by: roussillon-647780 · last update: 1473671532 · posted: 1473671532
Holiday currency 0 Financial & Legal
Does anyone know where a person can excange/ buy foreign currency i.e US dollars or other currency for holiday s...
started by: blueboy2499-226319 · last update: 1473325571 · posted: 1473325571
Expatriates in Cassis 1 General
Hello there -  Looking for fellow exp...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1473246954 · posted: 1472449967
Need Help moving tools 0 AngloINFO Support
I would like to know if there is anyone out there who will be travelling from Provence to Ireland by van in the ...
started by: Roma2311 · last update: 1472565401 · posted: 1472565401
English-speaking doctors in Manosque 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello expats!I am new in France and I can't speak French yet. Does anybody know of English-speaking docto...
started by: Veronica-Brzezowska-868265 · last update: 1472551454 · posted: 1472551454
Catering, marquee hire etc 0 Food & Drink
Can anyone recommend a good Traiteur in the Apt area.?also a good company for hire of marquees,tables,Chi...
started by: Lavender-10051253 · last update: 1471946133 · posted: 1471092716
Long Term House/Pet Sitting Assignment W... 0 Home & Garden
We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are regis...
started by: French Riveria House & Pet Sitters · last update: 1471779297 · posted: 1471779297
Bathroom Ladder style radiator 0 Home & Garden
I have a white bathroom towel radiator and am in the Luberon so if anyone is interested I will accept any reasonabl...
started by: MaxJ · last update: 1471768356 · posted: 1471768356
Anglophones in Cassis? 0 General
Hi there -  Anyone interested in getting together for a drink?  I am planning to organize a weekly mee...
started by: ange2014 · last update: 1471445438 · posted: 1471445438