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Hi, we have signed the compromis on the 15th of September. The contract were meant to be exchanged before the 15th of December. We were originally given 4th of December to exchange but this was cancelled by the notaire 2 days earlier. We were then given the 15th but that was cancelled 2 hours before we were meant to have the appointment. We have handed in the notice for the rental and we have to move out by the end of December. He has given us no alternative date so far but mentioned 28-29th of December or even the new year!!! What do we do? Date for exchange has been cancelled twice now and he's not responding to our emails. In less than two weeks we are going to be homeless. If it was us that cancelled, we would have lost our 10%. He is still holding onto the money from the bank as well as the money was transferred on the 15th because he didn't notify them or us of the cancellation. Please help! He doesn't correspond with us but passes messages verbally through the estate agent, we have no confidence and we are not longer sure we want to buy it, specifically with him being involved, what else has he forgotten to do? On top of this we queried many things in the day of the compromis e.g. Flood searches but no answer to date and we still have not received copies of the searches we signed on the day, it's been 3 months! 

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Hi I’ve recently moved to France with my husband and daughter (1year old) I’m looking for recommendations of towns near Toulouse that would be great for a young family. We prefer if we didn’t stay in the city because we moved from one. my husband would like something quieter or a place where there’s parks or nature trails nearby. For me, id prefer if there was a metro or tram to the city as I cannot drive at the moment. Ultimately a safe and good environment for our child would be most ideal.all help would be greatly appreciated! And any advice would be good, thank you in advance! 

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I'm looking to share a transport vehicle Eze to London 

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Can anyone help with placing classified ads on Angloinfo? After completing the information and uploading picture the website gets to"Your information is being submitted" and then stops responding.Any suggestions???

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I would like to know if there is anyone out there who will be travelling from Provence to Ireland by van in the near future. I have some hand tools I need transported to Ireland

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Hi There,I was wondering if anyone has information on car leasing/ cheap long term car rental in france? I am looking to hire a car for 12 months but don't want to pay a hefty deposit. Anyone know of a good company to use?Many thanks

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Hi, can anyone please tell me how I go about changing my email address on angloinfo?  There doesn't seem to be anywhere I can change it - there's changing personal info, changing password, but nothing about changing email address. By the way, replies to victoriamaccormack@gmail.com as my old email (linked to angloinfo) vikkimack@hotmail.com no longer exists. Thanks

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Can anyone help to advise me? I am moving to Hyeres in 2 weeks. Am wondering if I should try and get birth certificates, a change of name certificate and marriage certificate translated before I go. If so, am unsure what level of certification I need to gain. Am thinking school enrolment with Mairie and registering with a doctor. Is it more striaght forward to wait and see what different organisations require? Or does anyone on here know? If I do get them done over in France, does anyone know of a good (and non-expensive person/compay) in Hyeres or close by, that could do these for me? I have done a little research but the online translation services make me nervous as you have to download your documents for them first, for them to give you a quote.

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1/ I am a native Manhattaner who has lived in Madrid Capital for 17 years legally. My residency card is renewal every 5 years and I am permanently authorised to work. 2 /  I am very interested in relocating to Marseille and need some legal counselling on how to go about the process of becoming a legal resident- A /  Can anyone recommend a bilingual law firm in the City of Marseille, as close to Port Vieux as possible ? B /  Due to the fact that I am legally a resident in Madrid, would this play a role in making my becoming legal in Marseille ? C/  My email address: journalistmargaux@gmail.com  Thank you very much. Margaux Sintrano       

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I'd like to email people who live in the Provence to get an idea of what life is like living there.  At the moment I live in Genoa, Italy but I want to re-locate to Le Rove near Marseille next June.  My French isn't great, I can understand some spoken French but I'm not able to reply.  I speak fluent Italian, I have lived in Italy for 20 years.  I need advice on getting work, getting around  Marseille, bus routes to and from Le Rove.   I'd like to meet up with people who live out in the villages near Marseille. 

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Hi out there - Do any of you know about the new law coming into action as per 1 September this year, to do with renovating property in an agricultural area?We have just been told - we've been looking seriously at a mas + extra building in the Luberon area, and the extra building needs c 60/70% doing up, however, the new law coming into action would not allow us to develop this building ie make it habitable, let alone put in a pool, only if you are a farmer, and we're not and have no intention of becoming such either....so I guess we'll never be able to go ahead and buy the mas + we have fallen for, and what a pity it is too....So this might also be an information for anybody out there, who are about to take the jump and buy a property that needs maybe quite a bit of TLC in a agricultural area, hopefully they would be told, but just in case....ask lots of questions....It sometimes makes you think, the French and their laws (and of course some of them very good too) however, not this one we feel.... ggrrrr....So please - anybody knows anything, please let us know as soon as possible.Many thanks....Twiggs : (

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good morning anglo info,Iwas speaking to my daughter last night on the telephone and she as asked me to write to you to ask if it is possible to have an anglo info at luxebourg,she has been there three months now and she as said it is unbeleavable the amount of english people that live there and thought it would be a good idea to have anglo info there as well thank you very much. h buchanan

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Hi, we are an English / German couple with a 6 months old Provencale daughter and have just moved into the centre of Aix. We are looking for a NLP therapist (or Eriksen hypnosis) done in English by a native speaker, ideally based in Aix. Are there any around or do you know someone here? Looking forward to your replies, Tom, Shannon & Isabelle

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Hi, was jsut wondering why there is no accomodation offerred section ?  

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