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Can anyone advise please?  We are trying to register a used UK car in France - our V5 has been rejected  for the moment for a carte grise as it appears to be a copy not the original.  So I asked the DVLA for a replacement.  As the car is now already in France they say they cannot let us have that as the car is exported.  What do we do?  Any suggestions welcome!!!Thanks

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For years I have found AutoEurope to be the cheapest - they always (well nearly always come up with Europcar at a slight discount to Europcar's own rates).Suddenly I am finding a significant increase in prices and I wondered if other members of the forum knew of a cheaper hire firm available at either airport?Thanks in advance

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We are moving back to Scotland and selling our Transalp. Get in touch if interested, thanks 

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Hello! I am unwinding my late Father's estate. He kept an old car at our house in Bouloris. It barely works, but could be fixed up. I would like to donate it to someone or have it towed away. It just needs to go! Anyone have any ideas?Many thanks!Kirsten Kopp

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car transporter wanted for a non running car ,to pick up the  car in the Var and deliver to the charente 

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Does anyone know of a garage that will re-gas the car's air conditioning around the Barenton/Saint Hilaire du Harcouet/Domfront area? (Manche Dept 50)

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A while back I was in contact with a company called 1st Car Import, who sourced lhd cars to a buyer's spec, usually through buying in Belgium, and importing it to France. Unfortunately they now only deal with business users. Does anybody know any other companies offering this service?

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Hi There,I was wondering if anyone has information on car leasing/ cheap long term car rental in france? I am looking to hire a car for 12 months but don't want to pay a hefty deposit. Anyone know of a good company to use?Many thanks

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could keep my Dad's English car, insure it and leave it in England at my Mum's home, for me to use when I come over. My Mum doesn't drive and I am no longer a resident in England. I live permanently in the South of France. I would be grateful for any ideas and feedback. Thanking you in advance. Karen Masse

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Greetings, Next week I leave the UK for Allos to buy a classic car (1968) and then hopfeully, drive it back. From my Google search, it seems the nearest Prefecture is in Barcelonnette or, a bit further down to Digne. Is this correct? Or, is there a Prefecture in Colmars? Which is the better of the Prefecture offices - Barclonnette or, Digne? Cost of registration of a classic car (1968) I understand that to register a classic car, I must:  Declare the car as a 'classic car Produce my UK licence / passport  Produce a complted certificate de 'immatriculation Certificat de cession Current CT Registration document of the previous owner maked 'Vendu le' Proof of a French address. As I will only be in Allos for a week, is there any way around 'proof of registration'? Would a 'rent receipt' from the owner be sufficient? Or, is there another way? The person who owned the car has died and I'm dealing with his next of kin. I do not know if the person has registered the car in their name as the car has been stored for a few years. If the person  has not registered the car and it is still registered in deceased name, what is the position? What documents do I need to register the car? To register the car, do I first need to have it CT inspected and then bring the CT certificate to the Prefecture? Hopefully, some kind person might be able to answer the above questions. Thank you. in advance!  

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Hello Driving our somewhat sluggish VW camper 1.6TD from Dieppe - Allos and would be grateful for some advice! Would it be better to drive from:  Clemont Ferrand- St. Etienne - Velence - Crest - Gap - Barcelonette -Allos? Or, drive to Avignon then up to Colmars / Allos?  Many thanks

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Anyone needing help converting a French car to drive in UK, I found this company very helpful Lockwood International in Leeds they have an online site and are very helpful

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Hi I live in the UK and found a nice '68 Italian car, near Colmars / Allos. The car has been stored for a few years, so it needs some TLC. . Before I drive from the UK, I will take some necessary parts. What I would really like to do is to find a mechanic who likes old cars and to bring the car to  him to have the car serviced + some minor repairs (brakes etc) seen to. Then have the car undergo a CT. Could anyone recommend such a mechanic near Colmars / Allos / Thorame /  Digne / Gap  who, hopefully understands English! Many thanks

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Greetings, I live in the UK and recently found a classic car up near Allos which needs to be transported to Calais / Dover, or, to a local mechanic to prepare it to pass the CT. Could anyone recommend a transporter? Maybe someone is returning to the UK with an empty trailer! The car is very small and weighs around 1070 kgs. Ideally, I would like to have it brought to an English speaking mechanic in Alos or, near to Aix and drive it back to the UK. From what I can understand from the seller, the car has not been driven for a few years, so I suspect the brakes have seized. It would also need a service - oil / filter / spark plug change. As an avid classic car enthusiast, the fun would be to drive it leisurely up through France and back to the UK. Any contacts would be most welcomed and appreciated. Hope to hear from someone.

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Looking for a Porsche mechanic or garage in Provence/Riviera.

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Hello. My partner has an old Mitzubishi Shogun that periodically needs attention. We have used various local garages, but find the prices to be unreasonably expensive for even the simplest of jobs. Does anyone know of a trusted garage or Mechanic that will do a good job at a reasonable rate, without ripping us off?  We are in the Vinon-sur-Verdon area. Thanks.

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Do you have to take lessons with an auto ecole or can you just learn with an full licence holder the same as you can in UK

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 (04620)Hi Could anyone advise as to the best toll free route ( least hilly) from Lyon - Allos (04620)? I'm driving a sluggish VW 1.6 diesel Thank you

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I bought the car in England few months ago, it's PEUGEOT207 , 1,6 HDI, YEAR 2010 ,84000KM. the car still has Enlish registration. Is there somebody  interested to buy?

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