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I need to use some turmeric in a recipe, though do not know the translation in French? I tried asking for turmeric at the market and the man at the stall looked at me like I was an alien, so I presume it is not the same name! Anyone know please?

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Hello,I live in Vaison la Romaine and work in the wine field. I would love to find or start a wine tasting group or club to get together once every so often to taste and discuss wine. We could even make it a supper club and do a meal! Is there anyone out there who'd be interested?Thanks,Bryan

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Dear everyone,37 yo based in Aix en Provence, I would be glad to share fun with friends around Aix or Marseille.... Wine tasting, cigares, restaurant, cinema, sports... Feel free to revert to me !Regards,Raphael

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I am looking for a group of people who are passionate about nice wine and good company to form a group for tasting, dining close to Lorgues.

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Hi all,Does anyone know of any ex pats who would like to have dinner this week to celebrate?Kind regards,Laurie Strickland

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Can anyone recommend a good Traiteur in the Apt area.?also a good company for hire of marquees,tables,China & cutlery?thankyou

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Does anyone know of a good patisserie near Uchaux or orange? I am looking to have a cake made and possIbly a dessert table?  Thanks Liz 

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We live in Theoule-sur-Mer near Mandelieu and this is our first Christmas in France. does anyone know where I can buy a good turkey? We are driving down from the channel tunnel on the 21st -22nd of Decemebwe so we could pick one up along the way too. Please help! 

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As we will not make it to Alba this year, seeking for white Alba Truffel somewhere near Cannes.  ideas welcomed   Thanks michael

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Can anyone recommend a boulangerie or artisan patissier for a croquembouche I am trying to organise for the summer near Lorgues? thankyou

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i am wanting to purchase a slow cooker but When researching there is so many to choose from, obviously cheaper from UK but interested to know any recommendations, brands etc, would prefer a big enough one to do a pot roast etc and one that I can brown in.  Looks like it's cheaper to buy in UK even with postage.  

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  anyone know of a good restaurant in the Lorgues & surrounding area that will be open on christmas day? willing to travel out a bit if needed Nothing too expensive  thanks      

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Does anyone know of a good goose farm in the Var? 

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In meandering the streets of Aups I came across a small shop on the main throughroad called "gare du nord". They sell all kinds of Dutch specialities and Dutch cheeses and pasta (ravioli and other varieties) from somewhere in the Var. Looks nice, owners are friendly, prices ok. They said they would open all year round so that's nice to know especially in winter, when everything around there shuts down.

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Hi, Some clients of mine are wishing to have a hog roast at their wedding celebration in the Luberon in July. Are there caterers who specialise in this kind of thing? Many thanks!

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Hi Does anybody know of those rustic country style restaurants around Aix-en-Provence?  This kind of substantial wholesome meal was mentioned in Peter Mayle's book A Year in Provence.  Also, any wineris around open for tasting at this time of the year? Cheers  

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Hello, I'm trying to prepare my first christmas at home. I would like to make my own christmas pudding as I want my (french) boyfriend to get a taste of traditional british christmas time and of course, I miss these little things. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I could get a pudding bowl. I live in Marseille and I don't drive so if you know of anywhere in Marseille, that would be perfect. Also, if anyone in Marseille has an extra pudding bowl they wouldn't mind selling, I would be very interested. Thank you very much :)

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I fancy getting a small, whole truckle of good, mature English Cheddar for Christmas. Does anyone have any recommendations for a company that can ship one out to me?

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