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We have several double glazed units that need replacing. Trying to find a glazier thar will do the job is as rare as hens teeth.We have had one guy contact us and said the law in France states that you cannot just change one damaged unit you have to replace the whole  French window.Is this just Bull Cr**p or is it factual ?

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We have the content of our 1 bed flat to move back to Scotland from Nice, anyone interested ? Thanks

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does anyone play Mahjong?

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Hi I am planning a road trip to Italy crossing into the country, via Nice, at Ventimiglia.We would then like to head for Genoa, then onto Pisa and Sienna.I was wondering if anyone has any experience and recommendations of places to stay/experience in or around any of the above destinations or anywhere else in that same locality?Many thanks. Like Report

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Hello,I am a french bilingual woman, 43, pleasant and smiling. In need for a job, I propose you my help in various fields such as :- formalities or secretary job,- french / english translation- household- french conversation or company- child care- pet sitting- shopping ...* About me Former bilingual secretary, then school assistant, I know start my independant activity of services proposal. I also lived 20 years with an englishman, therefore I well understand the problems that expat might encounter..* FeeMy normal fee is 20 euros / h . I might charge a supplement ( depending on distance )My Phone : 06 07 38 82 16E mail carine.mul1@ gmail.com

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I just though I would write down a few things I have learnedduring my first 6 months in France. This may be of use to others, if not thenplease feel free to scoff.Before my move, I laughed at those who advised to rentbefore you buy.  I had been planning thismove for many years, had holidayed and researched the area, and I knew exactlywhere I wanted to buy, and what kind of house I wanted. Or so I thought! As itturned out, with a slow housing market in the Scottish Borders due to UK Union,and Brexit, uncertainties, I found myself having to sell in Scotland first,before buying in France, so a rental in Provence became necessary. I amcertainly glad it turned out this way. Not because I don’t like it here, butbecause my views of what and where to buy are now very different having beenimmersed here a while.Our rental property is most people’s idea of perfectProvence. A stone built farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, with views of TheLuberon to the South, and the Monts de Vaucluse and Ventoux to the North. Wehave more idyllic restaurants within a 10 minute drive, than I can count. Butwe very soon decided that if our rental house came up for sale, we would notwant to buy it.Firstly, a beautiful old farmhouse has secret places: Thereare the dark places for critters to hide – we had to remove on average, onescorpion per week during the summer, and whilst you do get used to them, theyare not ideal housemates. Would a more modern, or more modernised, house, have fewer critters. As autumn came along, odours followed. Rodents seekshelter inside the stone walls and lofts of old buildings as the weather coolsdown, and we assume that the periodic smells of decaying flesh occur after onehas died. It is amazing how much odour a dead mouse can produce, it seems tolast about 3 weeks, and there is nothing you can do except burn a scentedcandle. Then there is the insulation factor. Looking at houses inthe Summer, I laughed when the Immobilier extolled the virtues of insulationand underfloor heating. In December however, our uninsulated, draughty (yetdouble glazed) house turned into an ice box. Double digit temperatures duringthe day don’t seem to compensate for the minus temperatures at night, and ourelectric radiators and big open fire just can’t heat up those metre thick wallswhich kept us pleasantly cool in Summer. Moving on, it has been interesting to see how each of theLuberon villages has changed with the seasons. During the August tourist rush,we tried guessing which villages would go into hibernation during winter, andwhich would retain some life. On balance, we were pleasantly surprised at howlively winter is, but there were surprises both ways. Some of the villages weexpected to have a strong local following, are virtually closed in November andJanuary, whilst others we expected to shut down, remain quite lively duringwinter. Most of the positive preconceptions we had about the areahave thankfully, been reinforced. The markets here a superb, if you learn tofollow the seasons. Coming from the UK, we were used to being able to buy anykind of fruit or vegetable year-round, without thinking of the carbon cost offlying them from wherever. Here, you can buy boxfuls of peaches, nectarines andcourgettes for next to nothing in August, while a cabbage will be expensive. Asautumn rolls in, the prices reverse, as different produce comes into season. The locals here are wonderful. They are pleasant enough intourist season, but the lady in your village boulangerie has a moreenthusiastic “Bonjour” in the morning when she realises in late October thatyou didn’t leave when the weather cooled. It is very satisfying when they start to recognise you as a local.Most of the French here do not speak English,even many in the estate agencies and hotels, where you would expect a fairnumber of English clientele. Strangely, most are very apologetic about notspeaking English, whereas it is us Brits who should be ashamed of our patheticattempts at the language of a country we choose to live in! Don’t come to Provence expecting to find communities ofexpat Brits. The French talk of the large numbers of British in Bordeaux andthe Dordogne, and one even suggested to me that in Bergerac, English is now thefirst language! My own experience of that area is a holiday in a small villagenear St Emilion, where one of only two restaurants in the village had “ExpatNight” every Friday, serving a choice of fish & chips or curry! Not so inProvence. You will hear English accents at the local market, but the wholeexpat thing is low key, and I have spoken to as many Belgians and Dutch livingin the area as British. I personally prefer it that way, but I can understandwhy some may want to seek out familiar language, culture and humour. TheDordogne may therefore suit some better!The slow pace of life in Provence is reflected in the retailtrade, where if you want anything out of the ordinary, it might take time,compared to the UK. For example, my experience of tyre fitters in the UK isthat they can get a tyre for almost any car in a matter of hours. In Provence,if you have one of the ubiquitous Berlingo vans (only it seems, available inwhite!), you are spoilt for choice, but when I got a puncture in one of the ultra-lowprofile tyres on my BMW, even fitters in the larger towns of Aix and Avignon,quoted me a 1 week delivery.  The moralhere is that if you only have one car, and you need to rely on it, maybe Frenchis better.So what to conclude? Well, life in Provence has exceeded myexpectations, and I have not regretted my move for one second. I have modifiedmy priorities to some extent on house type and features, and am close to makinga purchase.  I still intend to live inone of those beautiful perched villages for which Provence is famous, but maybenot one I originally planned. From my original shortlist of half a dozen or sovillages in which I would like to live, one or two have dropped off, and one ortwo new ones have been added. And having previously mocked those who advised torent before you buy, I have now joined their number. The choice of house andlocation to live in year round for the longterm, as I intend, is too important tobe made on the basis of a few weeks Summer vacation.  

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Does anyone know if charity clothes bins exist in the Aix-en-Provence region? I have old clothes and shoes and don't just want to throw them in the dustbin. I have never seen a charity shop but does anyone know if any charities accept old clothing?

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Hello All, I live in Poitou Charente and am planning a trip to Marseilles in Feb to watch Rugby at the Velodrome. Can anyone help please with any info regarding distance from Airport into Marseilles and transport links? Also same info for getting to and from the Velo from Town Center?Any opinions on places to stay also welcome.Many thanks

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Hello! I am energetic and hardworking and I am looking for a job in or around Nice, Monaco, Antibes or Cannes. I can take care of children, seniors and cleaning apartments or in restaurant, I am open to any job where I could be useful .Friendly, self-motivated, responsible, and would love to work with peopleI can speak: Polish, Danish English and basic French.I am interested in in any job and available immediately.My e-mail: edyta35@live.dkThanks in advance!

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OK I know it is a bit early but which Christmas markets in the region would you recommend?

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FRIDAY 15-09-2017Hello,I visit Marseille regularly as some of my relatives live there. Would like to meet fellow Brits based in the city, or nearby, for a drink and compare notes about life in Marseille. Please contact me via my e-mail address: jme.oliver@hotmail.co.uk   Thank you and regards, John.

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Hi, Im an expat Australian, based in the UK, and I live in Crestet (near Vaison la Romaine) in the spring each year...  If you are in the area, and like to connect with another expat, then say hello. I'm a traveller, an entrepreneur practicing energy medicine, and into hiking, photography, meditation, local events and of course, Provence food! 

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Hi Everyone. I would like to try and meet fellow Brits close to where I am living. I am 36 years old male with French wife and son. I have lived in Saint zacharie for 10 years and have got on fine. However lately I have become very homesick and find myself searching for some of my home culture. Living in a small village is very nice and the French are very welcoming but its not the UK and i really miss the talking etc etc. If anyone know of any groups or feels the same way I do i would love to hear from you.

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Can anyone give me any ideas/advice on trying to find lost property in Marseille? I appreciate this is probably a fool's errand, but I lost my camera yesterday. Any ideas? Many thanks. 

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Hello, I've read all the past posts on this, and the most recent seem to be 3 years old, and I am aware that satellite beam sizes keep reducing. So for those of you in Provence, is a 1 metre dish still adequate to pick up UK Sky TV and BBC broadcasts, or do I need to go bigger?Also, has anybody a personal recommendation of a dish supplier (dish supply only, I don't need installation, decoder etc).

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Hi ,are there any horse riders or owners  around the Montemboeuf area who would like to go for a ride sometime.Janet

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I activated Stop Secret on both my land line and Orange mobile some years ago. I would estimate I am still getting two to six cold calls on my land line per day and at least one on my mobile. Stop Secret is not a free service and as a paid for service, Orange should be doing a lot better than they are. I do not want to receive any calls relating to health insurance, house insurance, photo voltaic panels or special offers from online sellers. There seems to be a link on Orange's website that will allow you to tailor your call rejection parameters but nothing happens when you click on the link i.e. it appears to work as well as Stop Secret does. Anyone have any other suggestions for blocking unwanted calls? I can block them manually per number on my phone but these call centres have hundreds of different numbers and change them regularly, deliberately to circumvent this method of getting rid of the pests. At times I resort to leaving my phone on my landline answerphone, on the basis that if it is important, they will leave me a message. 

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Our daughter is getting married in Chapel St Isidore, which is near Pierrefeu, not far from Hyeres. Does anyone know of an English speaking Priest who can officiate. The Chapel is booked for 2nd June next year, Amandine is Catholic and Alex is Anglican. Many thanks Allwyn Shaw

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Hi. Anyone any ideas to the solution of the following .......I ordered a 500g pot of shea butter from the UK and received an already opened box (obviously damaged in transit due to its weight) with an alternator inside.  Yes! An alternator for (I think) a car, or maybe a scooter. I am not mechanically minded so have no idea. I can only imagine that the parcel I received AND the parcel I should have received have somehow been switched, for whatever reason?I have been back to La Poste to ask their advice - they say there's nothing they can do and that the chances of me getting my shea butter are virtually impossible.By law - can I keep the alternator and try to sell it? I would much prefer to have my shea butter than an alternator, even if the alternator is worth a lot more than my £7.99 shea butter, as I'm honest and would prefer to see the alternator with its owner.Any suggestions?Thanks

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