Best markets/shops for getting second hand furniture in Provence?

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We're currently furnishing our house and are on a bit of a budget. Does anyone know of any second hand furniture options like flea markets or second hand shops? We're particularly on the lookout for a sofa and a large rug. We're based between Marseille and Frejus.  Thanks 

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Deane Mummery 1428836219

Hi there,  a good place to go is Troc. Go on their website and im sure there will be a branch near you.


AmyinProvence 1428923183

Thanks, looks good. I'll definitely take a look. 

Nathy-647606 1428956946


Have a look on the website

I sell and buy many things through this website

Hermes-640941 1429115344

Everytime that I have been to Emmaus (charity shop) in Toulon they have had some very good furniture.

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