Do we need French Status?

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Ian Callen



We are resident in France and have a limited company registered in England.  The company provides supported holidays to people from the UK with a learning disability.   The holidays take place here in Provence. We are very interested in offering our supported holidays to French citizens with a learning disability.  The aim is to have a mix of French/English clients on the same holiday, which will give a rich cultural element to the holiday. My question is this.  Will our English status be sufficient to take French citizens?  Will we need to create a French status, like autoentrepreneur, to run alongside our limited company?   Obviously, it would be convenient for our limited company to be able to legally accept French clients.  Does anyone know anything that may help us move forward with this? Take a look at our website which will give you an idea of what we do Thank you  

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bandy 1427204923

Hopefully someone who has greater knowledge will be along....

In the meantime I'd suggest that you contact the French authorities for advice. A brit couple who lived here but ran a UK ltd company were caught working in france without the business being registered here and received a huge fine plus suspended sentence. They had not been paying any cotisations etc. here.

The basic rule of thumb is that you must delare all work done here and pay tax and cotisations here on any earnings, which AFAIK means in your situation that you must have a registered office in this country to deal with paying your cotisations etc. The company profits would presumably remain payable in the UK. How else wouuld you obtain healthcare here ?

If I've misunderstood your situation then I obviously apologise for any errors and am happy to be corrected.



Kentish maid-243236 1427229576

Provided that you advertise in the UK, take your bookings in the UK, and arrange your transport starting in the UK and finishing in the UK, you can run holidays in France. (or you have no transport arranged, but clients from the UK).

Once you take bookings from clients living in France, you will be in a different situation. So you would then need to be a bonafide French business, pay your charges & other taxes etc to the French authorities.


Ian Callen 1427233324

Thank you both for your very helpful replies.



bandy 1427282309

The problem comes if the OP does any work in France, as the rule of thumb is that you must pay income tax where you physically are when you do the work. This was how those I referred to were apparrently caught out.

it's difficult to see how the OP won't be doing any work here given, their type of business.

Also, one has to pay cotisations on earnings, hence the need for a registered office (or use of a portage compay) to deal with things, otherwise how will they obtain healthcare ?

winstonb-805672 1427530569

Very interesting subject! You need to speak to an international accountancy firm (can your UK accountants advise or recommend?). I would suggest the worst thing you can do is contact the French authorities until you have received that advice. All countries want to tax you if they can and clearly there is some element of dual nationality here. You may for example need to set up a French subsidiary to deal with French sourced business. Good Luck!

Fashion1 1427547540

Have a look here -

The above link is free. Nothing to pay. Just fill out the EO form. The only thing i think you will find that is free from this government.

As said before, be very careful as they will screw you. Also, if they determine that 51% of your business comes from France, then they will require you to become a full-blown SARL and with that the charges; many, many charges even if you do not make any money.

There would also be the insurance concern with the French "clients". Does your UK insurance cover people other than the Brits you serve?

As suggested, get pro advice.

Kentish maid-243236 1427665493

Quite agree. The OP said that he lives in France, so therefore I was presuming that he already is French resident & paying his dues!

Otherwise I am afraid he may be in for at least a big big fine & possibly worse.

Ian Callen 1427807609

Again thanks to everyone who has helped to give us ideas to work on.  Just to be clear.

We have only ever taken English clients from the UK and we are stronly considering taking French clients, and therefore checking what status we shall require.  We have paid income tax on our earnings here in France, from the business, and we pay corporate tax on any profit in the UK.  

We did initially try to register the business here in 2010, we had to complete three dosiers, one for the chambre de metiers, one for the disability board and one for the tourism board.  At the time, I had nil experience in tourism, so we failed with that dossier, but passed the other two.  The tourist board required that I had three years experience in tourism before they would pass us.  That is why we set up the project in the UK.  I obviously now have that 3 years experience, but like some of you have said, I want to be careful which way we go next.


Thanks again

winstonb-805672 1427812938

Ian, it sounds like you are doing very worthwhile work - get that advice and good luck for the future of the business!

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