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Hello, We're thinking about starting an Anglo-American women's group in the Var.  Are there any expat ladies out there who would be interested in joining? If so, what kind of activities would you like to see available? Coffee hours?  Book club? Dinners? Day trips? Other ideas? Thank you for your interest and assistance!   Expats in the Var   (for expats in and around Toulon, La Seyne, Sanary, Bandol)  

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alice alech 1383032836

Would you entend a little further to incluce Vidauban?



Rosie25-646598 1383148162

Good question Alice, i am in Vidauban too.

alice alech 1383158110

How weird is that!!

Am in the U.K at the moment but home this weekend. How then shall we communicate this weekend, off the internet?



Rosie25-646598 1383158365

Why not. How do you want to communicate ?



alice alech 1383160803

Not sure how to get your email address.


David N-657727 1383222128

Click on the username of the person who has posted and a a pop up box gives you details and the option of emailing them.


Frenchsonya-658886 1383265356

Hello...I'm a Brit living in Hyères & I'd be interested in meeting other ladies in the region.  I think all of your suggestions sound good - maybe a coffee morning for an initial meet-up and see where to go next thereafter...?

Hope to meet all soon! 

Kind regards....Sonya


marseillemax 1383293648

HAve you looked here?


There is an existing anglo american group of provence, but not specifically for women.

alice alech 1383329153


Many thanks for this.





Aggie-921290 1403508888

We're in the process of movng to Ollioules - we'll be here much of the summer and then on....

I urgently need to  mprove my French.

Get out of the house and meet people.  

Find where I can do ceramics.   I have been using a ceramic studio in Hoxton (London) on an annual rental bases - I would lke to find a place  can use here, or possibly set up my own studio.

All and any suggestions welcome.  A book group sounds good - I've been part of one n London since 1989.  


Headgirl-499397 1404468799


I'm English and interested in the group - are there any meetings/get together arranged during the Summer? I live near Bormes-les-Mimosa, so not so far from Toulon and nearer still to the lady who lives in Hyeres.  Coffee mornings sound good, and also book club.  I am here all year round.


AmericanVar 1404736883

Hi Helen & Susan,

What about meeting for coffee in Toulon?  I'm free the morning of Saturday the 26th of July if either of you are around.

I think you can click on my profile if you'd like to email me personally to confirm.

I know it's a bit hard to organize regular meetings in the summer (everyone on holiday!) but we can meet and then think about getting something started in September.

ps. I'm an American so you'll have to put up with my funny accent :)

Aggie-921290 1404738922


I'll be away from the 19th of July for week or so, but I am here now and Toulon is very easy for me to get to.

I don't know how to respond except through this forum.  IIncidentally, I lived in California for almost 20 years. 

All best,




AmericanVar 1404747151

Hi Susan,

Would you be free to meet on Saturday, August 2, 10am?  I could meet this week about 5 or 6pm after work but I don't think that's an ideal time to drive to Toulon!  After that, I'm away for a week too...

Perhaps more people can join in on Sat, the 2nd as well...

Looking forward to meeting up :)



Frenchsonya-658886 1404748057

Hello Tuula, Susan, Helen...et al....! I could make Sat 2nd August in Toulon & would love to meet you all! I'm in Hyères & posted on here a while back...it's great to see a few people living close enough to be able to organise a meet-up....enfin! I used to live in an area in the South West (the Lot) which was very heavily populated with English-speakers, and whilst I love being immersed in a more "French" area, there's nothing quite like being able to have a chat & a cuppa in your own language! Does anyone want to suggest a meeting place in Toulon? I know it reasonably well (tho maybe not the names of the cafés - but could describe its location well!).

Look forward to hearing more shortly to meeting soon.

Sonya :o)

AmericanVar 1404751578

Hello Sonya,

Nice to hear from you!  And yes there are a ton of cafés in Toulon... I don't remember all of the names either, so I was thinking we could meet in front of the fountain in the Place de la Liberté (main square) and then head to a café from there... the square is full of them and also you have the opéra just across with many cafés as well.  There's an underground parking garage on the square if that's helpful... 

If anyone has a better idea, that's fine too!


Frenchsonya-658886 1404753541

Hi Tuula - that sounds like the best plan, & with parking literally just underneath, très simple aussi! I'll put that on my calendar & look forward to meeting then. I have another English friend (who I also met through Angloinfo) who may also be interested in coming along - she's also called Helen - like the lady from Bormes...!  Would love to do 26 July, but will be returning from a UK trip then, so won't be able to make that...

We should exchange email addresses beforehand perhaps - mine is: sonyajayneberry@gmail.com    I'll forward my mobile no. via email - better for contacting at the last moment, should there be a need!

See you on 2nd August...

Sonya :)

AmericanVar 1404822629

Sounds great Sonya, the more the merrier :) Here's my email and looking forward to seeing you on Aug 2nd !- americanvar83@gmail.com


Headgirl-499397 1404840572

Hello all,

Really sorry that I can't make the July 26th or Aug 2nd meet - up.  I'm usually free most times, but as luck would have it can't do either of these. It would be great to meet up so if other dates are made, would like to come - maybe if it's posted on the forum or my email address is: ouicare4@hotmail.com. I'll make a note of the emails given - Sonya of Hyeres is probably the nearest contact, I use the public library in Hyeres so go there on a fairly regular basis.

Have fun!

Helen (Bormes)

dianes-10052085 1442588250

hello Susan, 

we're just back from Dubai after 5 years expat. We're a french family of 4 (kids 5 and 7) and looking forward to keep enjoying expat life back in France by meeting expat people and english. 

We're living in Le Beausset , 15 minuts from Ollioules

Diane 0650288513

dianes-10052085 1442588275

hello Susan, 

we're just back from Dubai after 5 years expat. We're a french family of 4 (kids 5 and 7) and looking forward to keep enjoying expat life back in France by meeting expat people and english. 

We're living in Le Beausset , 15 minuts from Ollioules

Diane 0650288513

Beth64-10053303 1443117239

Hi all

Relocated from Australia & living in Carqueiranne. Wondering if your coffee catch ups are ongoing. Would love to join.


Victoria-Leitch-858811 1462801605

I'm English, just moved to Toulon where my French partner lives. We have a 3 year old daughter. I'd love to meet other expats, as it is hard to make friends here! Are the coffee meetings still happening, or we could organise something new?

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