Fires in Var

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Do we have an explanation to all these fires in Var taking place each year at the same period: Crime or just a Fag-end of cigarette lost in the middle of the forest by a kind tourist !!! Thanks for your comments, Best wishes, Louis 

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This is always a difficult time of year, not just for the Var but for any of the heavily forested regions of France.

Some fires are indeed accidental, however far too many are far the pompier have again coped extremely well and actually tonight it's raining in the Var, good for a damping down of the very very dry countryside.

Fingers crossed that this year all the plans in place will be effective.

Var Chick


P.S. If you are visiting the countryside please take great care, the smallest piece of discarded rubbish can potentially cause a fire.

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I watched a pretty interesting documentary a few nights ago on the Pompier's, anyone seen the flying boats flying over Marseille and the region in recent weeks? Well, they showed how the collect the water, those pilots have some nifty skills, very impressive, and here was me thinking all the firemen here was whistle at girls in skirts!

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Not sure where you are in the Var, but we haven't had any rain for weeks - thunderstorms yes, but not a drop!

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