French lessons for family - in or near Avignon

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We are a family of 4 from New Zealand moving to Provence at the end of July. During August we are looking for French lessons in or near Avignon for approx 15 - 20 hours per week. Any suggestions gratefully received! cheers James    

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Good Morning ....The Link Below has variuous options available Hope this Helps ...Good Luck 

French Lessons in Vaucluse :-

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We are a couple of kiwis living in rognonas 10 mins from Avignon.  We have a very good french teacher  in St remy.   If you are still looking for some one email me and I will send you her details.  We would love to meet up and if you want help with anything just ask.



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I live under Salon de Provence and can teach French via skype.

 I also help for all kind of administration. So don't hesitate to contact me if you need some help or want to improve your French.


I am on holiday at the moment and will be back on September 2nd.


Best from Caroline

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Hi, I know someone in St Remy as well who does French lessons, probably quite flexible to work around your needs - just ask for details if you are still interested.

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