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Hi there, i have just recently moved to France from Australia with my partner who is French. We are currently living in Le Lavandou near Hyere. Does anyone know of anyone that gives Fench lessons around this area? Any schools? I have a French base, however need to learn more as we will be moving to the Alps for the ski season. Thanks.

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virginia33 1415025418

Hello I was wondering if you had any luck with finding french lessons near Le Lavandou.  I moved here recently and am struggling to find a teacher.  Many thanks

cetrange-643750 1415606010

Why not visit the local recretational center; lots of "mature" folks of retirement age, especially in winter, looking to help! I found a 72-old lady who helps me with my French and is always happy to see me; I may bring a present or invite her over for a meal, as an exchange. No need to make it complicated!

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Hi there,

I've just seen your post and don't know if you are still interested in French lessons but I found 3 different courses in Hyeres/La garde that have started in November. Please let me know if you need more details.You can also contact me on

P.S. It's nice to know that there is an English speaking person in the area - I live in Bormes. :)

Siri Shakti 1423902971

Hi I just saw your message, maybe i am too late as the ski season is well underway.  I am an australian who has lived in france for the past 9 years.  I do translating/interpreting as well as healing.  I live in the commun de la Garde Freinet.  If you are still interested in French lessons or just to meet up with other australians and you move back to the south let me know.


hope your enjoying the season

take care

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Hi - I only had luck finding classes on line - virtual classes. I have since come to the French Alps for the winter season and have managed to find a job in the Tourism Office on one of the ski resorts, so I'm learning French as I work! I will be back in Le Lavandou mid May for the summer season! Anyone around Le Lavandou area around that time - let me know! Lidsli :-)

Zukha 1435923141

Hi, it might be too late, but i saw your post which is dated 2014, but I recently moved to La Garde and wish to take some French classes (i am an absolute beginner). I have started working on my own but i think its always better to study language with someone else. Anyway, if you know someone or have any details on french classes, i will really appreciate that. Thank you

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Two things you might try. Firstly I have found an organisatiion in our village  "l'association trait d'union" which is staffed by volunteers (mostly retired teachers) who give FREE french lessons. I could not believe how lucky I was to find this as I have been visiting  the area for years and never been able to find somewhere that both teaches and has a social aspect to be able to practice conversation, I don't think this is unique as I have a friend in a neighbouring village where there is a similar organisation. They follow  french school dates.

Regardless, I am at the same time a complete convert to Duolingo. It's the best online language course i have ever found and is free. My daughter (who is a computer games expert) says it's been constructed in such a way that it really incentivises you to work hard at it  and progress. I am totally addicted!! It really complements any conversation poractice you can get. You just need internet access.

Good luck,



Celinette-10049456 1440193796

Hello  Alice

I am staying in nearby Bormes

Do you have a phone number or email address for the french

lessons in Le Lavandou that would be much appreciated

Best Regards


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