Group airport pick ups wanted for wedding guests

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Hi all. Just wondering if there is anyone in the area who would be intersted making a bit of cash doing airport runs for our wedding in August. Alternatively can anyone recommend any mini bus/transfer companies? Guests are arriving from the UK and Ireland into Marseille and Montpellier and need dropping into Vaison la Romaine (84). Anyone from a car to small bus owner would be great! Thanks in advance Jenny

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Try looking at This Link :

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But Jenny, there's an airport at Montfavet (just before Avignon); Flybe goes and comes from

UK, Scotland, Ireland...I've taken it to Southhampton.

From Montfavet a taxi couldn't cost more than the flight!

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No Republic of Ireland airports service there that time of year :(

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Hello there, my partner perhaps would be able to help you....he have done the same last summer for a wedding in the area and loved the experience. He is a very experience driver and during the summer he does work for Europcar.....which are the dates? Please feel free to email us if you still looking for someone with all details and we can discuss this matter further, on

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Thank you. I will send you a private email in the coming days. People seem to be arriving from 19th Aug and returning up to 27th

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