Has La Poste/Colissimo/Chronopost got even worse recently

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I know the post services in France have never been great but this last year they seem to have become even worse. Stuff stolen en route, parcels never arriving on scheduled day, tracking not updated no post for days and then a whole lot on one day. The pleasant lady who has run our local la Poste office for many years, claims it is down to the unions, who have got such a hold over the managers, that nobody dares to take them on. She said that theft in the sorting offices has reached disgusting levels and is amazed that Amazon still use logo'd packages, as they are a prime target. The last theft was a great nuisance as it was my essential two monthly prescription. What is others' experience. Wilson

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I have lost parcels on at least 3 occasions - outgoing and incoming.  La Poste sucks.

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