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Hi, I've just got a job in Nice and need to move to the area asap. However I'm having trouble finding something as I have a 2 month trial period and estate agents won't touch me with a bargepole, something to so with Assurance Loyer Impayé.  So does anyone know of a 2 bedroom property available as close to the centre of Nice as possible? I am looking either for a 2 - 3 month rental just to take me through my trial period or if the flat is suitable, a long term rental. Any help or advice would be appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out here. I'm solvent and a homeowner myself. Thanks

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Hi There,

If you have no luck can I suggest airbnb or leboncoin. My daughter was an erasmus student in Paris for 4 months and it was the only way she could secure accomodation for the period as she had no french credentials. It might buy you some time at a price less than a cheap hotel.


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There are properties under the Property section try here

Good Luck !! 


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Thank you for your advice. I have found somewhere for the short term. Really looking forward to moving now.

Thanks again.

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,If you or anyone else needs temporary housing, check our"bedycasa", I am from Florida and use them exclusuvely they are out of MONTPELLIER, GREAT PEOPLE

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