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Hi I am planning a road trip to Italy crossing into the country, via Nice, at Ventimiglia.We would then like to head for Genoa, then onto Pisa and Sienna.I was wondering if anyone has any experience and recommendations of places to stay/experience in or around any of the above destinations or anywhere else in that same locality?Many thanks. Like Report

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Melou 1516904111

Hi Monty - I would make three specific suggestions for what not to miss in the regions you want to visit!

Firstly, whatever else, don't miss a few days in the Cinque Terra - the stunning cliff-hanging, wild & beautiful, coastal villages along the coast south of Genoa. They are so difficult to access that the best way is by boat (small ferries link them all, and give you great views from the sea), or by train.

Next, if you are going to Sienna, don't miss Lucca !! Also a great place to stay for a few days as a base. An incredible town.

Finally - why not loop up to the north-west on your itinerary back towards France, and visit the lake that not even the Italiens know about - Lake Orta. It's the smallest and most westerly lake, totally unspoiled, no coach parties . . the main town, Orta, is on a promontary sticking out into the lake - don't miss a boat trip out to the car-free monastic island; or a visit to the astonishing park on the hill above the town ('The Sacred Mount'), that is dedicated to St Francis of Assissi, with 21 chapels housing 900 frescoes, and 366 statues, telling the story of st Francis' life.

You maybe need to research for yourself what kind of accommodation you would like to stay in - start with Sawday's amazing list, every place personally checked by them and approved (B&Bs, rentals, and hotels) . . . but Italy is all about food, amazing food, freshly cooked! So my key tip would be: never stop, even for a coffee, on the main piazza, it will be mediocre and a rip-off . . just explore the side roads, any side alley, and stop at the small, intimate ristorante's, where mama will cook for you to order.

Happy researching! 

Monty-Morgan-915698 1516904628

Thank you Melou for the information that gives me a lot to work with exactly what I was hoping for.


Kind regards Monty

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