Living in Saint-Raphael, South of Frrance

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Melou 1515867842

Gosh, Robert, I am really so sorry that nobody has responded to your interesting post. I have checked most days over the last 3 months to see what angle someone would pick up on - and keep thinking about it. 

I'll try to set the ball rolling, to help you out . . . but I'm immediately flummoxed that you only want to know about the 'living' - do you not have any idea of the dead in St-Raphael? After all, even Napoléon Bonaparte left France for exile on Elba from St Raphael - and without the outlaw Gaspard de Besse, would Robin Hood ever have got the idea of robbing the rich to do good for the poor? . . . rather more famous was Alphonse Karr, who was editor of Le Figaro - to say nothing of Antonie de Saint-Exupéry who helped change the history of Europe by his efforts to get the Yanks to join us in WWII.

But maybe I've missed the point? I note that you have written 'Frrance' - as in 'frrrreezing Frrrrance'?  Oh, come on! This is seriously not your worry, is it? You might get snow up on the massif of Estorel - but you don't plan to go camping up there in the winter, do you?

However, if it is just contact with the living that you are after, I'm afraid that I can't help you - I don't live there myself.

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