Looking for partners to create an English publication in Provence

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Hi everyone, My name is Xiaojing. I’m looking for English speakers (native or not) to create an English news publication with me in Provence.  The reason is easy. I’ve been living in Marseille since September last year and haven’t seen one English news publication either online or print. For the second biggest city in France which is also striving to be the next tourism star along the Mediterranean coast, that’s a bit surprising. So I was thinking why not make one myself. The idea is to build an English news portal based on the information collected in French. So there will be a lot of translating and editing. Considering the amount of work it involves, I know that I won’t be able to complete it all alone, which is why I’m here, looking for partners.  In short, if you are based in Provence (ideally Marseille), can write in English, read in French and would like to have a try on my idea, you are welcome to shoot me an email: sxjane@gmail.com  Finally a bit about me. Chinese national, grew up in China, educated in Australia, then worked in both countries before moving to Marseille, France (a bit messed up, I know). My professional background is in communication and media.  Look forward to meeting you ;) Cheers Xiaojing

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Hello Xiaojing. I have just sent you a private email. I would be interested to hear more about your idea.



sxjane 1430139165

Hi Anna, I've sent you an email a few days ago but didn't hear back from you. I don't know if you've received it or if you are still interested in the project?

All the best


sxjane 1430139495

Also for you to have a better idea, I've updated a draft framework of the site (which I'm changing everyday) at http://marseilledirect.wix.com/soundofprovence1

Comments and critiques are welcome :)

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I was interested to read about your idea for an English publication in Marseille - I used to run a website in the UK called Kidsoffschool - basically full of information for parents on what activities they could do with their children at the weekend/school holidays - maybe we could explore adding this to your site and providing local information for english speaking parents?  Revenue for the site came from advertisers but I'd be happy to discuss further in more detail if you were interested and even manage this area of the site?

Kind regards,

Victoria Cook

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Hello, my background is as production editor in academic editing/publishing. As a book editor I also have the technical expertise to design. As a copy editor, I ensure that the language is correct and there are no spelling mistakes. THERE IS A SPELLING MISTAKE IN YOUR NEW WEB DESIGN. Can you find it?




sxjane 1430738656

Yep, saw that. Thanks for pointing it out, Jan.

Could use some of your editing skills. Care to join in ?

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