Looking for people to speak English with-Manosque(04)

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Hello,  My name is Julie. I am 26. I've been living abroad during my studies and I am now in Manosque for 6 months (I found a job in L'Occitane en Provence). Unfortunately, I don't pratice foreign languages in my job as I only work for the French Market. I would like to meet people to practice my english (I also speak spanish and portuguese). I can help with french if you want to, or give some advice to discover the area as I am from Marseille/Manosque!! Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be pleased to meet you !! Thank you and see you soon Julie

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CuriousProvence 1431550434

Hi Julie! 

I'm curently living in Noves, a little while away from you but not too far... Perhaps we can meet somewhere in between? I'd love to meet people from the region. I'm currently in the countryside and that is a bit difficult!

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contact me at curiousprovence@gmail.com

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Hello Julie!

There is a weekly English get-together, I believe at or near the hospital, something along the lines of 'coffee & talk' or "coffee & more". An informal meeting to chat in English; the person who organizes it is called Millie, from Esparron

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