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Hi I am 31 years old and English and have just moved to Provence with my french other half and am looking to meet new people to go for a coffee, dinner etc.  Difficult to meet people at my age I thought i would write myself a classified :) Looking forward to hearing from you  Jan  

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Hi Jan, 


Try looking in the Business Directory under Community Life/Clubs & Assocations ...Maybe this will help ... Good Luck !! 

  • http://provence.angloinfo.com/af/245/provence-clubs-and-associations.html


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Have you checked if there any Meetup groups near you?




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You should try AVF (Accueil Villes Francaises) which is designed specifically for new arrivals in most towns in France. It is multinational and usually meets once a week in a bar or restaurant for a couple of hours or so. The one in Le Luc meets weekly on Wednesdays in La Piece de Boeuf for example and there are Brits, Italians, Germans, Dutch as well as French. Go to your local Mairie and they will tell you where the nearest one is or just look it up on the internet. Good luck with that. Jeremy

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Jan- Provence is a huge area !  obviously without giving your address!! can you specify a little where you are/ do you ride by any chance? we are near Draguinan.

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Hello to everyone that was included in this thread! I am English, originally from Twickenham, I'm 39 and have recently moved to the Var with my husband. I've been in France for three years now- but Its always a bit scary moving to a new area in a foreign country! 

I am in Cannet-des-maures and would love to meet up with as many English speakers as possible within reasonable distance ( but not necessarily British) because I've realised, after 3 years how important it is to have friends with whom I can chat in my mother tounge :-))

I'm really easy going, a photographer, love the arts, gardening, music, yoga, meditation, pilates, hiking, horse riding, cooking...and a whole heap more.

I'd love to hear from you!



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Hi Frecklface!

I get called Loree... which is the begining of my email address.. which means the entrance to the woods in old French , but loreedubois looks like a name.!

your general repy to the link came into my inbox . And I saw that you ride.

If you would be interested in riding with me,  or justgetting in touch anyway,  write back and i will explain all..! not meant to sound so mysterious!!

We live not too far from the vllage of Fayence, where do you live?


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