Lost property in Marseille

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Can anyone give me any ideas/advice on trying to find lost property in Marseille? I appreciate this is probably a fool's errand, but I lost my camera yesterday. Any ideas? Many thanks. 

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Ferney-France 1500987838

Apparently there is an office on 42 Bd de Briancon in the 3rd arr,

If you lost in on public transport you'll need to contact the transport offices, see here for contact details https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/france/provence/transport/public-transport/city-metro-tram-services

Good luck!

Ferney-France 1500987857

Sorry 41 BD de Briancon....

Dexter34 1502036558

Every digital camera marks photos, so if you know the serial number of the camera, plus make and model there are programs-apps that will find pictures uploaded to the internet. Maybe will not help you get your camera back but you can find it without somebody turning it in.

Google search - finding a lost/stolen camera thru internet pictures

Annie-Thomas-905549 1502047819

Many thanks for your suggestions. I rang the lost property office and nothing doing. I will look at tracking it - that's brilliant!

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