Marseille versus Aix en Provence

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Hello.  I will be moving this summer to the region.  I am considering living in Marseille or La Ciota or Aix en Provence (or anywhere around there).  An important factor for me is the presence of an English-speaking expat community and leisure activities within that community (eg. meetups, sports etc).  Would appreciate advice on the various cities in the region where this aspect is concerned.  Thank you in advance.  

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Aix would be my first choice with its' very lively international reputation & proximity to Marseille & good transport links.  The Anglo American Group of Provence based on Aix, but with a wide English speaking membership, would give you the community activities you seek.  Good luck & welcome to a very vibrant part of France.


coloma gold-656271 1454314064

I concur... Aix is my choice. Loads of activities. Lots of english speakers. ICCP for english speaking protestant worship. Lots of college students from english speaking countries.

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Depends on how long you are planning on spending there. Aix gets very small very quickly but yes, lots of things to do with all the foreigners passing through. However, Aix is very very transient!

Marseille is completely different, its France's third largest city, very international because of its location but also very French. I suggest you look into a place to live you like and can afford, and if that happens to be equidistance to either Aix or Marseille than even better as the two cities are only about half an hour apart.

La Ciotat ist a tourist destination, I believe, but it's by the seaside, if that's what you want. However, I would rather live on/near the beach in Marseille if I were looking for expats. Check out!

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