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Hello All, I live in Poitou Charente and am planning a trip to Marseilles in Feb to watch Rugby at the Velodrome. Can anyone help please with any info regarding distance from Airport into Marseilles and transport links? Also same info for getting to and from the Velo from Town Center?Any opinions on places to stay also welcome.Many thanks

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There are shuttle buses from the airport to Marseille centre, takes about 30 minutes I think.  The Velodrome is close enough to the centre to walk or worst case there is a subway system.  If it is a popular game it will take ages to get from the stadium into the metro station so you might be best walking back into town.

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Thank you for the information. I was beginning to think no one used AI any more!

very helpful.

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One bit of advice that may make you some friends-

Take a load of tissues to hand out to the locals at the end of the game,as The Italians are playing some very good rugby this season and their confidence will be high.

Bonne match :-)

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You might also need the tissues to wipe up the blood from the bullet holes that seem to be piercing the locals pretty much everyday.

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